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Setting Up A Company in Sri Lanka


The idea of extended office is simply that you expand your business – not in your own country, but to our first class facilities in Sri Lanka. What do you need? You can choose from development of projects, your own office or even your own company? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Setting Up A Company in Sri Lanka

Company Profile
Envoy Facility Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.
About Us
  • Envoy Facility Management Services (Pvt) Ltd. is
    an innovative provider of complete and integrated
    offshore solutions to global enterprises.
  • Our clients receive a broad range of services
    from business registration and set-up,
    off-shoring of Finance and Human Resources, to
    provisions of a virtual office and all in
  • Our diversity can be tailored to meet your
    specific organizational needs.
  • Envoy Facility Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.
    commits to delivering high-value services
    providing clients with low cost, high quality
  • We provide a stable platform and are your pillars
    to help you achieve your highest potential and
    then some.

Why Sri Lanka
Investment friendly government policies
Educated workforce with multilingual skills
Well developed infrastructure and well equipped
sea and airports
High standards of Living
Growing capital market
Vibrant business environment with a stable economy
Why Envoy?
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • We will not rest on our accomplishments, but
    build on them in our personal and professional
    journey to be the best we can be. We will expect
    more of ourselves than our clients and deliver
    what we promise at all times.
  • Ownership
  • We will take ownership of our clients needs and
    be accountable for delivering friendly and
    professional service at all times.
  • Versatility
  • We will adjust our organization to meet our
    clients needs by keeping up with the latest
    technological changes and continuing to renew and
    upgrade our organizational development, services,
    tools and technology.
  • Yes We Can Attitude
  • We will constantly search for improvements, apply
    a positive attitude to change, encourage new
    ideas and the freedom to act.
  • Experience
  • Pioneering the field of Outsourcing and Facility
    Management, ENVOY and its team comprise vast
    experience in handling many foreign clients with
    elite brands.

Road Map
How we do it?
Business Registration
Infrastructure design and deployment of required
Recruit professionals and deploy in -house staff
Test Run on offshore division with THE CLIENTS
Perform rectifications, if any
Commence commercial operation
Feasibility Study
  • Rather than just diving into a project and hoping
    for the best, a feasibility study allows us,
    Envoy Facility Management to investigate the
    possible positive and negative outcomes of a
    project before investing too much time and money.
  • Our Team of Research and Development
    professionals analyze the probability of
    venturing into a collaboration successfully,
    taking into account legal, economic,
    technological, scheduling and other factors.
  • On arrival of reports that portrays a profitable
    and a highly potential project, our Team pulls
    down the green flag to commence the process of
    the business venture.

Business Startup Services
  • Extended Office Setup in Sri Lanka
  • Our professionals will ensure our overseas
    partners will be benefited as equal to that
    applicable for domestic companies when setting up
    operations in Sri Lanka.
  • Our support services include
  • Office Setup Facility Management
  • We provide a broad range of services such as
    looking out for office space on behalf of the
    client as per the requirements specified, office
    facility set up, partitioning, networking,
    furnishing etc.
  • Office Facility Set up can be done in two methods
    as below.
  • Set up office space which includes work stations,
    incubator concepts, development area, pantry and
    etc. and the cost will be based on square ft
    area occupied for the clients office
  • Set up per desk space and the cost will be based
    on per head of employees.

Current Infrastructure
  • The World Trade Center The Carsons

Colombos Best Business Address - A premiere
office in a prime location.
State of the Art One Stop Shop convenient for
employees convenient shopping and banking
A High Self Esteem of employees, educated
workforce with excellent academic background.
Hub of Colombo In proximity to all world class
and five star hotels and dining locations.
Managed Facilities
Managed Services
  • HR Payroll
  • Qualified HR executives who are expertise and who
    handle personnel administration, payroll,
    attendance, help desk, support and outsourcing.
  • Marketing
  • A team of professionals who provide an array of
    marketing solutions that cover a wide spectrum
    that ensures you a increase in sales.
  • Degree holders and CIM qualified team members.
  • Legal
  • Commercial contracts, standard terms and
    conditions of sale and purchase.
  • Attending to and resolving of Statutory /
    Regulatory issues.
  • Assistance in preparing standard forms and
  • Operations Administration
  • Office upkeep and staff welfare service
  • Handling of import / export consignments, all
    related commercial and legal issues.
  • Visa handling, airline ticketing, hotel and
    transportation reservation services.

Managed Services
  • Recruitment
  • Degree holders in the HRM sector who have
    competent in executive search and talent
  • We also perform recruitment campaigns to keep
    our records updated
  • Setup Manage of Call Centers
  • ENVOY has the dedicated team who are specialized
    in Call Center operations have gained ample
    experience exposure to both local
    international clients in setting up their call
    centres completely administrated it managed by
  • Events
  • An event management team specializing in
    excellent organizing skills. Your event would
    turn out to be the one you more than expected.
  • Preparations from venue to catering till the
    thanks giving will be setup entirely by our team

Finance Accounting
Core Accounting Services
Ancillary Accounting Services
Facilitation in preparation of
Accounts financial statements monthly,
biannually annually or on request
Facilitation in preparation of consolidated
accounts for reporting purposes
Specific financial statement reporting required
by overseas parent / subsidies
Conversion of accounting statements to required
standards compliance requirements
Accounts for tax purposes tax schedules for tax
Facilitation in accounting System implementation
Cash book the General Ledger (Single or multi
currency) maintenance update
Conversion of accounting reports from reporting
currency to other currencies
Bank, debtors, creditors, inventory, credit cards
other accounts reconciliations
Preparation of fixed asset registers, update
Periodic cash flow statements management
Support the clients Financial Statement Close
Advantages of outsourcing of accounts to
in-sourcing of accounts
If Your accounts department outsourced to ENVOY
Your In-house Accounts Department
The required finance compliance following
regulations require significant time of the
management / executives
Relieving the management of the burden of
accounting reporting by handling it over to the
professionals with exposure experience
Considerable reduction of in-house accounts
services, related staff cost in terms of wages /
salaries, benefits, office space statutory
Companies incur various long term fixed short
term variable costs, such as staff statutory
dues, benefits, IT infrastructure, office space,
vehicle allowances
Loss of focus or interruptions of the finance
process due to staff turnover
Continuous focus, continuous responsibility
continuous services without any interruptions
Missed deadlines, increased penalties
surcharges mainly due to lack of focus
Achieving deadlines will be a routine process
once the companys finance process is streamlined
Consultation guidance on latest updates in
finance industry regulations, trends, norms
technologies from our experienced professionals,
free of charge
Incur additional consultation fees for knowledge
acquisition update
An output of high quality provided by a pool of
talented skilled financial labor force
Difficulty of acquiring skilled labor as required
for accounting finance
Confidentiality not assured at all times
Client confidentiality assured due to ENVOYs
work ethics when on duty
Cost cutting will leading to inefficiencies
Outsourcing of accounts will definitely ensure
saving on current accounting function cost at
the same time enhancing the clients value chain
Finance compliance regulations requires
significant time management / executives
By handing the process of accounting reporting
professionals with exposure experience, making
management more profitable
Recruitment of Specialized Personnel
ENVOY receives JD and eligibility criteria from
client and engages in marketing campaign to reach
better brains Engineers, Architects, CAD
Draughtsman and Technical Staff
Receives resumes from various sources
ENVOYS HR Team scans and sorts resumes
Upon receipt of employment confirmation from
client, ENVOY s HR Team will initiate paper work
Final list of candidates are passed onto the HR
Team of client to assess their knowledge through
an electronic interview
The shortlisted candidates are assigned to
ENVOYS panel of recruiters for the first phase
of interview
Recruitment of Specialized Personnel
UK Team
Europe Middle East Clients
Lead Generation Team Telemarketing Social Media
Sourcing Team Screening Facilitating Interview
Business Development Team
Sri Lanka Team
Human Resources Payroll
HR Team of client will share all HR Policies
with the HR Team of ENVOY
All the rules, regulations and mandates will be
exchanged to mutually agree on the employee laws
that will suitably fit and be of convenience to
all the employees
Contract will be prepared by ENVOY HR Team and
sent to clients HR Team for authorized
signatory. All salary payments and other related
matters such as absenteeism, HR paperwork will be
handled by ENVOYs HR Team
Procurement Handling
Identification of Product Needs done by Client
Product Specifications given by Client
Purchase Orders sent to ENVOY by Client
Options of Sources/ Vendors will be sorted by
Pricing and Terms will be done by ENVOY and
finalized by Client
Delivery Mode decided by Client
Clearance and Logistics done by ENVOY
Delivery to Site done by ENVOY
Invoicing Payments by ENVOY and Client
Innovative Technology
Software Development
Website Development
Customer Relationship Management
ERP Solutions
Extended Services
Structured Guidance for Investors
Investors will be escorted to call our Hotline,
24 x 7 on the website or an authorized personnel
Call Directs to our ENVOY Help Desk
Provide Information on necessary approval
procedures, minimum investment required, tax
incentives, respective line agencies and
allocates a representative to escort them,
throughout the entire process
Dedicated representative who will be entitled to
get all procedures in place and keep the
investors updated on all information obtained and
Extended Services
FDI Project Assistance
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Commence Commercial Operations
Marketing Solutions
Potential Benefits
  • Cost Effective
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Lower Labor Costs
  • You can save up to 60 if you offshore to Sri
  • Time Saving
  • We co-ordinate all tasks from registration to
    opening, ensuring you have more time to focus
    onyour core business objectives.
  • Increasing Productivity and Efficiency
  • Envoy Facility Management Services provides
    expertise and experience which will
    helpstreamline your business processes and
    contribute to the bottom-line.
  • Expert Resourcing and Staffing
  • We will provide access to skilled resources at a
    much lower cost.
  • They are carefully chosen trained to reflect
    your brand values. This will be supported by
    performance management processes.

Our Success Stories
Joe Collins, CEO CAMMS Group, Australia
Darren Mason, CEO
My Workplace Australia Since the establishment of
Envoy Facility Management Services, our ability
to provide fast turnaround to meet our client
demands has improved significantly. This has been
an extremely positive initiative that is enabling
our strategic international growth objectives.
The fact that the resources are fully managed
from an administration perspective, whilst
allowing us to maintain full operational control
over our resources , eliminates the management
headaches in this area. This gives us the best of
both worlds. There is no possibility that we
could have established a similar feeling in
Australia and we are committed to along the
relationship with Envoy Facility Management
Services based on this mutual benefit.
CAMMS Group has a close working relationship with
Envoy Facility Management Services and Envoy
Holdings as a whole. They have been instrumental
during the establishment of our subsidiary in Sri
Lanka. Their support in he recruitment process
and achieving a range of logistical requirements
was critical to establishing our Global Service
Delivery Centre in a very short time frame. This
in turn has enabled us to cater for our continued
growth, whilst improving customer support. I have
found the company t be of high ethical standards
and always responsive to our needs. The company
continues to provide a range of accounting and
support needs and we look forward to a long term
business relationship with them.
Chad Gates, Development Manager Pronto Software
It has been amazing how much we have achieved in
such a short time. I feel incredibly fortunate to
have been a part of this wonderful journey, one
that will see us working closely together for
years to come. Sri Lanka feels like a second
home. Thank you so much for your generous support
and genuine care for our people and success Brian
Amit , Director Peerless IT Australia We have
been very pleased with he work and level of
commitment that Envoy Facility Management
Services along with the Envoy Holdings has
showing us throughout . I have come across
nothing that matches the very high standards set
by the team.
Our Expertise
Contact Us
  • Envoy Facility Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Level 14, East Tower, World Trade Center,
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Phone 94 11 2 390 590
  • Fax 94 11 2 338 235
  • web
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