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Trusted Apple Mail Backup Tool


The Best Backup utility tool for Mac It is now possible and easy to backup, archive and increases the security of your emails through encryption using the powerful Mac utility tool known as the Mail Backup X for Mac. With this tool, Mac users are able to set up email backups as well as import email archive files from different mail applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, Outlook Windows or Thunderbird among other popular services that support IMAP services. Besides the capability of backing up and archiving emails from multiple platforms, the Mail Backup X for Mac is also equipped with professional mail conversion software, hence the capability to convert your emails from one platform to another. Consequently, you will find this tool very handy since it doubles up as a mail conversion and recovery tool. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Trusted Apple Mail Backup Tool

Introduction to Mail Backup X the Trusted Apple
Mail Backup Tool
  • There is everything to love about Mail Backup X
    application from InventPure. This Apple Mail
    backup tool is simple to use and comes with
    straightforward procedures that will only take a
    few minutes to completely backup your email

Quick reasons why you should choose Mail Backup X
as your Apple Mail Backup Tool
  • 1. Backup and restore multiple email accounts
  • The Mail Backup Tool is certainly a daily email
    backup assistant that allows you to secure your
    files and restore them back to your email
    account. This tool will greatly help you to
    create backups of your entire Apple Mail account
    including synced Gmail, Exchange Office 365 and accounts.
  • 2. Import archives from other Email accounts
  • Mail Backup X also comes in handy whenever you
    need to combine emails from different archives
    and manage them in the same window. You can
    conveniently import your IMAP emails, Thunderbird
    emails, and Entourage messages and use the mail
    viewer window to view, search, read and sort all
    email messages on one window. This Apple Mail
    backup software will save you time and give you
    better experience since you avoid opening
    multiple windows for every email account.

Some More Features of Mail Backup X
  • 3. Fast Data Finder
  • This backup software for Apple Mail has an
    advanced search algorithm that allows you to
    quickly retrieve particular data from your backup
    or archives folder. If for example, you need to
    find emails sent some years back, instead of
    manually going through the archives/backup folder
    to locate them, you simply enter either the date
    or senders address on the search query and hit
    search. Mail Backup X will speedily search the
    entire backup/archive and retrieve all matching
  • 4. Archive e-mails in PDF format
  • Mail Backup X can quickly convert email messages
    to PDF format for printing or physical storage.
    The PDF version still maintains their structures
    including metadata like dates, sender details,
    subjects, and attachments.

Free Download of this Apple Mail Backup Tool
  • There is absolutely no reason why you should not
    try out the Mail Backup X. This email backup
    utility is first gaining popularity among Mac
    users from all over the world due to its
    practicality and problem-solving features. Grab
    yourself a free copy today using this link.
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