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Company Registration Procedures in Bangalore


The complete registration procedures for your new company registration in Bangalore and know the types of company registration. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Company Registration Procedures in Bangalore

Company registration procedures in Bangalore
Company registration in Bangalore
  • The most popular place for starting your new
    business start up is Bangalore city. There are
    many peoples from different places have started
    their new company in Bangalore. Most of the
    important information technology placed companies
    are located in Bangalore. Every new companies
    have their plan for secured business and safe
    transactions. Bangalore is the second largest
    information technology companies in India. Once a
    company is confirmed their business in Bangalore,
    then the business service will be developed in a
    few months.

Company registration Procedures in Bangalore
  • Today, people may be know about the types of
    business they are going to proceed. But not
    everyone have the knowledge of  the company
    registration procedures.  Based on the business
    requirements and the nature of jobs included the
    legal form for the business can be choose. The
    company registration have certain regulations. As
    you know there are various types of business is
    existing in India to get register in any specific
    legal form as per the guidelines.
  • If you dont have a knowledge about your new
    company registration process. It is advisable by
    approaching a Company registration consultants in
    Bangalore. They will give you a guidance of your
    registration procedures. Some people many not
    have the plans to execute their business deeds in
    the right way. So those people will get help for
    the business services from consultants like
    Solubilis in Bangalore. We are the leading
    company registration consultancy focusing to the
    market of business registration only in the city
    for our precious investor in Bangalore. Mostly
    the private limited companies are suggested and
    preferred for many business people in India.

Company Registration Types in Bangalore
  • Before starting a business it is very crucial for
    the business person to set up a blueprint of his
    business. It contains a business plan which act
    as a way for planning. Starting a company in
    Bangalore requires one to decide a form of
    business entity. In India one can select from
    five different kinds of legal entities to manage
  • This involves Limited Liability partnership
    (LLP), One Person Company, Private Limited
    Company, Public Limited Company,  Partnership
    Firm and Sole Proprietorship. The most important
    documents is to be submitted in Memorandum of
    Association (MOA) and Articles of Association
    (AOA) for incorporation of a company. In
    Bangalore, the company registration is to be done
    within 10 to 15 working days in Bangalore.

Incorporating a Company
  • The incorporation of a company is the approval 
    of the name by the (ROC) Registrar of Companies
    in Bangalore.
  • The approval is produced subject to certain
  • An existing company has the same name, In the
    case of a private limited company, the last words
    of the name is to be Private Limited.
  • In the case of a Public limited company, the last
    words of the name is to be Limited.
  • The application should noticed at least four
    eligible names of the proposed company.

Incorporating a Company
  • The Registrar of Companies (ROC) normally
    announces the applicant within 7 days from the
    date of the application.
  • Whether the name is available or not.
  • Once the name is approved by the registrar, it
    has a period of six months validity.
  • The documents should be filed within the period
    of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles
    of Association(AOA) together.
  • If the documents should not file within a period
    of six months, then paying an additional fee for
    their name is to be renewal. Once the company
    name is approval, it takes two to three weeks to
    incorporate a company. In Bangalore it takes 10
    to 15 days.

Stamps and fees on registration
  • Cost of registration
  • Stamps and fees are payable by a company seeking
    new registration.
  • Stamps
  • Stamps are to be affixed on articles, memorandum
    and on the declaration to be filed in Form No.1
    of the Companies (central government) general
    rules and forms.
  • Fees
  • Fees are payable on the new company registration
    and also for filing the  Articles of
    Association(AOA) and Memorandum of Association
    (MOA) in the case of a company having share

Private Limited Company Registration Details
Private Limited Company Registration
  • Private Limited Company is one of the important
    business entity in India. A company is that the
    financial liability of shareholders is limited to
    their shares. This Company shares are owned by
    Directors and Promoters. Private Limited
    Companies minimum number of shareholders should
    be 2 only and maximum 50. It is compulsory to
    register your company in India. If anyone to know
    how to register a private limited company. We can
    guide you to the complete registration process.

Digital Signature of Directors
  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is an
    electronic format of physical or paper
    certificates. Few Examples of physical
    certificates are drivers licenses, passports. It
    can be presented electronically to prove ones
    identification, to make services or information
    on the Internet or to sign certain documents
    digitally. For company registration, DSC is
    required to incorporate your company.

Director Identification Number
  • Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique
    identification number given to an existing or
    potential director of any company which is
    incorporated. The main purpose of DIN was to keep
    the data base of the Directors of incorporated
    companies and completed information about the
    directors so they not able to cheat anyone.
  • Name Availability Check Application for Name
    Reservation/ Approval.
  • Minimum Requirements 2 share Holders and 2
    Directors (share Holders and directors can be
    same Person).
  • One of the directors shall be resident in India.

Basic Documents are needed for Director and
  • Proof of identity
  • Passport
  • Election (voter identity) card
  • Aadhar  Card
  • Driving license
  • Proof of residence
  • Proofs Like as Electricity bill, Landline bill or
    Mobile Bill and should be in the name of
  •  Additional information Requirements
  • Rent Agreement
  • Place of Registered office of the Company EB
    Bill, Gas Bill, House Tax Receipt
  • NOC from the land owner for proof of Registered
    office of the Company

 Name Availability
  • Company Registration in Bangalore starts with
    filing of an application for the name of the
    company.  The chosen for your company name should
    be unique. Normally, the concerned ROC approves
    the company name within 2 days. If the applied
    name of your company is not same or similar to
    any other existing company name, the proposed
    name is in accordance with the regulations for
    availability of name is provided by the Ministry
    of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

  • On obtaining the company name from ROC, the
    following documents are required to be drafted in
    line with the needs of companies act under the
    rules 2013.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • The MOA and AOA is finalizing your registration
    process, the necessary stamp duty requires to be
    paid the same. It should be signed/subscribed by
    the promoters in his own hand and signature. The
    promoter is writing his name, fathers name,
    residential occupation and address with his own
    handwriting. A registered company can approve
    these documents through a treater is certified by
    specific power of attorney by the company.

 Filing and Registration
  • After completion of MOA and AOA, the following
    forms are filed in the MCA website
  • Form 1 (Declaration)
  • Form 32 (Director Details )
  • Form 18 (Registered Office of the company
  • The ROC office will audit the company
    incorporation documents. If the documents are
    found in laws, the Company will be registered and
    the registrar will issue the Certificate of
  • Private Company can start their business
    immediately after receiving the Certificate of
    Incorporation. As a leading business consultant
    in Bangalore, we help our customers to meet their
    required services with immediately.

Private limited company and LLP company
Private limited company and LLP
  • The private limited company and (LLP) Limited
    Liability Partnership  both company registration
    process for a business provided entire saving for
    the helps. The company registration is based up
    on the Companys act 2013 to every business
    entities. There are certain procedure for
    incorporating every company registration process
    in Bangalore.
  • The nature of business and the persons related in
    it subjects for the decision of top legal form to
    register. There are some legal forms in India can
    be suit to register for the companies. The most
    important business entity is Private limited
    company and (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership
    company. Here we are known about the basic
    differences in LLP company and Private limited
    company registration in some factors. There are
    certain legal forms as follows for both private
    limited company registration and LLP company

Company Registration Process
  • The private limited company registration and LLP
    company registration has processed under the
    Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But, the both
    companys act has may be varied. There are
    certain rules for incorporating every companys
    in India. When you are compared to other states
    in India, the private limited company
    registration mostly done in Bangalore cities.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has two
    forms of business associations namely the
    company   and the partnership firm .  Every
    limited liability partnership have at least two
    directors. The LLP company registration is
    processed with the ministry of corporate affairs
    (MCA) under the LLP act 2008.
  • Any individual or body corporate is a partner in
    LLP under the act 2008. Any person who becomes a
    partner in LLP in accordance with the LLP
    agreement. An LLP is body corporate incorporated
    and formed under the LLP act 2008. It is a legal
    entity apart from that of its partners. Upon
    registration, an LLP shall become a separate
    legal entity.
  • Every LLP have two designated partners and It is
    mandatory one of them is a resident in India.
    Every partner in the LLP may take part in the
    company managements. The LLP use the word
    Limited Liability Partnership or LLP as the
    last of the company name. A LLP registered under
    the LLP act 2008.

Private Limited Company
  • A private company can have a maximum of 200
    members, up from 50 in the companies act 1956.
    The private limited company registration contains
    two or more persons to be formed a private
    company under the act 2013. The name Private
    Limited is included with your company name at
    the last word. The registration of a company is
    processed with the ministry of corporate affairs
    (MCA) under the act 2013.
  • If a company limited by shares, that members
    liability is  limited with outstanding amount ,
    if any on the shares held by them. In the case of
    a company limited by guarantee, the amount is
    contributed with each members of the company. The
    private limited company has a separate entity and
    it is being registered under the companies Act
    2013. On the registration of the memorandum of a
    company, the registrar issued a certificate that
    the company is incorporated.