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The Digital world is changing. This is overtly evident whether you agree or not.In an era of digitalization there is a scantiness of knowledge about the upcoming booming branch of marketing - DIGITAL MARKETING. After so much of contemplation and flashing to bridge the gap the idea of SIMPLY DIGITAL popped in, a joint initiative by alumnus of IIT and IIM mentored by expert Digital Entrepreneurs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: digital marketing institute

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The Digital School
INTRODUCTION Simply Digital is a new-age Digital
School founded by the alumni of IIT IIMs along
with digital start-up entrepreneurs. It
endeavors to simplify Digital Training. Simply
Digital offers customized courses for
Corporates, Institutions, Professionals,
Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers and Students. Simply
Digital offers a range of Customized Programs
imparting practical knowledge earned by its
founders as they built their own funded
start-ups. The strong Faculty Mentors comprise
a unique blend of young Digital Entrepreneurs
and experienced Corporate Professionals. Simply
Digital is a Google partner group
company with Google certified trainers. Our
Digital Marketing
Big Data Analytics
Opportunity with Digital Marketing
IIT-IIM Faculty
Job Placement Assistance
Team of Digital Start-ups
Freelancing Af?liate Marketing Building
Business Working Professionals Entrepreneurship
Pre-reads Post-reads
7 Google Certi?cations
We believe that real digital learning is more
than technical jargons, complicated codes and
confusing theories. So, follow our
pre-built learning pathways to learn how to build
and optimize digital assets, market your products
and services online, build
reputation online, generate business
leads,analyze and take corrective measures. We
tell you the tools and the tricks of the
trade. We cover the fundamentals of using
various online platforms like search engines,
social media, e-mail marketing,
online advertising and mobile marketing. Most
importantly, we start from where you are and then
bring you to the level
where the experts are. After all, its not rocket
science and you dont have to be an Einstein to
master it. Just have faith in
yourself and the confidence in us.
Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Fundamentals and Core Objectives of Marketing
  • Signi?cance of Digital Marketing
  • In-depth knowledge of Marketing Procedure
  • Differences between traditional and digital
  • Grasping the basics of Digital Marketing
  • Understanding the meaning of visibility and its
    different dimensions
  • How can visitors engagement be built?
  • Tips to bring inbound and outbound targeting
  • Understanding the concepts of leads generation
  • Importance of retention in digital marketing
  • How can Performance Evaluation be built and

Website Planing Creation
  • Website planning conceptualization
  • Understanding websites, domain names and domain
  • Web servers web hosting
  • Integrating web performance and functionality
    Website wireframes
  • Contemporary website designing. Clutter-breaking
    User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX).
  • Different types of websites web, mobile,
    responsive, parallax, static dynamic
  • Html CMS
  • Top tools to evaluating

Search Engine Optimization
  • The meaning and utility of SEO
  • Grasping the basics of how search engines work
  • Understanding different types of search engines
    and their scope
  • Evaluating the target niche
  • Using the right keywords for the correct traf?c
  • Traf?c growth hacking
  • Researching the keywords in-depth arithmetic
  • On Page Optimization
  • Keyword planning, optimization density
  • Optimizing the content with the right keywords
  • Planning the content calendar
  • Internal linking
  • Creating Title Tags, Meta Tags H1 for SEO
  • Use of HTML in website creation
  • Website veri?cation and Google Webmaster
  • Creation of Websites Site Map
  • Use of FTP
  • Website speed optimization

PPC and Google Adwords
  • What do inorganic search results mean and why are
    they important
  • Understanding PPC advertising Tips and Tricks
  • Analysis of Microsoft Adcenter with Yahoo and
  • How to set up Google Adwords account and grasping
    its essence
  • Adwords account structure Campaign, Ad groups,
    Ads, Keywords
  • Different types of advertisement campaigns

How to increase the quality score
  • Adwords Algorithm what is adword rank how it
  • Basics of Quality Score Click-through rate
    (CTR) Importance for online advertising
  • Tips for bidding building competency
  • Creating the right Search Campaigns

How to optimize CPC Display network
targeting Searching for keywords that convert
to sales How to increase bids for best
performing keywords Search query
report Excluding user locations Use of review
extensions Call-to-action Ad copies Results
for mobile devices with full browsers vs.
computers and tablets Evaluation of Ad Campaign
How to place online advertisements Target
Search engine queries Matching the right
keywords Basics of Campaign Level Setting How
to implement location targeting CPC- the core
of bidding strategy for right target
audience Bidding strategies Manual and Auto
Analyzing competitors performance Investigati
on Fraud clicks
CPA Optimal Way for Online Advertising How
to keep your bid strategy ?exible Ad
Extensions Location, Call and Sitelink
Extensions Creating Ads How to advertise
Online with a compelling ad copy Single ad
group model (SKAG) Creating your ?rst search
campaign live Understanding the ad
matrics How to play with display destination
URLs How to write a compelling ad copy
Display Campaign Creation Different types of
display campaigning and their target audience
Engagement and re-marketing Creation of
different Ad Groups Ad-scheduling and
delivery Use of display planner
tool Organising text ads Uploading banner ads
Tracking ROI
Importance of conversion tracking How to set
up a conversion tracking Evaluating the
statistics Adding tracking code
What is remarketing Setting up an account of
remarketing Tailored ads and bring back
indecisive customers adding custom
parameters, creating a feed and delivering
Optimizing Search Campaigns
How to optimize your ?rst campaign Importance
to CTR in optimization
customized, higher-performance ads.
Advance list creation Overview of my client
Google Analytics
  • Get started with Google analytics
  • Generate detailed statistics for your website
  • Measure conversion and sales
  • Track search engines and social networks
  • Analyze display advertising, pay-per-click
    networks and email marketing
  • Integrating adwords and analytical account
  • Link tagging Basic of set-up procedure
  • Viewing customized reports
  • Implementing corrective actions

  • Understanding Social Media
  • Different types of current social media paradigms
  • How to use social media for marketing and
  • Facebook Marketing Differences between personal
    and business page, increasing likes and shares,
    building fan- engagement, Facebook advertising,
    Case Studies and use of 3rd parties.
  • Facebook Insights (Analytics), Facebook Case
    Studies, Power editor tool.
  • Facebook Practical Session Facebook
    advertisement, Payment Module, CPC, CPM, CPA,
    Conversion Tracking of Facebook.
  • Linked In Marketing Differences between company
    and individual pro?les, marketing through Linked
    In groups, tips of Linked In advertising and
    increasing ROI.
  • Twitter Marketing Measuring in?uence and
    increasing followers, tips and tricks of online
    marketing with twitter, using the right tools
    and Case Studies, twitter advertising, Hashtags
    and trends, Understanding the in?uencers and
    industry leaders of niche.
  • Twitter Case Studies, Tools for twitter
  • Video Marketing Tips, trends, strategies and
    best practices for creating video campaigns,
    using YouTube for business growth, creating
    Video ADgroups, utilizing the right target
    options and bid strategies, Intro to viral video,
    Building viral video and its case studies,
    Creating Youtube Channel, Youtube video
    marketing strategy Pre AD role, Post AD role
    and Mid AD role, True View Ads- Instream Ads,
    Display, Creating a video AD groups.

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Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing and its functionality
  • Protocols of Email Marketing TCP IP, POP, IMAP,
    SMTP, Asynchronous and Synchronous Mails.
  • Understanding its importance
  • How to send a bulk image
  • What are the jargons of sending a bulk image
  • Email marketing techniques legitimate, partial
    legitimate illegitimate
  • Boosting sales
  • Generating leads
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Increasing web traf?c
  • Building brand loyalty.
  • Difference between opt-in opt-out emailing
  • Does donts of email marketing
  • Auto responders broadcast emails
  • Web form list database
  • Tips tricks of broadcasting emails prevent

  • Basic terminology benchmarks of online
  • Different types of online advertising for digital
  • Display Advertising Banner Ads, Rich Media Ads,
    Pop Ups and Pop under Ads
  • Contextual Advertising Page Ads, Video Ads,
    Image Ads and Text Ads
  • Native ads
  • Payment Modules
  • Online tracking of ROI
  • Allocating funds for various online advertising
  • Using tools to Create Banner Ads

  • What is e-commerce marketing
  • How to create an e-commerce website
  • Developing plans and marketing strategies
  • Get higher organic search engine listings
  • Retention of customers
  • Competitive pricing and increasing per-customer
  • After-sales marketing and relationship building
  • Case studies assignments

  • Importance of lead generation
  • Landing Page Versus Websites
  • Understanding A/B testing and using it
  • Understanding leader nurturing and lead funnel
  • How to carry out lead nurturing
  • Creating a live landing page
  • What is thank you page
  • How ROI is calculated through landing page

  • Using Social media for mobile web marketing
  • Using advertising tools for mobile web marketing
  • Mobile marketing mix
  • Creating mobile applications
  • SMS marketing
  • Uploading mobile apps for iOS and androids
  • Creating mobile websites
  • Hyper local marketing
  • Geo tagging geo location marketing
  • Mobile advertising networks
  • New age marketing whatsapp, snapchat,
    instagram, vine
  • Native vs. hybrid ads
  • Building a mobile ?rst company
  • Voice to text text to voice integration
  • Augmented reality on mobiles

Difference between mobile responsive, mobile ?rst
mobile only
  • How to write compelling and provocative content
  • 35 tips and tricks
  • Overcoming content marketing barriers
  • Magnetizing the content
  • Top Content Marketing Examples
  • Using the right template and designs
  • Promoting content in social media
  • Managing content calendars

  • What is af?liate marketing 3As of af?liate
  • How to make millions with af?liate marketing
  • Tips and tricks of af?liate marketing
  • Being in tandem with af?liate marketing
    strategies in India
  • Live examples and real-time mentoring
  • Cracking the top af?liate networks in the world

  • Basic of Adsense
  • How to write a captivating blog with right
    keyword insertion
  • How to get approved by Adsense
  • Placing the right Ads on your Blog
  • Creating blogs with CMS
  • How to make more than 1 Lakh rupees with Google

Big Data Analytics
  • Goals for Analytics Big Data Course
  • Introduction to basic statistical terms and
  • Structured overview of modelling methodology
  • Interpretation and implementation of statistical
    tests ( commonly used in company's methodology)
  • Understanding Big Data Landscape and
  • Use state of the art tools to work with very
    large data sets
  • Detailed case study/Project.

Hadoop Architecture and HDFS
Course Structure
Data Understanding and preparation Basic
training in R Enhanced data dictionary
Missing value imputation Outlier treatment
Hadoop 2.x Cluster Architecture - Federation
and High Availability A Typical Production
Hadoop Cluster Hadoop Cluster Modes Common
Hadoop Shell Commands Hadoop 2.x Con?guration
Files Password-Less SSH MapReduce Job
Execution Data Loading Techniques
Data analysis De?ning target for Model
Variable Transformation Variable reduction
Variable ?nalisation
Map Reduce Framework
Traditional way Vs MapReduce way Why
MapReduce Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Architecture
Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Components YARN MR
Application Execution Flow YARN Work?ow
Anatomy of MapReduce Program Practical problem
solving using Map Reduce
Modelling ( case study) Model creation
Model validation Model calibration
Understanding the Big Data Problem
Introduction to Very Large Datasets Limitations
of existing Data Analytics Architecture
Introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem Hadoop
Hadoop Features Hadoop 2.x core components
Hadoop Storage HDFS Hadoop Processing
MapReduce Framework Anatomy of File Write and
Read Rack Awareness
J It's an IIT-IIM alumni initiative. J We stand
for Quality Education. J Our Faculty is from
IIT-IIM and successful digital start-ups. J We
have Jobs and Internships for our students in
Digital Start-ups. J Mentors are eager to guide
students on their entrepreneurial ideas. J We
help you prepare for Google Certification. J We
send Pre-reads and Post-reads comprising Case
Studies and Study Material. J You can enroll with
us for a no-charge Reinforcement Class on any
topic. J We teach everything under Digital from
Digital Marketing to Big Data. J Our Course
Content is most updated and ever evolving. J You
can choose your Course Modules and become an
expert in your chosen field. J We bring 100 plus
years of cumulative Corporate Experience in
MNCs. J We are a Google Partner Company
Contact Us 97/1, Adhchini, New Delhi-110017 91
78270 68882, 91 83760 16348