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H1B Visa Interview Questions & Tips


Find all the details for H1B Visa Rejection Reason and get all the questions which are asked during H1B Visa Interview. Also get best tips to successfully approved your H1B Visa. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: H1B Visa Interview Questions & Tips

H1B Visa Interview Tips and Rejection Reasons
H1B Visa in USA
  • Get Help for
  • H1B Visa Interview Tips
  • H1B Visa Interview Questions
  • H1B Visa Rejection ReasonsH1B Sponsor Companies
  • Latest Updates on H1B Visa in USA

Are you International candidates who looking for
H1B Visa in USA ?
  • If you are an international candidates who
    looking for H1B Visa in USA than read this
    article to get all the latest updates on H1B Visa
    and also find best solution for all your H1B visa
    related questions.
  • In this article you will find best tips to get
    successfully approved your H1B Visa and read all
    the questions which can be asked in H1B Visa
    Interview so just read all the questions and
    prepare your self to face that questions during
    H1B Visa interview.
  • Also get list of all the H1B Visa Rejection
    Reasons to stay away from H1B Visa Rejection and
    find all the available companies list which
    sponsor H1B Visa candidates in USA

What is H1B Visa in USA ?
  • H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa in the United
    States of America under the Immigration and
    Nationality Act, section 101(a)(17)(H). It allows
    U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign
    workers (International Candidates) in specialty
  • When you need an H1B visa to work in the USA you
    need to get hired by a company. And company will
    provide sponsor latter and file an H1B visa for

Read All the important questions which are asked
in H1B Visa interview
Questions About your Intent
  • What is the purpose of your trip to the United
  • Do you have any family in the United States?
  • Why are you changing your Job?
  • Why do you want to work in the US?
  • Have you applied for visa for any other country?
  • Do you know what is the living cost in the U.S.
    where you are going?
  • When are you planning to travel?
  • How will you survive for the first month?
  • Have you been to any other country before?
  • If yes, how long was your stay there?
  • Will you come back to India?
  • When will you return to India?
  • Why would you want to return to India?
  • Is it your first H1B or visa revalidation?
  • After the conclusion of your visa, what do you
    plan to do?

Read All the important questions which are asked
in H1B Visa interview
Questions About your Education Experience
  • Are you a student?
  • Which university is your degree from?
  • What was your thesis about?
  • What is the difference between PL/SQL and SQL?
  • What software you know? Do you have work
    experience with these?
  • What courses did you complete in India?
  • Show me your certificates.
  • Show me your educational certificates and
    experience letters?
  • Tell me about the jobs you have done, and your
    work experience.
  • What is your highest educational qualification?

Read All the important questions which are asked
in H1B Visa interview
Questions About your Current Job Company
  • How long have you been working?
  • Where are you working currently?
  • What is your current salary?
  • What is your current role in the current company?
  • Is it an Indian company you currently work for?

Read All the important questions which are asked
in H1B Visa interview
Questions About your Sponsoring Company
  • What is the company you are going to work for in
  • Where are you going to work in US?
  • Why are you joining New Company?
  • How do you know this is a real company?
  • When did you receive your offer letter?
  • What will you be working on there? Is it an
    internal project?
  • I need a client letter describing your work
  • Tell me what do you know about New Company?
  • When was the US company founded?
  • Tell me about the project and the company
    (client) you will be working for?
  • How did you find out about this company?
  • How did you contact the New Company?
  • What is the current project you will be working
  • What are your responsibilities and for which
    client are you going to work for?
  • Do you have any proof from your new employer
    regarding your responsibilities?
  • Do you have any company photographs?

Read All the important questions which are asked
in H1B Visa interview
Questions About your Sponsoring Company
  • How long has the company been in the current
  • How many rounds of interviews has the USA company
  • What is the name of your interviewer?
  • Can you give me the dates of your interview?
  • Who are the clients for your U.S. company?
  • What are the technologies you are working on?
  • Who is the President/CEO of the U.S. company?
  • What kind of projects is the U.S. company working
  • What is the annual turn over of the company?
  • How many employees does the U.S. Company have?
  • Whats your designation in Previous Company and
    what's your designation in the New Company?
  • Will you be working from New Company office or
    client's place?
  • Can I see the Employee petition to USCIS and the
    Tax Returns of the Company?
  • What is the salary you will get in USA?
  • How many rounds of interviews did the U.S.
    company conduct?
  • What are they? 4 rounds (2 technical, 1 HR, 1
    manager interview)
  • Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of

H1B Visa Interview Tips
  • Go for interview with proper preparation
  • Always double check and get all documents before
    hand A checklist would be handy and will make
    it a no brainier.
  • The guys inside the consulate are friendly and
    doing their job So dont scare from him
  • Every case different so do your best with home
  • Practicing/getting familiar with the general set
    of questions/answers might help
  • Never panic ! understand the dynamics of the
    interviewer and try to adjust , so always give
    yourself some time to study the interviewer while
    you are standing in the queue
  • Smiling and being courteous always helps!

Reasons Behind H1B Visa Rejection
  • There are following Reasons for H1B Visa
  • When petitioning Employers failure to meet
  • Inadequate showing of employee/employer
  • Based on worker-beneficiary lack of specialized
    knowledge or skills
  • Employee inadmissibility
  • Evidence request is the most common point for the
    H1B Rejection
  • Poor presentation during H-1B visa interview etc.
  • Visit Now
  • H1B Visa Rejection
  • And get all the above reasons in details and find
    the other reasons behind the H1B Rejections, Top
    reason behind why H1-b visa petition get denied,
    Myths about the H1B Rejection and approval.

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