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eresource NFRA Project Management


This project management module of NFRA allows you to keep a record of all the activities being undertaken in the project along with the cost and time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: eresource NFRA Project Management

eresource NFRA Project Management
Project Management is the art of creating the
illusion that any outcome is the result of a
series of predetermined, deliberate acts when, in
fact, it was dumb luck. Harold Kerzner
Project Management
Project Management
  • The statement in the previous slide was given by
    the father of project management.
  • According to a survey 80 percent of the projects
    fail worldwide in terms of meeting the allotted
    budget and time.

  • A successful project (on the basis of project
    management and not revenue generation) is still a
    dream of majority of companies and this dream can
    be made into reality with the help of NFRA.
  • Project planning is a essential and demanding
    activity in the management and execution of
    construction projects. Project Planning
    Scheduling and Management is in-build tool in
    eresource nfra. Before the Project planning is
    generated, eresource allows you to create your
    project calendar by inputting complete
    information of client and their requirement. You
    can also set the start and end date.
  • This project management module of NFRA allows you
    to keep a record of all the activities being
    undertaken in the project along with the cost and

  • This page provides user with the overview of all
    the portals that can be handled by project
    management module of NFRA.
  • The 3 main sub sections of this module are
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • PMC Report

Project creation
  • This section of module provides with the general
    details of the project.
  • Project name, expected start and end date with
    details of site in charge and warehouse location
  • Name and address of the client is also entered to
    keep him updated of any situation or newsletter.
  • Attachment tab allows one to upload any relevant
    information which one might need to refer during

Project calendar
Calendar keeps the record of start and end date
(actual) of the project and activities, along
with time and working hours of the week. Project
Calendar While Project automatically provides
you with default calendar settings (Monday
through Friday, 8AM to 5PM), those defaults might
not be the right fit for your projects.
Therefore, it is vital for Project Calendar to
enter things like holidays, typical working hours
of the project, or other organization-wide
calendar items. When you enter a holiday or a
change to working times in a base calendar, those
changes are automatically reflected in all other
calendars that use that base calendar to create
Project calendar.. Exception handling can also
be easily through this so that the delays can be
managed properly. It allows one to keep a list
of holidays so that one can manage accordingly.
Project calendar
Plan creation
  • Creating a plan comes handy with NFRA, one can
    import the activities from an existing plan or
    from an excel sheet. Project Planning It is
    universal law in the Project business that the
    critical factors for project success is having a
    well-developed project plan. Project Plan allows
    you to select Project Calendar and create Work
    Break-down activity of the project, define
    Predecessors, start date, end-date of the
    activity. You can also add Resources and
    associated information, like BOQ Items, staffing
    requirements, machineries/equipment/tools.
  • Once the task are there planned, projected and
    actual date for dates can be entered. Nfra also
    provides the checklist of materials against the
    task being undertaken.

Plan Creation
Onsite activity - Project progress
eresource is tightly integrated with the SITE
ACTIVITIES. The site engineers can update the
progress of the Project against each Work Break
down activity. Eresource NFRA gives the project
Team complete visibility of the Project status at
the real time.
Project configuration
This portal of the module helps user to easily
keep a check on his Funds, along with Bills, MRV
and Indent. In fund control one can define his
CAPEX and a reserved amount against the CAPEX, so
whenever the reserved amount is reached user will
get the alerts and he\she can also configure the
alerts in 4 different ways.
Project configuration(contd.)
User can also view all of his bills through this
portal and can decide on basis of which area he
wants the bill like om the basis of BOQ, Design,
Resources, etc. The bills one wish to view can
be on the basis of supply installation charges
in one, or
Material take off
Material take off (MTO) is a term used in
engineering and construction, and refers to a
list of materials with quantities and types (such
as specific grades of steel) that are required to
build a designed structure or item. It allows
one to keep record of the new material required
one, the replaced one and even the removed one so
that there is no data loss for material.
Material take off (contd.)
If any activity of the project is divided into
different Work Areas, one can add those areas
from here and then the MTO is can be defined for
the concerned WA. BOQ description, name,
quantity, item name with provision of adding,
deleting or replacing any material is also
provided. User can also view the history of MTO
for the concerned WA.
Variation to contract
In between the execution of project, there can be
a change in scope from the user end or due to the
need of situation. So to manage these changes,
variation to contract comes handy for the user.
One can import an BOQ and make changes or can
do them manually too.
Variation to contract(approval)
After the necessary changes are made, it is sent
to the customer for approval with the changes in
no. of quantities required with the prices for
the same. Apart from adding attachments required
for the changes, one can also select different
currencies(in case of suppliers from different
region) with conversion rates, to save any
monetary losses.
Work in progress report
The work in progress report provides all the
information about any project, with regard to its
value. Value of project, expected budget of
project, gross profit, expenses, WIP and many
Project dashboard
This dashboard provides user with the overall
health of any project. On selection of any
project, the user can check wether the project is
on schedule, within budget, WIP or all the
resources are available or not. It provides one
with the percent completion of the project and
actual start and end dates.
Reports produced
  • Order vs Dispatch
  • Material Balanced Sheet
  • Project Health Card Report
  • Project Analysis Report
  • WIP Report
  • Project Dashboard
  • Many More

There are many project management techniques like
Prince2, PMI, Agile and many more which are
followed by the project managers. But taking the
best points of each management technique and
easing out the work for the owner in managing the
project along with the help of project manager,
NFRA by eresource is the solution. Without taking
classes of project management, NFRA allows you to
be a professional, efficient and effective
project manager. http// htt