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Dailymotion Make Money Secrets-How To Make Money On Dailymotion


Dailymotion Make Money Secrets-How To Make Money On Dailymotion Some advanced tips and method given in this ebook.Spend time and do work on this ebook making.This ebook make by talking about various people,dailymotion support and by own research. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dailymotion Make Money Secrets-How To Make Money On Dailymotion

  • How to Make
  • Money on Dailymotion
  • Easily
  • A Step by Step Guide

Tanvir Ashik Video Marketer,Weblog A
Publication of Weblog
Table of Contents
  • Why Dailymotion
  • How To Make a Wining Channel
  • Important Settings For Your Channel
  • Making Videos Effectively
  • How To Edit Copyrighted Video
  • Video SEO(Title,Description,Tags)
  • Unlimited Views Tricks
  • Advanced Tips About Dailymotion

This Ebook is Written All By- Own
Research Experience Talking with people who work
on DM DM Support Online Forums,groups
Why I make this ebook? When I am starting to work
on DM,I search on google,online forums,fb groups
etc.But I wonder that there is no advance
tutorial on the web.99 of the tutorial,video,web
post is on basic level information.Believe me I
search more and more but I donot get more
Why You Believe on My Words? The first reason is
that I get all this tricks by research.I deliver
this free of cost.I also give you some bonus.I
just make this ebook for your help as DM make
money advanced resource is not available.
  • Why Dailymotion

Why Will You Choose Dailymotion
  • Dailymotion is French video-sharing website.
    where anyone can join for free and they can
    upload videos, watch others video and share their
    video too.
  • 1.Dailymotion is available all around the world,
    in 18 different languages and 35 localized
    versions featuring local home pages and local
  • 2.Dailymotion is the 2nd biggest video sharing
    website in the world.You may work on youtube but
    working on Dailymotion is more easy.I am not
    against on youtube ,but you will get more money
    by the same effort on Dailymotion.
  • 3.According to alexa.com 7.4 users of come from
    USA, 14.28 of user from USA,according to
  • 4.Dailymotion has
  • Less copyright issue than youtube
  • Easy to get views
  • 5.A Big Amount of the visitors from tier 1
    country like USA,UK,Canada etc

Top 5 Visitor Country On DM
According To Alexa
According To Similarweb
3(1) Ways To Get Money From DM
  • There are three different ways to monetize your
    dailymotion channel which allows you to earn
    revenue from your videos and some other features.
    Those three monetization programs are
  • Video Monetization
  • Paid Content
  • Website Monetization
  • 1)Video Monetization-
  • Video monetization earns you a share of revenue
    every time an ad is served on one of your videos.
  • Three types of ads dailymotion serves in a
  • Before video
  • During video
  • After videos.

3(1) Ways To Get Money From DM
  • 2)Paid Content-
  • Rent your videos on demand or on a monthly
    subscription basis.

3) Website Monetization Embed Dailymotion videos
or the Dailymotion widget on your sites.
3(1) Ways To Get Money From DM

I already say 3 offitial ways to make money on
DM.But there is another way. That is you can
sell your DM channel.I saw many people who sell
their own account.You can contact with them and
buy this account.
How to make a winning channel
  • If you just make a channel and start uploading
    videos,this will not be good.
  • To make more money and more views ,you have to do
    some work during making a channel.Thats are-
  • Try to create Dailymotion channel with brand
    names like HumTV, T series, etc.
  • Add links to your websites and social media
  • In channel description write about your
  • Add banner photo for your branding
  • Add eye-catching profile picture.
  • Advanced Tips-
  • 1)Featured Video-
  • Use feature video for your account.You may
    use your
  • channel intro,or your latest video.
  • 2)Logo Overlay-
  • Make a logo for your video.You can use this
    logo on all your video.This helps you
  • for your branding.
  • 3)Player Customization-
  • You can change the videos player
    color.This attracts user a lot.
  • 4)Revenue Analytics-

How to get ullimited Video

You can upload 2 types of videos on DM. 1)You
can make your own video. Or, 2) You can use
free videos. Or, 3)You can use copyrighted
videos. But I suggest use your own making
video.It is 100 safe. You can get
videos- 1)From other video sharing
sites. 2)From other social networking
sites. 3)By searching search engines.
How to Make Your Video
  • You can make 4 types of video.
  • Own video wher you are present infront of camera.
  • Slide show video
  • Animated video
  • Slide video
  • Buy video

1)Making own video You can make video by own.You
just need at least a camera.Then you just need
to a video editing software to edit the video.You
can use more for making the video.Or you can
record a funny conversation with
friends. 2)Slide Show videoYou can make slide
show video more easily.Just collect some picture
according to your niche.Then use video editing
software or powerpoint to making
video. 3)Animated VideoYou can also make
animated video.There are many software like
videoscribe,video makefx etc. for making animated
video. 4)Slide videoYou can make slideshow
video and add your own voice .You can make video
for any type of problems,solutions,recent topics
etc. 5)Buy videoIf you want to make video for
any product or any topic,you can buy this type
video.There are some marketplace where people
will make your demanding video for a fixed amount
of money.
Topic For Making Video
  • There is no end of topics for making video.You
    can make any topics video.
  • But making videos in-
  • Movie /Movie Review
  • Music
  • Sports
  • News
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment

Which Topics Are Hot On DM
The topics I am telling here are hot also on
dailymotion. But Trending Video works best on
dailymotion. Visit - http//www.dailymotion.com/en
/trending/1 In this link you will get Trending
Topic,Most viewing, Most Recent topic. See
Which videos are trending now,make this type of
How To Work With Trending Video
  • If you think that you collect the trending video
    and upload it,you are wrong.
  • Working with trending topic means.
  • Find the trending topics subject
  • You can off Age Gate for getting 18 video(I
    donot mean nude).
  • You can find any countrys trending video.Just
    select the country.
  • Collect the selected videos title ,tags and
  • Make a video on the same topic ,it may be a slide
  • And upload it.
  • One thing you have to remember that
  • You have to complete these process and upload
    video as soon as possible.

Some Important Things For Making Video
  • You should remember during making video-
  • Try to make high resolution video.Minimam 720p
  • Video length 5 is good for video rank/view
  • Use intro and outro in the video
  • Create playlist for the videos

For Which Subject You Can Make Video
You can make video for- 1)As usual dailymotion
revenue 2)CPA 3)Affiliate But I strongly suggest
you for as usual dailymotion revenue.This work
best on dailymotion.
Title Tricks
  • When You Make Video-
  • 1)Use titles which are very interesting.When
    people saw the name they must click the video.
  • 2)Ask something to the audience.
  • 3)Use numbers in the title.
  • 4)Remain something surprising in the title.

Description Tricks
1)At first write the title agaib 2)Make 200
words description. 3)Use keywords in description.
Tags Tricks
  • Use The Tricks-
  • 1)Divide 2/3 part of the title and use it in the
    tag section.
  • 2)Use google planner or other tools for high
    views tags.
  • 3)Copy the most viewed videos tag and use 2/3
    from them.
  • 4) Add one same tag on all videos.
  • 5) use high CPC keyword
  • 6) search words and which are less competitive

Video Thumbnail
I strongly suggest you to make a video thumbnail
and use this.Because many videos in the world are
viewed for the interesting thumbnail.
Important Video SEO Trick
  • Follow the important tricks-
  • 1)Must edit the video name and use title name.
  • 2)Also edit the Video Properties .

How To Get Views Easily
View Tricks- 1)The first and must way to get
view is Upload videos that people want to
watch. 2)Try to work on entertainmental work
. 3) Event vlogging - means songs, match's
highlights , WWE, etc. 4) Upload daily 100min
videos max. It can be 1 video of 100min or
10videos of 10min 5)Use annotation,subtitle in
the video. 6)Share video on social sharing
sites. 7)Google plus,reddit,facebook,twitter is
must for sharing video. 8)Share on releted FB
groups. 9)Embed video on various related
forums. 10)Use question answer site for
view. 11)Use playlist. 12)You can promote your
Blackhat Methods
  • There are also some black hat methods,for getting
    view,increase income etc.
  • But I strongly suggest you not to use blackhat
  • Use blackhat method in your own responsibility.
  • You can use traffic exchange sites for getting
    views.After researching I found that 2 websites
    are mostly use for dailymotion.
  • Websyndic
  • Hitleap
  • There are some people people who sell views .
  • Again I said if dailymotion realize about the
    fake views ,they can ban your account.

Best Payment Methods
  • You can get payment in 3 ways-
  • 1)Bank Transfer-
  • Bank transfer lets you quickly, easily and safely
    receive money directly to your bank account.
  • Details
  • Revenue is transferred directly to your local
    bank account
  • Payment is in your local currency
  • Funds are available within 13 business days
  • Safe, secure, and backed by industry-leading
    security standards
  • Available for individuals and businesses
  • 2)Paypal-
  • PayPal is a secure way to send money online.
    You'll need to set up an account in order to get
    paid via PayPal.
  • Details
  • Accept payments on any device and in any country
  • Receive funds within 2 days
  • Transfer easily to any bank account in a few days
  • Receive a maximum of 5,000 USD per month in
    revenue payments
  • PayPal fees may apply

Best Payment Methods
  • 3)Prepaid debit MasterCard (powered by
  • The prepaid debit MasterCard will be mailed to
    you and credited with your payments from
    Dailymotion. After receiving the card, you will
    be able to use it just like a regular debit card.
  • Details
  • Withdraw funds in your local currency
  • Make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Access to cash within 2 hours of receiving a
  • Latest Chip and PIN technology for enhanced
  • Available for individuals only (not for
  • ATM fees may apply
  • To get 25 free with a free payoneer mastercard
    visit Here

How To Get 25 Free with A Payoneer Mastercard
  • Payoneer MasterCard is a Prepaid Debit Card that
    can be used in most places where MasterCard is
    allowed. You can also withdraw Payoneer money
    from your local bank and any ATM in the world
    that displays the MasterCard. Payoneer Prepaid
    MasterCard allows you to have instant access to
    your cash.

Benefits of the Payoneer Prepaid Card
Before moving further, Id like to tell you some
incredible benefits of having Payoneer
MasterCard. 1)You dont need to have a bank
account to get a free MasterCard. You can
withdraw money via Payoneer from your local
ATM. 2)You can get payments from freelancing
sites like Odesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr,
etc. 3)You can also get payments from US-based
companies like Clickbank, Shareasale, etc. 4)You
can do online shopping, or you can use it in
stores that support MasterCard. 5)You can apply
for a Free Virtual US Bank account from your
Payoneer account.

How to Sign Up for Payoneer MasterCard
  • Applying for Payoneer card is extremely easy. All
    you need to do is, sign up on Payoneer and wait
    for the MasterCard to arrive.
  • At first, you need to create a Payoneer account.
    Now the GOOD news is, you can earn 25 once your
    card is loaded with 100.
  • 1)Follow this link and click on Sign Up Earn
    25 button.

Free 25 With Free Master Card
  • 2)You will be redirected a new tab. Select
    Prepaid Mastercard and click on SIGN UP button.
  • 3) On the next step, you need to enter your Name,
    Email Address and Date of Birth. Make sure you
    provide the name and date of birth in accordance
    with your National ID/Passport/Driving License.
    Click on Next.
  • 4) Now you need to enter your contact address.
    Make sure to enter the correct Address, City and
    Postal Code. Your MasterCard will be sent to your
    provided address.
  • Click on Next.
  • 5) On the next step, you need to specify a
    Password and a Security Question. Take a
    screenshot of the security questions answer or
    write it down on the notepad. Security Question
    will help you to retrieve password if forgotten.
  • Click on Next.
  • 6) Now you will have to verify your account by
    providing Driver License or Passport or National
    Id information. Select a type of Government ID
    and provide information in accordance with that
  • 7) Then check all the terms and click on Order
  • 8) Then you will get Order Card Confirmation
    email. Once Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard has
    been approved, your card will be shipped.
  • It may take 7 to 10 days depending on your
    location to get your card on hand.

How to Activate your Payoneer Card
1)Activating a Payoneer card is very easy. Once
youve received your card in your hand, login to
your Payoneer account using your Username and
Password. Username is usually the Email address
youve used while applying for the card. After
logging to your account, click on Activate
button. 2) Now you need to enter the 16 digit
card number from your newly received card so
that Payoneer can verify that youve received the
card. Then choose 4 digit PIN that you will be
using in ATMs and stores. Dont forget these 4
digit. Click on Activate. 3) On the next page,
it will be confirmed by showing a message Your
request was successfully performed. You will
also receive an Email confirming your activation
success. Now you can start using the card.
  • You can get 25 free get premium Payoneer
  • Debit Card

Some Effective tools for work
  • Chrome extension-
  • dailymotion-publish-it
  • Frameless for Dailymotion
  • OrganizeTube
  • Firefox addon-
  • 1-Click Dailymotion Video Download
  • Download Flash and Video
  • NetVideoHunter
  • http//addoncrop.com/dailymotion_downloader

Dailymotion payment proof
  • Here I am showing you some example of payment
    proof that dailymotion pays for the video.Many
    people earning that much of money.

Remember During Upload
  • You have to remember some things during
  • Duration 60 minute maximum per video
  • 4 videos per hour
  • 2 hours of videos(total)per day
  • File size 2 GB maximum per file
  • Resolution Up to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Formats support all common video formats

How To Make Best Use of DM support
Dailymotion support is helpful.You can mail them
for any kind of account problem. Visit here
w? For contact with dailymotion
support. Email- partner-support_at_dailymotion.com Y
ou can also visit Help Center for any
solution. https//faq.dailymotion.com/hc/en-us
Some Question What I asked To People

1)Why my daily earning support do not
showing? gtSome people facing this problem.If you
also face this problem,contact with DM
support.They can give you the right
reason.Possible reason is your account may be
ban. 2)Why ads do not showing in the
video? gtFor checking this,copy the video
link.Open another browser in computer.Clean the
history and go to your video link.You will show
the ads.But donot misuse of the method. 3)Does
DM become harder day by day as like
youtube? gtYes.After DM get the new owner,they
are becoming hard about copyright day by day.DM
also can ban your account silently. 4)How to
avoid copyrighted issue? gtEdit the copyrighted
video.Try to avoid famous,verified channel video
.There is hard to avoid copyright in this type of
Some Question What People Asked In Online
  • 1)Can I really earn money through Dailymotion?
  • 2) How much money can one earn from Dailymotion
    per month?
  • 3) Dailymotion vs youtube monetization
  • 4) Youtube is the 1st video sharing site,Why I
    use DM?
  • 5) What is the best viewing topic on DM?
  • 6) Unlimited Video Upload is work on dailymotion?
  • 7) What for your own video-copyright content?

Some Wrong Info About DM What People Think
  • Some people think that dailymotion donot pay to
    their publishers.But it is wrong.The real fact is
    that Dailymotion donot pays regularly
    sometimes.But they donot remove your money from
    your account.If they donot pay your previous
    month money,they must give you your revenue in
    your next month.

Bonus ! Bonus ! Bomus!
  • You will get 2 udemy premium courses about
    dailymotion free.I will give you these two
    courses without any cost.Go to the link and get
    the bonus courses.

  • Share This Ebook With
  • Your Friends Your Social Media Accounts.

This Is All About Dailymotion
Thank You For Reading This Ebook.
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