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Title: Curation Studio Review and (Free) GIANT $14,600 BONUS

  • Curation Studio What makes Curation Studio
    different from anything you've ever seen before?
  • Curation Studio is a brand new drag-and-drop
    cloud based system lets you publish unlimited
    curated content, gets 100 free traffic and makes
    commissions from all of your sites and
  • http//
  • What Is Curation Studio?
  • When most marketers get fed uap with the hamster
    wheel of generating and publishing content,
    monetizing their sites or working tirelessly to
    get traffic, they decide to get someone else to
    do it for them. In theory, thats a great idea
    However, hiring a writer is not a good long-term
  • Here are just a few of the problems with hiring
    writers to produce marketing content for you
  • Affordable writers have to rush through each
    article, post, or other piece of content very
    quickly which means substandard writing that is
    poorly researched, filled with mistakes, and
    lacking in substance. In other words, its not
    fit to publish!
  • Average and high-quality writers are expensive!
    You could pay 100 or more for a single article
    and thats on the low end! If you publish just
    one piece of purchased content a day, your costs
    could exceed 3,000 per month!
  • Keeping up with your publishing schedule can be
    nearly impossible when you have to rely on
    writers to create your content for you. Good
    writers are often booked weeks or months in
    advance and if you need an article written
    quickly, theyll gouge you with rush fees that
    make your content marketing efforts even more
  • Even though youre paying for content, you still
    have to review, upload, format, and publish each
    piece which takes up time you could be spending
    on more profitable tasks!
  • Is that really how you want to invest your time
    and money?
  • No, and thats why the guys from Curation Studio
    has launched their product into the market.

  • Curation Studio makes it easy to find, customize
    and publish relevant, high-impact content to
    multiple blogs, websites, and fan pages
    simultaneously without the typical hassles of
    writing content from scratch or paying a writer
    to do it for you!
  • You also have the ability to MONETIZE your
    content on complete autopilot with their
    monetization module and get traffic to your
    content with ease!
  • By using Curation Studio, users can
  • Post fresh, sticky content from DOZENS of
    high-authority sources on autopilot!
  • Automatically monetize your curated content and
    make sales and commission on the fly.
  • Get 100 free traffic to all your content without
    any extra effort.
  • Customize and design curated content in seconds
    with the drag-and-drop visual editor!
  • Schedule drip content to keep your visitors and
    fans engaged even if youre
  • away from your computer!
  • Save hours of time each week finding and
    publishing top-shelf content!
  • Fuel your content marketing engine without the
    cost of hiring expensive writers

How Does Curation Studio Work? https//
Special Features of Curation Studio Speedy
Curation Curated content for your review in under
15 seconds, browse hundreds of sources to find
and build the most viral content for your blog or
100 Unique Content Curation Studio includes a
UNIQUE spinning module which allows you to spin
all your content to your hearts desire with a
few clicks of the mouse.
Multiple Sources Select from Amazon, eBay,
Commision Junction, Google, Google Blogs, Google
Images, flickr, DailyMotion, Youtube, Vimeo,
Wikipedia, Tumblr...
Drag Drop Drag drop post builder, you can
build each individual post with total ease. The
visual editor is the most intuitive on the
market and easiest to use.
Amazon Affiliate Products Select from Amazon,
eBay, Commision Junction, Google, Google Blogs,
Google Images, flickr, DailyMotion, Youtube,
Vimeo, Wikipedia, Tumblr...
Web Based App Nothing to download or install,
automatic updates, all displayed in a beautiful,
easy to use interface...
Never Pay Content Again Curating content
personalizing it with the drag and drop interface
means crafting unique articles has never been
easier, you will never need to pay for content
Get 100 Free Traffic To Your Sites Their in
built traffic system will help ensure each piece
of content is distributed to get 100 free
traffic from the top social media websites -
fully automated!
  • Unlike any other curation tool on the market,
    curation studio gives you total creative control
    direction from how the content looks feels to
    the multiple sites you can curate content
    Amazon affiliate products...
  • With the Auto Sync option, you can update content
    within the Curation Studio platform, and the
    changes will automatically appear on each site
    youve synced. No need to worry about updating
    articles one by one ever again!

  • Theyve included AutoPost support to make it even
    faster and easier to publish content on
    WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, Google, Blogger,
    HTML sites, Facebook, and Twitter!
  • NEW! Theyve included Slideshare Integration so
    that you can integrate your own slide
    presentations (or royalty-free slide
    presentations from other sources) in your posts!
  • Curation Studio is completely web-based so
    theres no clunky software to
  • download or install!
  • Add affiliate products from Amazon to your
    content to earn commissions and drive your
    profits even higher!
  • With Curation Studio, there are NO limits! You
    can connect and publish curated content on an
    UNLIMITED number of websites, blogs, and fan
    pages at NO extra cost!
  • How It Works
  • Curation Studio forces your content to go viral
    you can get started in 6 easy steps...
  • STEP 1 Enter A Search Word (Niche)
  • STEP 2 Select The Sources You Wish To Search
  • STEP 3 Review The Curated Content
  • STEP 4 Drag And Drop Interface STEP 5 Design
    Your Unique Post STEP 6 Publish Your Post
  • https//

  • Promote as many amazon affiliate products to your
    customers, monetise your audience!
  • Why Should You Get Curation Studio Now ?
  • You need to stop creating content the hard way
    and give your audience the authoritative
    relevant content they crave with Curation Studio
    right now!
  • Why would you squander your hours grinding away
    at content that you hate writing or spend a
    fortune paying expensive writers to do it for
    you when this push-button system gives you the
    power to rapidly publish targeted, memorable
    content across all of your online properties in
    just minutes?
  • Here are some facts about Curation Studio
  • FACT 1 Instant Content For Any Blog Or Fanpage
  • FACT 2 Never Pay For Written Content Again
  • FACT 3 Everything Is Drag And Drop Simple To Use
    (No Tech Skills Required)
  • FACT 4 Web Based App Is Compatible On All
  • FACT 5 Sell Unlimited Products From Amazon, In
    Any Niche
  • So Get on board today and begin using content
    studio in minutes from now. Save time, money and
    effort on all your content needs. Monetize your
    sites and begin making real money from your
    sites. Distribute your content with their traffic
    module and begin receiving 100 free traffic to
    your sites.
  • Will you

Right now, youre getting your hands on the one
platform that makes it simple not only to find
the best content, but to customize it to your
brand and even schedule it to publish at the
best times for your audience even if youre on
the phone with a client, spending time with your
family, or even enjoying a well-deserved
vacation! But wait, theyve got even more! If you
thought Curation Studio couldnt get any better,
theyve got some limited-time bonuses for you
for being a fast-action taker! This will allow
you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as
possible with Curation Studio! However, you must
act before this offer closes. Because once it
does, these bonuses will NOT be available
anymore. Exclusive Bonuses From Curation
Studio Youll Also Receive The Following 5
Plugins Worth 355 As An Exclusive Bonus
Pack! Bonus 1 WPTUBEMonetizer Bonus 2
WPEMAILCountdown Bonus 3 WPAFFILIATERockstar Bo
nus 4 RAPIEDTRAFFICSecrets Bonus 5
SOCIALQuizPlugin Conclusion Today, youre
getting the ability to streamline and automate
your content marketing across ALL of your
websites, blogs, and Facebook fan pages with one
simple, drop-and- drag platform. Yet youre
paying far less than youd pay a reputable writer
to create just one article! Your time is
valuable let Curation Studio handle your
content marketing and get back to growing your
profits today! http//
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