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Liver Transplant In China Hospitals


We are associated with hospitals and a team of specialized doctors who have Completed 1500 living donor liver transplant including 130 pediatric transplants The Success rate of the Liver transplant has been 95% for the patients associated with Us. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Liver Transplant In China Hospitals

Medanta - The Medicity Dedicated to Life Medanta
is one of India's largest multi-super specialty
institutes located in Gurgaon, a bustling town in
the National Capital Region. Founded by eminent
cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan, the
institution has been envisioned with the aim of
bringing to India the highest standards of
medical care along with clinical research,
education and training. Medanta is governed under
the guiding principles of providing medical
services to patients with care, compassion,
commitment. Spread across 43 acres, the
institute includes a research center, medical and
nursing school.Reliable Patient care is best
Liver transplantation surgery hospital in India.
We are provided the Best services on Liver
Transplantation .Our surgeons teams have
tremendous experiences in liver transplant. We
offer liver transplantation in very effective
costs. Our hospitals location in all over world.
Our team doing very carefully treatment of liver
diseases in Liver Transplantation India. Dr. A.
S. Soin is senior surgeon of Liver
Transplantation in India and performed more than
1500 liver transplants in India. Liver
Transplant Services We are associated with one of
the best liver transplantation centre in india.We
do provide liver transplantation services in
india at affordable cost. Qualified Doctors Our
Team includes best Liver Transplantation Surgeon
Dr. A.S. Soin.With more then 15 years of
Expertise in Liver Transplantation he is one of
best Liver Transplantation Surgeon in india.
  • 24 Hours Service
  • Get 247 Round the Clock service from best
    qualified Doctors.Our motto is to give best
    health care services to patients and give a
    better and healthier life.
  • Liver Transplantation Cost In India
  • Reliable paitent care provides best liver
    transplantation services in the is a
    best liver transplants center who provides liver
    transplant services in china hospital.
  • Reliable Patient Care (RPC)
  • Reliable patient care is one of the most trusted
    reliable care service providers in India.
    Reliable patient care offers complete wellness
    journey for patient from all over world. We have
    al alliances with state of the art hospitals
    world class medical practitioners Across India
    with special focus in the northern region. Since
    2011 we have been associated with patient care
    providing medical tourism Services. With an
    efficient team of qualified experienced medical
    staff surgeons Nursing Staff, our partner
    hospitals stay beside you, throughout you your
    journey to Recovery.liver transplantation
    services in india at affordable cost and with
    best services as compared to liver
    transplantation in china hospitals.We are
    associated with one of the best liver transplant
    centers in the world.
  • WHY RPC FOR Liver Transplantation
  • Reliable Patient care is best Liver
    transplantation surgery hospital in India. We are
    provided Best Services in Liver Transplantation,
    Liver Transplant In the World .Reliable patient
    care offers complete wellness journey for patient
    from all over world. We also offers Liver
    transplantation in china hospitals.Since our
    establishment in 2011 we have provided valued
    services to more than thousand of patient for
    various medical treatment including liver
    transplant, orthopedic treatment cardiac
    related treatments. We are specialized in liver
    transplant with dedicated Medical staff.Reliable
    paitent care provides best liver transplantation
    services in the world.It has collaboration
    with best liver transplants centers in
    india.We provide better and afffordable liver
    transplant services compared to liver
    transplantation in china hospitals.
  • Lesser waiting time in taking appointments with
  • Lodging facilities
  • lower expenditure on treatments
  • Special care facilities for patients
  • well trained professional staff
  • Pick drop facilities

What is end stage liver disease (ESID) or
Some diseases destroy healthy liver cells or
replace them with scarred (fibrous) Tissues
causing loss of liver function. When a large part
of the liver is scarred it is called cirrhosis.
Cirrhotic liver loses its capacity to re grew or
regenerate causing loss of liver function this
is often progressive and irreversible.
Cirrhosis cannot be treated or reversed with any
Liver has the capacity to regenerate .event if
70 of liver damaged, the remaining liver can
provide adequate organ function.However, damage
beyond this causes loss of liver function or
organ failure,called End Stage Liver
Although cirrhosis cannot be reversed,if
diagnosed at an early stage,treating its cause
such as viral or autoimmune hepatitis or
abstinence from alcohol can halt its progression.
Liver transplantation is universally the standard
of care for treatment of end stage chronic liver
disease or cirrhosis and is a life saving
operation for patients with acute liver failure.
Donated liver can from a living donor or a
deceased (brain dead, cadaveric) donor. This
article to make patients familiar with benefits
and risks of liver transplantation
  • What are the signs and symptoms of liver disease?
  • Patients with cirrhosis feel normal until ESLD
    sets in, when following signs and symptoms may
  • Yellowness of skin and white portion of the eyes
    or passing dark yellow urine(jaundice)
  • Swollen abdomen- fluid build up in
  • Excessive sleepiness,inability to sleep, becoming
    forgetful,drowsy or confused(encephalopathy),due
    to build up ammonia and toxins
  • Throwing up blood(blood vomiting) ,passing tarry
    black stools or fresh red bleeding in stool due
  • bleeding in intestines
  • passing light or clay colored stools
  • Easy or texcessive bruising or bleeding even from
    simple wounds
  • Constant severe itching (pruritus) all over the
  • Feeling tried or weak
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Loss muscle mass
  • Swelling (edema) of hands and feet.

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