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Get Your Questions Cleared About the Medical Abortion


Medical Abortion is one of the safest methods for pregnancy termination. But there are many queries before actually taking up abortion. So this FAQ will clear the queries about the Medical Abortion. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Get Your Questions Cleared About the Medical Abortion

Get Your Questions Cleared About the Medical
Table of Contents
Abortion in General
About Medical Abortion
Buying Abortion Pills
Abortion Pills Information
After Medical Abortion
Abortion in General
How safe are abortions?
Abortions in the first eight weeks are the
safest problems that occur in this time
period are extremely rare. Medical abortion is
only allowed in the first 10 weeks of gestation
and has about 96-97 of success rates without
any complications.
How soon can you have an abortion?
Medically you have to be within 8 weeks after
your last menstrual period (LMP) or within 10
weeks gestation limit. The Abortion tablet is
an option as soon as pregnancy can be determined
by ultrasound (sonogram). On the other hand, you
can take abortion pill to end a pregnancy which
is as early as a week it takes at least one
week for pregnancy to form.
When can you get an abortion?
A woman generally can get a medication abortion
up to 10 weeks (i.e. 70 days) after the first day
of your last menstrual cycle. If it has been 71
days or more since the first day of her
menstruation, she can have an in-clinic abortion
to terminate her pregnancy.
About Medical Abortion
What is a medical abortion?
A medical abortion is a type of non-surgical
procedure in which abortion pills are used to
induce the procedure. Abortifacient
pharmaceutical drugs are an oral preparation for
medical termination of pregnancy.
How long does it take to have a medical abortion?
Following a medical abortion, women experiences
cramping and bleeding and you may pass clots. The
pregnancy termination may take place within 4-5
hours and is typically completed within 1-2
days. Sporadically, it can take up to two weeks
to pass the pregnancy.
Is it painful to have an abortion?
The medical abortion procedure usually takes
several hours for the abortion to take place.
Follow-up scheduled two weeks from the first
appointment, from mild to very strong cramping
off and on throughout abortion (Commonly 1 to
3-hour period). Pain pills are provided for use
as needed.
What to do or follow before an abortion?
Dont drink, smoke or eat or chew anything
starting at midnight on the night before your
appointment. Do not use alcohol or drugs for 48
hours before your starting your procedure. Wear
comfortable clothes for you start. Carry along
with you a change of underwear, and 2-3 sanitary
When can you get an abortion?
You normally can get a medical abortion within 10
weeks (70 days) after the first day of your last
menstrual cycle. If it has been 71 days or more
since the first day of your last menstrual
cycle, you can have an in-clinic procedure to end
your pregnancy.
Buying Abortion Pills
Where can I get an abortion pill?
You can get a prescription of abortion pills at a
clinic or you can buy abortion pills online for
more privacy and affordable cost at
How much does it cost to do an abortion?
The average cost of an abortion is more than 490
at a local pharmacy. The price may vary as per
your location and your insurance. Many women buy
abortion pills online on www.buyabortionpillsrx.
com, which averagely costs 199 for a cheaper
Abortion Pills Information
Which abortion pills can I get?
There are two types of abortion pills -
anti-progesterone and prostaglandin
analogue. Both are needed for an optimal medical
abortion regimen.
Anti-progesterone abortion pills
- - -
Mifepristone Mifeprex RU-486
Prostaglandin analogue pills
- -
Misoprostol Cytolog
You can get both medicines in prescribed dosage
- -
Abortion pill pack which also includes
side-effects management pills
What happens when you go to get abortion pills?
Many females can resume their normal lives at
work or home after taking Mifepristone, but may
have period-like pains and some bleeding. It is
unlikely that the pregnancy termination will
take place after taking the first pill.
How do you take Misoprostol/Cytolog
prostaglandin analogue?
Take 4 tablets of 200mcg either buccally or
vaginally and hold them there for 20-30 minutes
until they dissolve. In case, the pregnancy has
not been ended three hours after using the
second set of pills and bleeding, you need to
take 4 more pills of misoprostol.
What happens after taking Mifepristone?
Many women don't feel anything after taking
Mifepristone and usually begin bleeding and
cramping after 1 to 2 days after taking
Misoprostol but some women may feel light
abdominal pain and bleed earlier than this.
How long does it take for Misoprostol to take
In majority of cases, Misoprostol will have an
effect within 4 hours and you will begin bleeding
and cramps. The symptoms (blood loss, pain,
nausea, diarrhea, etc.) can last for up to 12
hours but should reduce when the pregnancy
termination is complete.
Do the abortion pills hurt?
Usually, there is little to no cramping or
bleeding after taking the first abortion
pill, which is anti-progesterone like
Mifepristone or Mifeprex. Most women feel
cramping sensations and bleeding after taking
the secondary set of pills.
If you buy abortion pill pack on, you will get
medication to manage the side-effects.
How does the abortion pill work?
Medical abortion needs two pills. The first one,
Mifepristone blocks the pregnancy hormones and
causes the embryo to be detached. The Misoprostol
introduced a day later causes uterine
contractions and assists in ejection of
conception parts.
What are the side effects of abortion pills?
The primary benefit of the abortion drugs lies in
the capability to terminate the pregnancy in the
privacy at patient's home. There are some side
effects of mifepristone and misoprostol, which
is very rare but get away on their own in short
time. These include heavy vaginal bleeding,
vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headache, fatigue,
dizziness and backache etc.
Can one eat after taking Misoprostol?
It is possible to eat after taking Misoprostol.
However, some women experience nausea after
taking Misoprostol pills, therefore it is advised
to take the pill unfed. You must also avoid
alcohol and other drugs while having an abortion
Can Mifepristone alone terminate a pregnancy?
The action of Mifepristone in a pregnant woman on
the uterus can induce abortion. As not all
females will abort with mifepristone alone, they
are given the prostaglandin misoprostol 24- 48
hours later after mifepristone. The recommended
dose of mifepristone is a single 200 mg pill.
11. How to do abortion with Misoprostol alone?
Put four pills of 200mcg (800 mcgin total)
Misoprostol buccally or vaginally for
30 minutes. After three hours put another four
pills of Misoprostol buccally or vaginally for 30
minutes. After three hours take other four pills
of Misoprostol buccally or vaginally again for a
third time.
After Medical Abortion
How much do you bleed after a medical abortion?
After a medical abortion, you will experience
cramps and bleeding- you may pass blood clots.
The abortion procedure may take 4 to 5 hours and
is usually completed within 1 to 2 days. Rarely,
it may take some women approximately 1 to 2 weeks.
What is normal after an abortion?
The uterus was enlarged and is returning to its
usual size. Cramping can take place and on for
2-3 weeks after the process, and may be worse
than period cramps. Most females complain of
increasing cramps on 3rd or 4th day after the
abortion and when they pass clots. Some women do
not have cramps.
What are signs and symptoms of incomplete
If you currently had a pregnancy termination and
experience any of the following symptoms, seek
medical help right away
Very low or very high body temperature
- - - - -
Heavy bleeding Severe pain Dizziness,
restlessness, or fatigue Shaking chills Low blood
pressure, especially when standing"
Can you get pregnant after having an abortion?
Even though your menstrual cycle may not come for
several weeks following your pregnancy
termination, you can ovulate (be fertile) at any
time after the procedure. This means you can get
pregnant immediately, even if you are still
having some light bleeding.
Can having an abortion affect fertility?
Abortion, especially done by abortion pill are
really safe and do not affect the fertility
of the women. Nevertheless, multiple surgical
or unsafe procedures done may damage the nerves
situated in the uterus which may lead to
How long after an abortion can you get pregnant?
As ovulation can take place within 1 to 2 weeks
after an abortion, getting pregnant is probable
and most likely to happen if you unprotected
intercourse up to 5 days before ovulation.
Therefore, it is important that you use a
contraception that takes effect immediately to
avoid getting pregnant after aborting. As
anti-progestogen like Mifepristone pill widens
and ripens the cervix, you are vulnerable to
getting pregnant.
(Note- In case birth control pills are being
used, it is important to note that they
take seven days to take effect.)
How long after abortion do you ovulate?
The current positive pregnancy test confirms you
as your partner after fertile. Even after you
have aborted without complications it has no
negative effect on your fertility. As abortion
pills are taken at an extremely early stage of
pregnancy, they are incredibly safe.
As a consequence, your next ovulation will occur
around after two weeks. You can also get pregnant
immediately after pregnancy termination, if you
are not using a reliable birth control method.
8. How long does it take to have a period after
an abortion?
In most cases, women get their regular menstrual
cycle around 4 to 8 weeks after an abortion. If
you do not get your periods after 8 weeks, it is
best that you consult a healthcare professional.
9. How long does the cramping last after taking
Cramping usually starts after 1 to 2 hours of
taking Misoprostol pills. Meanwhile bleeding
starts 1 to 4 hours after the dosage.
Nevertheless, it can take up to 24 hours for
some women. Heavy cramps and bleeding usually
last up to four hours after they began.
10. What to eat after an abortion?
Protein rich food is good after an abortion, as
it helps increase blood count. Other food stuffs
like iron rich food, grains, calcium low
fat-dairy products, vegetables/fruits etc.
11. What not to eat after an abortion? Soy
products, low fiber foods, greasy/ junk food,
high-fat milk, sugary foods and meat food stuffs
should be avoided after an abortion as they can
prevent recovery process.
12. Are blood clots after abortion normal?
Bleeding, i.e. passing clots and tissues as well
as cramping are a normal part of the abortion
13. Can you take a bath after an abortion?
Do not swim or take baths in tub for at least 2
weeks following the abortive procedure.
14. When can I exercise after an abortion?
Do not lift anything over 15 pounds for at least
2 weeks after abortion. Also avoid gym, horse
riding, swimming and other activities that exert
lot of energy during this time period.
15. Can you drink after having an abortion?
Drinking alcohol will increase your bleeding. A
Woman may experience some mild cramping for a day
or two after her abortion and she may feel
somewhat more discomfort if you are passing
clots. After an abortion, cramping is normal
your uterus is contracting back to its normal
16. How long does it take you to recover after an
After a medication abortion, you will experience
cramping and bleeding and you may pass blood
clots. The termination of pregnancy may take
place within 4-5 hours and is normally complete
in 1-2 days. Sometimes, it can take up to 2 weeks
to pass the pregnancy.
17. How long does it take to begin bleeding after
abortion pill?
This is normally within one-two days after taking
the Misoprostol (second tablet), but occasionally
takes up to 2 weeks to bleed. Following a medical
abortion, an individual experiences bleeding and
cramping and you may pass blood clots. The
pregnancy termination may take place within 4-5
hours and is usually completed within 1-2 days.
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