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India’s best School ERP and School Management Software used by schools for management and administration related activities. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: School ERP

  • School ERP

  • Academic Enterprise Solution (A.E.S.) is a
    quality product of CANDOUR SYSTEMS, built upon
    the latest technologies which is very much
    flexible and customizable to fulfill all kind of
    needs for every educational institute.
  • A.E.S. is a complete solution for
    Schools/Colleges based upon the most advanced Web
    Based Architecture having the highly interactive
    user interface

A Unified Approach For
  • Small Institutions Continue to maintain quality
    face-to-face relationships with students their
    parents with the benefit of accurate
    appropriate information available at your
  • Large Institutions All your students can have
    access to a secure self-service environment that
    will create independence, while ensuring that
    your policies are reflected.
  • Distance Learning Institutions that offer
    distance learning can create a virtual campus
    environment that is connected to their main
    campus and enhances instructional opportunities.

A.E.S. Advantages
  • Runs Inside A Browser.
  • One Interface For All.
  • Zero Client Maintenance.
  • Easy To Use And Interact.
  • No Set-Up Required At Client.
  • Compatible With Thin-Clients.
  • Requires No Costly H/W At Client.
  • Any Information, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Any Information/Reports On A Single Click Of
  • No need to purchase a server.

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 1. Online portals for Students, teachers and
  • Online remarks for students
  • Syllabus management
  • Class/Sem Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Event Management.
  • News/Notices/ Circulars.
  • Daily lecture topic and details
  • Inbox facility.

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 2. Library Management.
  • Book Bank.
  • Media Library.
  • Reference Room.
  • Barcode enabled LMS
  • 3. E- Learning System.
  • Online Tutorials.
  • Online Assignments.
  • Online Practice Exams.
  • Online Study Material.
  • Online Brain Exercise and Quizzes.

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 4. Alert Management.
  • SMS and Email on a single click
  • Class wise SMS and Email sender
  • Important information float on individuals login
  • 5. Homework Management.
  • Online homework assignment for students
  • Daily reporting to management
  • Subject wise homework assignment
  • Parents can see previous date homework also

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 6.Parent Teacher Interaction.
  • Parent Teacher Communication.
  • Progress Report/ Feedback Sheet.
  • Exam Schedules.
  • Parent Meetings.
  • Reporting of unanswered queries to mgmt.
  • 7.Work Allocation System.
  • Online allocation of task via SMS
  • Follow up by date
  • Smooth allocation of work
  • Work load and performance report

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 8.Visitor Management
  • Online registration of visitors
  • Photograph and id scanning
  • Appointment via SMS
  • Complete detail of Visitor on visitor pass
  • 9.Discipline Management
  • Tracking of regular defaulters
  • Updation of defaulters to parents
  • 10.Online Teacher Feedback
  • Online feedback of teachers
  • Performance monitoring of teachers
  • Performance of Subjects

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 11.CCE
  • Online marks Entry for teachers
  • Result compilation process
  • Upgrading of grades and gradepoints.
  • Co scholastic entry and reporting
  • Every single CBSE guideline incorporated
  • 12.Online Admission
  • Online admission form
  • Point system prescribed by CBSE

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 13.Transport Management
  • Online request registration
  • Online route description
  • SMS integration
  • Route wise SMS sending facility
  • 14.Result Analysis
  • Class X and XII CBSE result analysis
  • In short span of time file will be created with

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 15.Invitees Management
  • Sticker printing for address of guests
  • Mature process to invite the guests for functions
  • SMS and mail for invitees
  • 16.Medical room management
  • Visit and diagnosis report for students
  • Availability on parent portal

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 17.Biometric Integration
  • Online teacher time in and time out reports
  • Automatic/manual uploading of att. Data
  • 18.Timetable and substitution management
  • Availability on individuals login
  • Substitution management with SMS facility
  • Can easily create timetable for any class

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 19.Attendance for students and teachers
  • Reports for students and teachers
  • SMS integration for students attendance
  • Reporting for management
  •  a) Class wise reporting
  •  b) Student, teacher wise reporting
  • 20. Examination Management
  • Timely entry of marks
  • Job list for teachers
  • Scheduler monitoring for teachers

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 21. TC Management
  • Online request for TC
  • TC generation process
  • Withdrawal register report
  • 22.Fees And Fine Management
  • Online fee voucher download for parents
  • SMS integration for FEE defaulters
  • Automatic fee defaulters list generation on
  • Email etc.

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 23. Skill Based Assessment
  • Program by which skill based assessment
  • can be done for students.
  • Graphical Analysis.
  • 24.Mobile App For Students(Coming soon)
  • Complete student portal on mobile
  • Students can read any content uploaded by
    teachers on their tabs or phones.

Main Modules In A.E.S.
  • 25. Online Payment gateway for fees
  • Fees can be paid online by credit card and
  • Net banking as per the facility of parents.

Various Reports.
  • Students Reports.
  • Students(Class/Section/Sem/Year/Session Wise)
  • Attendance(Class/Section/Sem/Year/Subject Wise).
  • Performance reprots for students.
  • Results(Unit Test/Sessionals/Sem/Session Wise).
  • Region/Category Wise Reports.
  • Fees Defaulters/Fine Payee.
  • Toppers List(Class/Branch/Sem/Year Wise)
  • Remarks/Feedback Report.

Various Reports.
  • Staff Reports.
  • Experience Wise Staff Reports.
  • Region/Category Wise Reports.
  • Payroll Reports(Monthly/Yearly).
  • Staff(Department/Designation/Salary Wise)
  • Attendance(Department/Sem/Year/Subject Wise).
  • Performance(Results Student Feedback Wise).
  • Remarks/Feedback Report.

Various Reports.
  • Transport Reports.
  • Destinations(Route/Bus Wise).
  • Vehicles List(Setting Capacity Wise).
  •   Assets Report.
  • Buildings Report.
  • Floors (Building Wise).
  • Rooms( Floors Wise).
  • Appliances(Rooms/Floor/Building Wise).

Modes Of Authentication.
  • Traditional.
  • Username Password.
  • Card Based.
  • Barcode Ids.
  • RF Ids.
  • Biometrics Based.
  • Thumb Impressions.
  • Finger Prints.
  • Smart cards

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