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Start a Real Estate Photography Business | Tony Henrik Halttunen


Tony Henrik Halttunen: Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today. The markets are heating up again and demand for real estate creates demand for photography. This is good news to photographers, but like any business, there is plenty of competition. If you are new to real estate and architecture photography, here are some general guidelines to start you on the right path. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Start a Real Estate Photography Business | Tony Henrik Halttunen

Start a Real Estate Photography Business
The beauty of starting a professional real estate
photography business is that there are so many
different ways you can set up and manage your
business. Whether youre looking to build a real
estate photography empire or make a little extra
money after retirement, there is something out
there for everyone in the world of real estate
photography. When looking into starting up your
real estate photography business, there are some
important questions you should first ask yourself.
What is the Market Landscape?
In order to figure this out, you will most likely
have to do some research. Find out if real estate
photography is truly a need in your area. Talk
with local realtors and get an idea of what
marketing tools, they are using when they list
their properties. Ask them how much they would be
willing to pay for professional real estate
Who is Your Competition?
By researching the competition in your area you
will gain an insight into what your competitors
are offering, how their images look, and what
they are charging. By keeping a close eye on your
competition, their service offerings, and their
pricing, it will help you to better understand
your market and force you to differentiate
yourself in your market.
Who is Your Target Market?
Answering this will help you determine what type
of client you are after. It will also help you to
hone in your marketing techniques when trying to
acquire these types of clients. How far away from
home are you willing to travel? Will real estate
just be a subset of services that your
photography company offers?
What is Your End Goal?
What type of business do you want to create?
There is no right or wrong answer to this,
however, it is important to start to think about
the future of your business. What type of images
do you want to produce? How large or small do you
want your business to be? Do you want to hire
additional employees? Will you be doing all of
the editing in house or will you use a photo
editing company? Will this business provide me
with a good work/life balance? We recommend
having at least some idea of where you want your
business to go and how you want to get there.
Having a plan for your business is extremely
important. However, dont feel like you need to
pin down your plan and stick to it. Plans change.
And so will your business. But having an idea of
where you want to go will help you in achieving
your business goals.
Stay tuned for more helpful information about how
to get started in the real estate photography
industry or feel free to reach out to
http// to have a
personal conversation.
For more information visit at
http// http//tonyhalttune http//tony-halttunen.blogspot.
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