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Toddler sleep training : Snooze For Kids

Description: - Toddler sleep training : Its bedtime and your children starts to refuse to go to bed, runs around the house, and even worse laughs, while you are trying to be serious and get them to bed. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Toddler sleep training : Snooze For Kids

Sleep Training Tips For Your Toddler
Is sleep training your toddler right for you?
Babies have typically started to develop a
regular sleep-wake cycle and dropped most of
their night feedings. These are signs they may be
ready to start sleep training. I have helped
many families with toddlers start to have healthy
sleeping habits so that the whole family is
feeling well-rested and happy.
Sleep Log
The last thing you want to do is start writing
everything down, but its exactly for this reason
that its important to log your childs
sleep. Record it on your computer, open up your
favourite sleep app, or go old fashioned with a
pen and paper, but whatever you choose, there are
some important factors to document
  • Wake up time
  • Nap starting and end times
  • Bedtime
  • Night wakings
  • Your childs mood
  • Record this information for 5-7 days to provide
    valuable clues about your childs sleep.
  • Dont do it when there is illness, vacation,
    vaccinations, or house guests that may influence
    your results.
Baby or Toddler?
  • The term toddler is pretty ambiguous,
    describing everything from 12 month-3 year olds.
    When youre looking at developing a healthy sleep
    routine though, its important to know where your
    little fits in for two reasons.
  • What the average sleep requirements are for his
    or her age.
  • Cognitive level.
  • A 13 month old toddler is going to have very
    different sleep needs than a 23 month old
Age Appropriate Routine
If your little one is taking 2 naps a day, they
will generally need a morning nap around an hour
in length, and an afternoon nap ranging from
1.5-2 hours. A toddler that has completed
the 2-1 nap transition will need a midday nap
ranging from 1.5-3 hours in length and bedtime
falling somewhere between 6-8pm.
Manage the Sleep Debt
As you focus on your childs routine, their
sleep debt will begin to be reduced. You can
further this process along by not allowing
bedtime to be too late. How late is too
late? Well-rested toddlers can handle about 4-5
hours from the wake up of their last nap until
bedtime. However if they are overtired, moving
bedtime up earlier than this will be very helpful.
Change Sleep Behaviours and Expectations
Picking the actual sleep training method for
your toddler will be based upon their age, their
personality, and your parenting philosophy.
Pick a method that you can see through to the
end. Constantly changing your method or response
will ultimately confuse your child (read crying)
so following through once you have begun is the
quickest path to success.
Professor Sarah Blunden
  • Professor Sarah Blunden, psychologist (BA
    Psychology Honours, MSocSc, PhD, MAPS), is Head
    of Paediatric Sleep Research and Senior Research
    Fellow, Appleton Institute, CQ University and is
    the Founder and Director of the Australian Centre
    for Education in Sleep and Research.
  • She is a member of
  • The Australian Psychological Society
  • The Australasian Sleep Association
  • International Pediatric Sleep Association
The Boss of my Sleep
The Boss of my Sleep speaks to kids aged 3 8
and their parents and is a step by step guide on
how to achieve sleeping through the night for
Toddlers and young children. (This Book is
available as downloadable PDF). When the child
successfully does their bedtime routine, just
like the animals do, they get a sticker as a
reward. Next, to gain the next sticker reward,
they stay quietly waiting in their bed. The
second sticker, awarded in the morning, enables
them to qualify for a prize, because they are The
Boss of Their Sleep!
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