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English Speaking Course in Chandigarh


English Speaking has become an essential part of ones personality. English is growing globally and more and more people are learning it. English should be learnt by everyone. English is beneficial to one in many ways. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

EnglishSpeakingCourse inChandigarh
  • English has evolved as an essential language
    around the globe. With globalisation, English
    plays a major role in shortening the distances
    across the continents. English is the Official
    language of more than 53 countries and more than
    400 million people speak english as their first
    language. Thats a lot of people to meet and talk

Importance of English Speaking.
English is one of the most widely spoken language
  • English is the language that will give you the
    best returns for your efforts after all,
    intellectual challenge aside, theres little
    point putting a huge amount of time and effort
    into learning a language that youll hardly ever
    have the opportunity to use.
  • Its the language of diplomacy and the official
    language of many non-sovereign organizations such
    as the United Nations, NATO etc. Whats more,
    English is the commonly adopted second language
    of the people in a many more countries. In total,
    around 1.5 billion people speak English
    worldwide- and another billion are in the process
    of learning it.

Countries Globally.
2. English opens more opportunities for you
  • Being able to speak English allows you to
    communicate effectively in numerous countries,
    and this opens up lots of possibilities for you
    in terms of the countries you could choose to
    seek work in one day.
  • Whats more, careers that involve lots of travel
    or international exposure, such as the airline,
    tourism and film industries, use English as their
    official language and many employers in these
    sectors are likely to require evidence of a
    certain level of proficiency in English before
    they will consider employing you. This means that
    if you can speak English, youll find that you
    have a greater number of possible careers to
    choose from after you finish at university.

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3. English will make you more desirable
  • Being fluent in a second language demonstrates
    brain and reflects someone who has put in the
    huge amount of time, resources and commitment
    needed to master another language. But while
    being bilingual is impressive full stop, no
    matter what combination of languages you speak,
    adding English to your CV will be particularly
  • English has been referred to as the language of
    business, and its not hard to see why. If you
    have ambitions to become an international
    businessperson, its essential that youre able
    to speak English fluently. Whats more, English
    skills are just as desirable to employers in your
    own country and language as they are to employers
    in English-speaking countries.

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4. English gives access to worlds best
literature and universities.
  • English is widely regarded as the language of
    higher education. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and
    MIT are just a few of the famous universities
    that occupy the lofty heights of the top of the
    world education league tables, and youll need to
    speak English fluently for access to any of
    these, as theyre all English-speaking.
  • If you learn English, youll be able to enjoy
    works by some of the worlds most famous writers,
    in the language in which they were intended to be
    read or heard. The works of Shakespeare will take
    on a new meaning when youre able to speak
    English, and you can look forward to enjoying
    such influential classics.

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5. English has simple alphabets and everyones
  • The English alphabet is straightforward, making
    it easier to master than the symbols or pictures
    that make up some languages. If youve struggled
    to learn more complex alphabets, you may find you
    make progress with English , which shares
    alphabet with many other languages.
  • Furthermore, not matter how they are, everyone's
    addresses as you- there are no polite and
    informal variants to agonise over, so you wont
    need to worry about inadvertently creating social
    awkwardness by being overly familiar.

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