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Great Hindi Tattoo Designs


Collection of some of the best great tattoo designs worldwide. Source:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Great Hindi Tattoo Designs

Great tattoo designs
  • Evolution of tattoo
  • Country Based Tattoo (Types)
  • How to make it at home

Evolution of tattoo
Tattooing has been around for a long time, and
this is more than what most people think. Its
existence has begun about 10,000 years ago, and
goes back to the Neolithic time, which was
evidenced by the mummified skin and
archaeological records. One of the earliest known
examples of a tattooed human skin was discovered
on the upper lip of a Chinchorro mummy from South
America, one found out that it was 6000 before
Christ was.While modern society sees tattoos as
an aesthetic choice, it is a symbol of rebellion
or fanaticism and an art form, in many indigenous
cultures around the world that this is a symbol
of leadership, a representation of the passage of
a boy into manhood Or a badge that identifies the
rank or title. The symbolism behind each tattoo
is generally different from one culture to
another, but each can be beautiful and meaningful
at the same time.
  • Maori in New Zealand practice a kind of body
    modification called Ta moko, which is
    traditionally carved into the skin. This type of
    tattoo is often tattooed on the face, the news of
    the ancestors is very specific to the wearer. The
    news could tell the story about a heritage,
    tribal status or social position. It is also said
    that these facial markings make an individual
    more attractive for the opposite sex. During the
    twentieth century, the practice of Ta moko was
    rejected as an art form, although there was a
    revival in the last years of this art form, as
    several Maori descendants began to wear this
    tattoo with cultural pride.

  • The Atayal are the third largest indigenous group
    in Taiwan. For a time, the island state was
    formerly known as Formosa, known by indigenous
    people, whose culture and traditions were passed
    on from generation to generation. One of the
    traditions that has survived through modern times
    is the wearing of Ptasan or facial tattoos that
    symbolizes maturity. Atayal men wear them so they
    can represent their abilities to protect their
    home while the women wear them to show that they
    are qualified to weave a cloth and keep their
    house in order.

  • ?In South India, permanent tattoos, called
    Pachakutharathu, are called. They were popular in
    the late 1970s as they were seen as cultural
    symbols among many tribal populations and under
    the Hindu social class.
  • Ex.- Hindi Tattoos
  • In North India, permanent tattoos are called
    Godna, and many have taken this tradition into
    modern times. The Wancho tribe from the
    north-eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh still
    appreciates the art of tattooing. Men are
    tattooed on all four extremities and face while
    women wear light tattoos and these along with
    their chains, piercings and bracelets.

Use a gel pen to create a temporary tattoo
  • First draw the design on a drawing paper with a
    pencil, then you can follow the color with the
    dark colored gel pen. If you can not draw like a
    professional, look for a design online that can
    be easily dyed in the color scheme and then print
    it out.
  • Second step is to put the colored transparency
    paper on the body part where you want it to be.
    You just have to take a damp cloth and press
    firmly on the drawing paper for half a minute.
    When the time has elapsed, slowly remove the
    transparency paper and check for it to be
    successful. If not, leave it for a few seconds
    longer and press something again.
  • If everything has worked out, it is time to
    remove the paper and the cloth. Let your
    temporary tattoo dry. Take care that you do not
    scrape while bathing at the place where the
    tattoo is on it.

While temporary tattoos are a good preparation
before you can possibly make a real one, you
should also be careful about the possible
allergic reactions that can cause a use of
chemicals that you can get on your skin. Products
such as permanent markers, gel pens and nail
varnish can lead to skin irritations, since
temporary tattoos are not suitable. To avoid
such an unfortunate result, buy products that
have proven to be hypoallergenic and do not
contain toxic chemicals. If something bad should
happen with your skin, consult your doctor as
soon as possible.
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