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Mutual Fund Investment | Private /Corporate Pension Plan in UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Expat Wealth Care provide advice to expats and locals in the UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi with all aspects of tax efficient savings and financial planning to ensure that time spent in the UAE is time well spent from a financial point of view. Typically we help individuals and families with Mutual Fund Investment, Private / Corporate Pension Plan, retirement planning, education fee planning, life cover, mutual funds, critical illness cover and medical cover in UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi and we partner with companies such as Zurich International Life, Standard Life, Royal Skandia, Friends Provident International, Generali International and Royal London 360. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mutual Fund Investment | Private /Corporate Pension Plan in UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Expat Wealth Care
  • Expat Wealth Care help expats in the Middle East
    with all matters of wealth protection, wealth
    preservation and wealth creation through the
    likes of medical cover, life cover, critical
    illness cover, mortgage protection, savings
    plans, international pension plans and the
    management of UK pension transfers.

About Us
  • Expat Wealth Care is an independent brand created
    and operated by Stefan Terry.
  • We provide advice and guidance on the topic of
    financial planning, solely focussing our
    strengths on the Middle Eastern market.

Corporate Medical Plan in UAE Dubai
Despite your sort of business and workplace under
Corporate Medical Plan in UAE, Dubai Abu Dhabi
organizations now have an obligation of nurture
their representatives. The workplace and
conditions must be, for example, to empower the
specialist to finish their part soundly, with
nobility and wellbeing. There is additionally a
prerequisite for the specialist to go to for work
in a fit and solid state and not affected by
liquor or medications. At the point when overseen
effectively wellbeing screening can have huge
advantages to both organization and specialist.
Investment Advice Portfolio Management
Expat Wealth Care have many strategic
relationships with financial institutions and
investment companies, subsequently enabling us to
provide access to a plethora of investment
opportunities in the form of Mutual Funds,
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Direct Equitie.
Mutual Fund Investment in UAE Dubai
Mutual Funds are investment options wherein the
money from several investors is pooled in by an
Asset Management Company (AMC) and invested in
different instruments such as debt, equity,
securities and money market.
Critical illness Cover in UAE Dubai
With one in every five critical illness claims
for breast cancer now could be the time to make
sure you have the right protection. Most home
buyers purchase life assurance when they arrange
a mortgage, but only a minority obtain another
form of financial protection that they are five
times more likely to need before they reach
retirement. Critical illness assurance pays a
tax-free lump sum on diagnosis of any one of a
list of serious illnesses including cancer and
heart attacks. Claims statistics suggest you are
five times more likely to suffer from one of
these than you are to die before you reach 65.
Investment Plans in UAE Dubai
Investment Plans are budgetary items that give
the chance to make riches for future. Disaster
protection items are regularly utilized as
venture instruments. The upside of contributing
through an extra security plan is that it not
just alows you to make riches for future
additionally offers exhaustive life scope in the
meantime. The estimation of the obligation
finance or the value reserve is assessed as Net
Asset Value the criteria.
Retirement Planning in UAE
Retirement planning is something we all have to
address at some point in our lives.  Some
individuals will be looking to maximise on what
they already have in place for retirement and
others will be looking to build up the retirement
pot throughout their working career to ensure the
best possible retirement.
Private / Corporate Pension Plan in UAE
Most entrepreneurs have an individual bond with
their devoted representatives and might want to
have the capacity to reward them with untouchable
compensations, benefits and the sort of
extraordinary annuity arranges normally delighted
in by specialists in private / corporate pension
plan in UAE, Dubai Abu Dhabi general segment
and the Big Three auto organizations.
Education Fee Planning in UAE
These days, planning for the fees of your
childrens education is becoming an absolute
necessity due to educational fee all over the
world increasing at an alarming rate. Investing
in your little genius, will become undoubtedly
one of the most powerful investments that a
parent can ever make.  A happy and successful
child is something that every parent wishes for.
Key Man Life Insurance
Key Man Insurance should be considered for all
business owners to protect the future endeavors
of their business and to ensure business
Life Insurance in UAE Dubai
  • Life Insurance is quite simply, the foundations
    of financial planning.
  • It ultimately offers protection in the event of
    your demise for various purposes, such as
  • Covering the debt on a mortgaged property.  This
    protects your family and ensures a debt is not
    left in their hands.
  • Covering the cost of your childrens education. 
    This ensures that they can still go through
    education as you had originally intended.
  • Providing an income for your family.
  • Planning for inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities.

Sipps, Qrops Qnups
UK Pension Transfer
As an expat, you have undoubtedly heard of this
terminology amongst friends, colleagues and
TV/Internet media. SIPP (Self Invested Personal
Pension) are more intended for those planning to
retire in the UK, or if the pension is of a
relatively small size.  A SIPP falls under the
HMRC tax laws in the UK, so tax is applicable at
drawdown if residing back in the UK.
Life Insurance for Mortgages
Life Insurance is a pre-requisite for many banks
around the world, for the approval of a
mortgage. This will ensure that no property debts
are left to your family in the event of your
demise. We work closely with many global life
insurance providers and we are able to scan the
market place to ensure that we can offer not only
the best cost but also the best overall
protection package that best suits your exact
Shareholder Protection Plan in UAE
Put simply, shareholder protection insurance is
designed to ensure that the aftermath of
a shareholder's death is a smooth and stress free
as possible. It involves writing up a series of
legal agreements that set out how shares are to
be managed if a stakeholder passes away.
Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Plan
A mortgage protection term life insurance policy
helps guarantee your loved ones a tax-free
benefit in the event of your death funds they
can use to help with mortgage payments. Life
Insurance Policy terms are available for 15 or 30
years. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly,
semi-annually, or annually.
Offshore Banking
Securing money in an offshore bank eliminates the
ambiguities of Sharia Law. We work closely with
some offshore banking corporations that are based
in Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey. If you would
like to know more about the benefits of banking
offshore please contact us to discuss further.
Currency Exchange
Using the banks to transfer money to a different
currency is very costly.  We work very closely
with a currency specialist that can help you save
money, when exchanging currency and making
overseas transfers.  Furthermore, they do not
charge commission.
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