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Relieving Stress at Work


If you are interested to know about the effective ways to calm your mind and body, visit and learn about the some important points that will help you to reduce your stress. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Relieving Stress at Work

Relieving Stress at Work
  • Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I
    clear my mind. May I take this moment to refresh
  • For a vast majority of those in the workforce,
    the correlation between stress and your work life
    is a familiar pattern. Every field has stressful
    situations, so learning how to manage stress at
    work is one of the biggest ways you can take
    charge of achieving a more balanced state of
    being. You can try out some of these tips below
    for dealing with tension during the course of
    your workday.

  • Stepping Outside Staying inside all day long
    can intensify any tension you might feel. When is
    the last time you stopped to take a break and
    step outside for a few minutes? Taking a deep
    breath of fresh air will help you relax and
    refresh yourself. A small amount of time outside
    can do wonders in lightening your load.

  • Breathing Techniques There are many
    different breathing techniques designed to lower
    your level of stress at work. Implementing these
    quick routines into your daily schedule can have
    a wonderfully positive impact on your mood. Here
    are two breathing exercises I use with my
  • Exhaling with Sound This is my favorite
    breathing technique, because it releases stress
    from deep inside.

  • Breathe in, expanding your belly
  • Hold the breath for a few moments
  • Now exhale with a sigh of releaseahhhhh!
  • Sighing often gets a bad rap, but it actually
    is a phenomenal way to beat stress. Try it, and
    don't be shy about making a little noise!

  • Deep Breathing Sometimes the simplest
    technique is the best, because you can do it
    anytime and anywhere
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through your
    nose, letting the air fill your lungs and
  • Slowly exhale through your nose or mouth,
    letting out all of the air

  • Deep breathing is a simple and effective way
    to calm your mind and body.
  • Guided Relaxation Listening to guided
    relaxation during a break in your workday can
    give your downtime a completely new meaning. The
    gentle guidance gives your mind something to
    follow, keeping you in a positive, relaxed state
    for a while. So the next time you take a break
    from your work, I invite you to try a guided
    relaxation recording. It can be an amazing way to
    retrain yourself on positive ways to handle the
    chaos in your career.

  • Tomorrow is a New Day Learning to pace
    yourself is also a great way to reduce your
    stress levels when it comes to your job. It helps
    to remember that tomorrow is a new day with new
    possibilities. Its a fresh start to finish
    whatever project you have on your to-do list.
    Reminding yourself of that fact can go a long way
    in helping you manage your stress.
  • May you find a time for relaxation to refresh

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