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Pharmaceuticals Company For Commercial Drug Manufacturing


VxP Pharma Services provides solid oral dosage product development, scale–up and commercial manufacturing services as well as sterile fill finish capabilities. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pharmaceuticals Company For Commercial Drug Manufacturing

Vxp pharma the pharmaceutical service company
For More Info Visit http//
VxP Pharma and Its Services
  • VxP Pharma offers full range of contract
    development and manufacturing services. We have
    extensive experience with a wide range of dosage
    forms, including solid oral, liquid oral,
    semi-solid, solid dispersions, sterile, and
    lyophilized products to name a few.
  • There are various services for pharmaceutical
  • Preclinical Services
  • Preformulation Solid State Chemistry
  • Formulation Development Clinical Trial
  • Lyophilization
  • Parenteral syringe Manufacturing
  • Ophthalmic Services
  • Generic Commercial Drug Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Company For Formulation
Development Process
  • Formulation development to determine the optimal
    dosage form, composition and manufacturing route
    is a fundamental part of pharmaceutical product
    development. Getting a pharmaceutical formulation
    development, right helps to optimize drug
    delivery performance and product stability.
  • Complex dosage forms, in particular, inhaled
    products can present unique challenges for
    controlling the performance of the drug product
    and impact bioavailability. Our team offers
    design and optimization of for powders, capsules,
    liquids and solids, semi-solids drug
  • The formulation experts at VxP Pharma can provide
    you with numerous years of combined experience
    for every project need. The top priority is
    providing a safe.

Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing
Pharmaceuticals Company For Commercial Drug
  • VxP Pharma Services has manufactured a wide
    range of solid dose, powders and hard gel
    capsules. Our facilities can manufacture existing
    and new formulations, provided innovative
    solutions for your hard-to-manufacture products.
  • We will always be there to communicate with you
    throughout entire program in order to meet and
    exceed your expectations level. We also offer
    solid oral dosage product development, scale-up
    and commercial drug manufacturing services for
    sterile fill/finish capabilities as well to the
    global pharmaceutical market.
  • VxP Pharma Services provides solid oral dosage
    product development, scaleup and commercial
    manufacturing services as well as sterile fill
    finish capabilities.

Commercial Drug Manufacturing
Parenteral Sterile Vial Filling Development
Service At VxP Pharma
  • Parenterals are injectable preparations, sterile
    products intended for administration by
    injection, infusion or implantation in to the
    body. Parenteral preparations may require the use
    of exipients such as solvents, substance to
    enhance solubility, suspending agents, buffering
    agents, substances to make the preparation
    isotonic with blood, stabilizes or antimicrobial
  • We here at Vxp Pharma Labs use fully automatic
    machines for this purpose and also eliminate the
    risk of contamination as well. From clinical
    scale development to full commercialization, VxP
    Pharma develops innovative and timely solutions
    throughout the entire life cycle of drug.

Sterile Vial Filling
Semi Solid Manufacturing Services For Clinical
Trials And Commercial Production
  • Vxp Pharma is re-defining herself in semi solids
    manufacturing which are traditionally used for
    treating typical ailments like some antifungal,
    antibacterial or other sort of infections. These
    semi-solids include Ointments, Creams, Lotions
    and Gels which show their activity on the skin
    layers and their tissues or just penetrate into
    internal layers of skin to reach the site of
    action exactly.
  • We have the following semi solid manufacturing
    services, which are-
  • Performulation
  • Formulation Development
  • Blending Capabilities
  • Excipient Compatibility
  • Bioavailability Enhancement

Semi Solid Manufacturing
Manufacturing of Tablets Controlled Released
  • VxP Pharma offer manufacturing services which
    are quite flexible for a wide variety of tablet
    forms as well provide consistency in your final
    product that your project exactly requires. VxP
    Pharma manufacturing services offer flexibility
    for a wide variety of tablet forms and provide
    consistency in the final product that your
    project requires.
  • We provide multiple tablet manufacturing
    services as well they are Blending and
    Compression Capabilities, Fluid Bed Granulation,
    Enteric Coating, Encapsulation, Wurster Coating,
    High-Shear Mixing, Color Coating, Product Testing
    Controlled Release and Packaging Services.

Commercial Tablet Manufacturer
Lyophilization Process For Commercial
Manufacturing Of Lyophilized Products
  • Lyophilization is to be considered as the basic
    dehydration technique to be used in a
    pharmaceutical laboratory that enables the liquid
    or the slurry products, which are previously
    frozen in order to be dried under a proper
  • The benefits of this type freeze drying are
    numerous, but basically it is to be employed when
    we need to preserve the temperature sensitive
    products, or we have to achieve a proper chemical
    balance for biological reagents. All these
    variety of processes are to be carried by our
    specialized team members.
  • VxP Pharma have some most experienced
    lyophilization scientists, good area for
    manufacturing of lyophilization products with
    high lyophilization capabilities.

Lyo Cycle Development
Amorphous Solid Dispersions Formulation Service
  • Amorphous solid dispersions are a promising
    formulation approach for poorly soluble active
    pharmaceutical ingrediants, because they ideally
    enhance both dissolution rate and solubility. The
    amorphous solid dispersion or ASD as popularly
    termed as are nothing but enabled oral
    formulations that are increasingly getting used
    in both animal and human drug testing.
  • The amorphous solid dispersions are dispersions
    of amorphous drug which are transferred in a
    carrier matrix like polymer. The polymers which
    are used as carrier matrix and other excipients
    are made use of to make amorphous solid
    dispersions have better acceptability as far
    daily intake is concerned as compared to
    excipients used for making simpler formulations.

Amorphous Solid Dispersions
Performing Effective Exhaustive Polymorph
Screening Services
  • The ability of a compound to exist in more than
    one crystalline from is known as polymorphism.
    Polymorphs have different physic-chemical
    properties such as solubility, dissolution rate
    and melting point which influence their
    biological activity pharmaco-dynamic properties
    and stability.
  • Polymorph screening is currently one of the most
    important tasks for innovators and for generic
    companies from both pharmaceutical and
    intellectual property rights aspects. The
    different polymorphs have different
    physicochemical properties, such as the crystal
    polymorph-dependent solubility which influences
    the bioavailability.
  • We and our dedicated team is working with full
    enthusiasm to find out the best possible way to
    get exact crystalline structure of your polymorph
    so as get you outcomes for your desired project

Polymorph Screening
  • VxP Pharma Services
  • Purdue Research Park
  • 5225 Exploration Drive
  • Indianapolis, IN 46241
  • Phone 3177592299

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