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Best Famous Lawyers and Advocates in Hyderabad


If you are searching for famous lawyers in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh you can contact Mr. Sai Krishna Azad. He is a highly talented and experienced lawyer and practicing past three decades at high court in Hyderabad. For more details visit this site: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Famous Lawyers and Advocates in Hyderabad

  • Advocate
  • Sai Krishna Azad
  • 91 994 809 0355

  • Mr. SAI KRISHNA AZAD is a famous lawyer from
    Hyderabad. He has fought and won many cases in
    many areas such human rights, criminal, divorce
    many more.  He is not only performing in High
    court, but also in some other courts in India. He
    is handling the qualified professional teams and
    he is working with legal practitioners all over

Our Services
  • Name Change
  • Family Cases
  • Criminal Law Cases
  • Property Law
  • Adoption Name Change
  • Notary and Deeds
  • Promissory Note Law
  • Violation Of Human Rights

Name Change
  • Nowadays, most of the people change their name
    for some reasons. The name change process
    includes lots of paper work, court work and
    restrictions. Whether you can hire our service we
    handle everything about your case. We are change
    your name within few day in the legally form. The
    important thing you have to do after hire our
    service that will be the co-operation.

Family Cases
  • The family counseling is one of the types of the
    counseling which can be works under the Family
    Law Act. This will help to manage and offer
    better result to the family. Most of the family
    counseling cases are created for the
    misunderstanding and ego in the relationship, ego
    problem, child custody, issues in the marriage
    and some of the other types of the problems.

Criminal Law Cases
  • Indian penal code is a major criminal code of
    India which is a comprehensive code planned to
    cover all the substantive benefits of criminal
    law. We have to regarded as damaging to citizens
    or society as a whole is also marked as crime as
    well as we made punishable. We have many several
    types as well as its vast but most of cases are
    handled with all the section in IPC. We are
    treats rape as a criminal offence.

Property Law
  • There are numerous people involved in the
    acquisition of a new home, the consumer, the
    vendor, the mortgage lender, the inspector and
    the real property agent. However, one of the
    integral offerings you also want to get whilst
    shopping for or purchasing a house in Hyderabad
    is the services supplied by way of a actual
    estate attorney. It is not always remarkable for
    Hyderabad dwellers to experience problems while
    purchasing or promoting a residence.

Divorce Law
  • We are vast experience in this field to divorce
    cases to provide the better solution for the
    people who are suffered such problem in the life.
    Our divorce lawyer is ready to work on major
    problem to provide better solution for the
    customer. The cost of divorce instances are
    numerous and they'll depend upon some of
    different factors that could encompass among
    others whether or not your divorce is contested. 

Adoption Name
  • Adoption is a legal process which assigns the
    permanent rights to the adoptive parents. It
    means caring for and also providing guidance to
    the child through their growing years. Adoption
    is a process which involves making a permanent
    adoption name change in the status of child
    either in terms of legal or religious. Some
    societies have enacted specific laws governing
    adoption, where others have tried to do adopt
    through contracts.

Notary and Deeds
  • A notary is a lawyer or person with the legal
    training and those who was licensed by the
    government to perform in legal affairs. It is a
    form that the notaries profession takes varies
    with different legal systems. Most common law
    systems are having a notary public. A public
    official those who notarizes legal documents as
    well as who can use those tasks. It is also known
    as a signing agent or loan signing agent.

Promissory Note Law
  • A promissory note is a legal instrument (more
    particularly, a financial instrument), in which
    one party (the maker or issuer) promises in
    writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the
    other (the payee), either at a fixed or
    determinable future time or on demand of the
    payee, under specific terms. If the promissory
    note is unconditional and readily salable, it is
    called a negotiable instrument.

Violation Of Human Rights
  • Human rights in India are an issue complicated by
    Countrys large size, numerous diversity, status
    as a developing country and a sovereign, secular
    and democratic public. We want to discuss
    violation of human rights. The constitution of
    India provides for fundamental rights which
    include freedom of religion. Clauses also provide
    freedom of speech as well as separation of
    executives and judiciary and freedom of movement
    within the Country and abroad.

Lawyer Registration
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  • A professional firm for law has been handled by
    Mr. Sai Krishna Azad. He is a legal case handler
    and has been practicing for 30 years at the high
    court of Hyderabad. He is not only performing in
    High court, but also in some other courts in
    India. He is handling the qualified professional
    teams and he is working with legal practitioners
    all over India. He has been communicating with
    the higher level lawyers at the Supreme Court in
    various complicated cases. He shared his
    experiences in various media programs like Nyaaya
  • His teamed service was several times encouraged
    for his successful arguments in various
    complicated cases. You can find many lawyers in
    Hyderabad, but you cannot see the achievements as
    done by Mr Sai Krishna Azad. He is not only
    restricted for any particular case. He is
    responsible to handle any kinds of cases such
    as human rights, divorce, criminal and etc. He
    has record of winning in various cases. If you
    want to win in your case, then you should
    initially approach him.Whatever may be the issue
    as mentioned previous, you can contact him. He
    has fought and won against various higher level
    lawyers in many cases.

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