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Why is Matboard considered important in Picture Framing?


If you take a closer look at any Picture Frame, you'll notice there are several components in it. One of them is matboard. Often went unnoticed, a matboard holds much importance in enhancing the look of your artwork and consequently the interiors of your room. This presentation highlights the benefits of using matboard and why it should be chosen for your picture frame. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why is Matboard considered important in Picture Framing?

What is the importance of a Matboard in Picture
Picture framing has been around for centuries and
will never go out of style for years to come. It
is the one of the most reliable methods for
protecting your artwork while enhancing its look
as well. Framing a piece of art requires lot more
than mere design and color selection. You need to
take care of a set of things including the type
of mounting or foam board to be used, glazing of
the front layer of frame, width of the edges, and
many other things.
What is Matboard?
It is nothing but a flat piece of paper-based
material that surrounds your artwork in a frame
separating it from the glazing while
complementing overall look of the frame.
Importance of Using Matboard
It provides room between the frame and artwork.
Matting (the process of using matboard)
influences the overall view of your interiors as
it can highlight the room decor or a particular
shade in your frame. There are several reasons
why you should apply matting in framing your
cherished piece of work and the major ones are
highlighted here.
1. Matting facilitates air circulation
  • Circulation of air between your picture and the
    glazing material (probably plastic or acrylic) is
    vital. This is because in the absence of an air
    gap, the condensed moisture trapped between the
    two layers will lead to formation of uneven molds
    and mildews, ultimately ruining the artwork.

2. It enriches the overall appearance of your
Right matting can reflect the color of your
artwork or the room it is placed in. When
properly proportioned it can also visually
augment the size of a smaller picture, or
diminish a larger one to synchronize with the
surrounding space
3. Matboard acts as a support system for your
Matting protects both framed and unframed
artworks. In case of unframed artwork, it
facilitates easy handling for artists and
collectors by providing additional surface area
to view or carry the item. For framed artwork,
the matboard protects the support base (hinges)
which holds the art in place. Artwork is usually
attached to a backing board - preferable method
for professional framers.
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