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Landscaping and Gardening Techniques


Lets have a look at different landscaping and gardening techniques and their benefits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Landscaping and Gardening Techniques

  • Landscaping and gardening raise and preserve
    beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. These areas
    may include large acreages, like parks and golf
    courses, or small backyard gardens.
  • There are also difference between these two
    terms. Landscaping creates a plan or picture for
    an attractive outdoor area with the use of
    grasses, plants, trees, flowers, and hardscapes.
    Gardening focuses on designing and maintaining
    plants or flowers within a space.

Long Term Benefits of Landscaping and Gardening
1. Your calories will be reduced to 177 in 45
minutes by planting in a garden, removing
unnecessary plants burns 157 calories in the same
amount of time.   2. Within 5 minutes of
gardening exercise in the great outdoors, it will
improve immediately your mood and self-esteem.
  3. As per study, gardening can support
physical rehabilitation through maintaining
muscles and improving strength and
coordination.   4. To have 25 foot tree in a
garden will lessen overall heating and cooling
costs by up to 10.   5. Within an estimation of
6 weeks, high-quality landscaping leads to faster
sale of a home.
Long Term Benefits of Landscaping and Gardening
  • 150 ROI can be the result of 5 investment in
    the value of a home, its more profitable compare
    to other household upgrades.
  • Large tree can grow the value of home by 2.2
  • Hardscapes can give ROI of landscaping projects
    between 100 to 300.

Gardening Techniques
  • 1. Plant your own vegetables at home to reduce
    your grocery bills.
  • 2. The average lawn needs approximately 1 inch of
    water per week to remain green.
  • 3. Test the soil with its kit to choose the right
    plants for your soil type, before planting in
    your garden.
  • 4. To choose attractive gardens flowers, use a
    color wheel.

Landscaping Techniques
  • 1. Evaluate the project site realistically and
    design from there.
  • 2. Research famous landscaping from design
    websites and specialty project sites
  • 3. Create an achievable master plan to meet your
    goals, timeline and budget.
  • 4. Follow your action plan for digging,
    renovating and planting.
  • 5. Create a budget that will match your action

Landscaping Techniques
6. Complete the project through different stages
to fulfill reasonable goals and budgetary
guidelines.   7. Dont buy cheaper materials and
plants because its wasting only of money, you
should be willing to spend money wherein its
needed.   8. If theres discounted offer of
materials and plants, take time also to compare
to see if they will give same quality.   9.
There should be an enough space for the plants
and flowers, because they overgrow throughout the
season.   10. Ask for professional help when
needed even if its only for a consultation.   To
get more information about landscaping and
gardening techniques, visit - https//landscapingd    
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