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Childhood Obesity A Major Problem Nowadays


Childhood obesity is complicated problem without a single cause. To prevent childhood obesity and create healthy eating habits, start simple by encouraging the whole family to get involved. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Childhood Obesity A Major Problem Nowadays

Childhood Obesity A Major Problem Nowadays
Prevent it With Healthy Habits
Healthy Breakfast Is Must in the Morning Meal
  • Breakfast breaks the overnight fast (hence the
    name), provides necessary carbohydrate to
    maintain blood sugar levels, primes muscles for
    the day's work and sends essential nutrients to
    all cells of the body for growth.
  • Research shows that breakfast eaters have higher
    school attendance, less tardiness and fewer
    hunger-induced stomachaches in the morning.

Stick To Home
  • Another way to maintain healthy weight for kids
    is to limit eating out.
  • Twenty years ago, for example, an order of french
    fries was about 2 ounces and contained 210
    calories, but today's average order of fries is
    almost 7 ounces with 610 calories.
  • One study found that all adolescents eat too many
    calories at quick service restaurants, but
    overweight adolescents are especially susceptible
    to overeating when eating out.

Schedule Regular Wellness Exams for Your Child.
  • Doctors recommend that kids have a regular
    medical checkup once in every six months in order
    to prevent health problems.
  •  By detecting complications early, your doctor
    can quickly treat them before they become

Encourage Kids to Be Kids and Let Them Play
  • Todays youth is way too sedentary, with the
    technological era making it much too easy to just
    sit around and be occupied.
  • Try to encourage kids to put down their indoor
    electronics and go for a walk, ride their bike,
    hit the playground, play recreational sports, and
    engage in all types of physical activities -
    especially with other friends.
  • Teach them some of the old-time favorite games
    such as running bases, capture the flag, tag,
    jump rope, etc.

Bottom Line
  • The vast majority of overweight kids ultimately
    become overweight or obese adults. We can make
    an effort to help control this current epidemic
    using some of the ideas recommended above.
  • Sign up for free to access more than 200 monthly
    resources to be healthy.

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