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Descriptive Essay Writing: Example, Topics, Outline


This presentation is about how to write a descriptive essay , what topics you need to use, shows examples of it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Descriptive Essay Writing: Example, Topics, Outline

Descriptive Essay Writing
  • Example, Topics, Outline

  • A descriptive essay is a writing that is intended
    to provide a vivid experience to the readers.
  • A vivid experience is one that appeals to all 5
    senses of the human body.
Before You Start to Write the Essay
  • 3 important notes!

1) Have a WHY
Always have a purpose and end goal before
approaching any descriptive essay. Try to
understand your role as a descriptive essay
writer if you have to depict some issue and make
a portrayal or is it asked for you to incorporate
your own feelings and sentiments about the
particular theme. Here you can find more details
between the difference of objective and
subjective descriptions.
2) Know Your DETAILS
Depictions are vital however do exclude
irrelevant subtle elements since they will back
off your written work and make the reader lose
intrigue. Avoid commonly used expressions that
are not unique or inventive. Here you can find
descriptive essay tips on how to make a essay
long without writing useless stuff. More about
essay structures you can find from the Writting
Center of Harvard College.
3) Use Your SENSES
For majority of authors it is moderately simple
to incorporate sight into the portrayal, yet it
is also vital to incorporate different senses as
descriptive essay helpers with a specific end
goal to make the picture more striking taste,
touch, hearing, and smell. By joining faculties
and utilizing memory about the sentiments that
these senses raise, you'll make an a great and
more powerful depiction.
Descriptive TOPICS
  • While in the process of descriptive essay
    writing, it is crucial to represent creativity.
    However, being imaginative and descriptive can
    now and then be a test.
  • Due to this it is essential to continually
    train" your exploratory writing abilities. This
    is best done throughout the practices with
    different topics that represent a descriptive
    essay help.

Descriptive Essay OUTLINE
  • While examining your descriptive writing format,
    always make a organized outline before.
  • A descriptive essay layout is made out of the
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • On our web page you can find our custom essay
    writing service meant for your essays.
  • Find out more about the components for a
    successful essay from Yale College Writting

OUTLINE Introduction
  • Hook Sentence it is used to get the reader's
    attention from the very start of the essay
  • The "event" that is written about - Introduce it
    to the reader without giving excessive amount of
  • Brief background information - Start intriguing
    the readers with more data about the occasion.
    Nonetheless, keep your wording discrete.
  • Sensory Details - Use every one of the five
    senses in your descriptive language is order to
    compose a engaging and striking essay

OUTLINE Body Paragraph(s)
  • Depending on the length of the essay as a whole,
    the segments length will shift. You can start
  • Exciting Point Put the story in development by
    beginning up with a sentence that develops
    intrigue and interest from the reader.
  • Sensory details within Plot Development Anyone
    can recount a story, yet not everyone can do it
    well. As you are advancing through the story,
    look out for the senses and make sure to use as
    many as possible!

OUTLINE Body Paragraph(s)
  • Include factual details This is a effective
    answer for maintaining a distance from "discharge
    sentences". This permits you to keep the readers
    thinking since they will make judgements about
    the essay in view of this additional data.
  • WOW Effect People's attention begins at a high
    point, slowly diminishes, yet comes back very
    high with the closing! The readers will always
    remain inquisitive about the unknown completion!
    So when you come to the last point of your story,
    invest somewhat more energy with it and improve
    it with the use of senses.

OUTLINE Conclusion
  • Always Reflect Always close a story with an
    explained clarified reason, on the grounds that
    the experience influenced you and your reader
  • Attention to Details Explain the significance of
    some key moments. Consider that if any of these
    subtle elements were distinctive somehow, the
    article would have an alternate result or perhaps
    it wouldn't be composed at all.
  • Clincher Statement Do not permit the essay to
    escape the thoughts of your readers directly
    after the end of the reading.

Descriptive Essay TIPS
  • Make Chronological Descriptions Always abstain
    from backtracking or fast forwarding. Unless the
    description has some stales, the flow should be
    kept moving in a direct progress.
  • Find Peer Editing It is a great idea to get
    second opinions to reinforce the legitimacy of
    your descriptive language and pick up
  • Here is an example that you can use when writting
    descriptive essays about persons from Bow Valey
Descriptive Essay EXAMPLES
  • In your descriptive essay writing, you can
    practice by trying to answer on different topics
  • For Places
  • What would a place you have imagined about that
    doesnt exist in real life look like?
  • Describe the perfect place to arrange an occasion
    of your decision.
  • Paint a picture with expressions of the most
    excellent sight you have ever saw!
  • Describe the room where you enjoy spending your
  • For People
  • What are the characteristics of a great role
  • What separates your best friend from your general
  • Describe human beings to aliens who have never
    before seen them.
  • You can find more descriptive writing essay
    examples on our web site.
Descriptive Essay EXAMPLES
  • Here is some additional descriptive essay help
    for your topic practice
  • For Experiences
  • Depict that moment in your life where you
    daydreamed of a specific social setting and
    paused for a minute to acknowledge life.
  • When have you either led people or done something
    totally out of your comfort zone!
  • How did you handle a day in your life when
    everything went upside down?
  • For Memory
  • Which occasion brought up your favorite memory,
    and describe the impact of the setting?
  • Describe one of your most vivid memory that you
    think about , and what made it so important.
  • What is the thing that separates regular events
    from unique memories in your life?
Descriptive Essay EXAMPLES
  • For Objects
  • What item has a sentimental value to you and why?
  • Depict an item that you would bury into a time
    capsule to explain to people about what life
    resembles today.
  • The ordinary folks are blaming you of witchcraft,
    so you have to describe technology to people from
    the medievela ages to save your life.
  • Portray your favorite piece of furniture where
    you like to spend your time and relax.
  • You can find additional information on how to
    write descriptive essay on our web site.
  • Here is a sample from Stanford University.
Thank You!
  • For more details check out
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