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Everything About Chef Knives


This helps the readers understand everything about Chef knives. Get to know about choosing the knife along with its types and use. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Everything About Chef Knives

How to Use Chef Knives The Beginners Way
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  • If youre planning to begin your career as a
    chef, how to select the right knife, proper
    handling of kitchen knives and how to maintain
    them all are crucial to sustain in this field.
  • Proper knife skills will enhance your general
    experience and boost your confidence level. In
    this slide, weve jotted down detailed
    instructions about the aforesaid aspects.

How to Choose the Right Knife?

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How to Choose the Right Knife?
  • Anatomy of Knives-
  • Blade- Blade is the knifes main body and
    comprises of tip, point, edge, heel and spine.
  • Bolster- Bolster refers to the area between the
    handle and the blade.
  • Handle- Its the portion of a knife that
    stretches from bolster to the rear. It may vary
    in shape, material and weight. 
  • Edge- The edge or belly is the sharp-edged
    portion of the blade that stretches from point to
    the end of heel.

Types of Knives
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Types of Knives
  • To become a good cook, you would only need to
    have three types of knives.
  •  With these three types and lots of patience as
    well as practice youll be able to enhance your
    knife skills and cooking skills from beginner to
    expert almost in no time. 
  •  Even though you can find different kinds of
    kitchen knives everywhere nowadays, these three
    are crucial for every kitchen.

 Three Must Have Knives
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 Three Must Have Knives
  • 1. Chefs Knife
  • Chefs Knife is the most important knife in your
    kitchen and youll be doing most of your kitchen
    work with this knife.
  • Youll use it for chopping herbs, vegetables,
    carving chicken, slicing steak and whacking
    coconuts, amongst others. 
  • With an extensive blade typically ranging between
    six and ten inches (most advice an eight-inch
    knife), you can do almost anything that you need
    to learn to uplift your skills.

 Three Must Have Knives
  • 2.  Paring Knife
  • The small paring knife is crucial for performing
    certain tasks in your kitchen, which are almost
    impossible to perform with your chefs knife
    unless youre an expert. 
  • Like their bigger counterparts, paring knives
    also come in different styles, weights and
  •  Its much like a mini chefs knife that holds a
    blade. It usually ranges between two to four
    inches and becomes useful for tasks like
    squeezing citrus, peeling fruits etc.

 Three Must Have Knives
  • 3. Bread Knife
  • For any kitchen, bread knife is less-used
    compared to chefs knife or paring knife.
  • This thin, long and serrated knife becomes handy
    when you need to slice a country loaf or the
    softest brioche. 
  • And it does that smoothly without smashing the
    bread or loaf on its way. Additionally, you can
    use these knives to slice ripe tomatoes, make
    eye-catching chocolate shavings and level cakes.

How to use the Knives Properly
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How to use the Knives Properly
  • 1. Holding Knife
  • While holding the knife, the palm of your hand
    should choke up on the knifes handle while the
    index finger and the thumb grip the upper portion
    of the blade.
  • This way, you can use the knifes weight most
    effectively together with the sharpness of the
    blade and strength of the arms, all of which make
    it an effortless cutting.

How to use the Knives Properly
  • 2. Chopping
  • Safe chopping is one of the fundamental things to
    learn for chefs.
  • In tip-fulcrum method, you need to use the tip as
    fulcrum to lift the dull end of the knifes blade
    up and down while strongly pushing the knife
    toward the ingredient youre chopping
  • In wrist-fulcrum method, the area near your grip
    shouldnt leave your cutting board and your
    knifes point should move up and down to slice
    the food.

How to use the Knives Properly
  • 3. Dicing
  • Diced ingredients are much smaller compared to
    chopped ones.
  • You can create fairly uniform dices by scoring
    fruits and vegetables through before slicing them
    at perpendicular angles.
  • First score the ingredients in two different
    directions at a uniform interval and dice them by
    applying your knife at perpendicular angles to
    the scoring.

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