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Research paper topics


As you see from the title of this presentation, there are topics for your Research paper and also hints from our experts on how to write your paper perfectly. More information is in this article – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Research paper topics

Research Paper Topics
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Types of Papers and Their Peculiarities
Writing assignments will get you even if you are
a student of a mathematical faculty. No matter
what course you attend, writing assignments are
obligatory due to its importance. So, why is it
crucial? Your writing is an indicator of the
erudition level and grammatical correctness.
Moreover, writing tasks develop critical
thinking and writing skills itself (be sure, you
will need it). There are different paper
classifications and due to the one of them we can
distinguish the following essay types
  • Process
  • Definitive
  • Argument
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Compare and contrast
  • Cause and effect
  • Critical

Types of Papers and Their Peculiarities
  • A process essay is a work that provides a reader
    with a step-by-step instruction of how to do
    something. Also, it can bear purely informative
  • The definitive paper deals with concrete and
    abstract terms giving a detailed explanation of
  • Argument or persuasive essay carries convincing
    arguments that feed correctness of your point of
    view. They are often accompanied by strong
    examples that become an evidence of your profound

Types of Papers and Their Peculiarities
  • The narrative paper is to tell a story where you
    are a direct or indirect participant.
  • The descriptive paper provides the object with
    the detailed characterization that let the reader
    be the part of the text.
  • Compare and contrast paper shows distinctions and
    similarities between the objects.
  • Cause and effect paper explains the reasons and
    possible consequences for something. A critical
    article is to give an evaluation of the book,
    film, restaurant and any other object using your
    point of view and referring to the information
    sources that support your opinion.

What Is a Research Paper?
Research work is a paper that is comprised of at
least 20-25 pages and has an academic research as
its integral part. It is usually confused with a
term paper. Still their distinction must not
exist at all as here we speak about entirely
different criteria. A term paper is a work that
is to be accomplished at the end of a term. It
can have different forms and different purposes
it can comprise a research or not. A research
paper can be an assignment of your term paper,
but at the same time, it is given to students at
other periods of time.
Structure of the Research Work
The research paper has a complicated structure
comparing with custom essays. It is comprised of
the following components
  • Title page
  • Contents
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Structure of the Research Work
  • The title page is the first page of work that
    contains information about the author of the
    paper, instructor, topic name, educational
    institution, course, year and so on.
  • The content of the document is a list of the next
    parts that correspond to the page number each.
  • Summary is a very short retelling of your work
    that is required to familiarize the readers with
    what your task is about.
  • The introduction shows the thesis of work,
    object, subject, aims, methods and so on. It also
    implies references to the authors, scholars and
    their works that helped you during writing.

Structure of the Research Work
  • The main body contents at least two sections. One
    of them should be theoretical and another
    practical. The theoretical part is to be totally
    informative while the functional one is to show
    the academic research.
  • The conclusion sums up the work, emphasizing the
    essential issues.
  • A bibliography is a list of informational sources
    that you used during writing it can be organized
    according to the alphabet, year of the issue,
    type of the source and so on.
  • Appendices form additional information for your
    research paper drawings, graphics, diagrams,
    tables, etc.

Start the Work with Research Paper Topics
  • Selection of the research paper topic is not what
    can be called simple. You need to spend enough
    time for thinking over and generation of the
    research paper topic ideas. In this way, it
    deserves to be a STAGE of your work. There are
    several ways how you can get your topic for
  • It can be task from your instructor. Here, it is
    prepared individually for you.
  • It can be in a list of topics prepared for your
  • It can be chosen by you using your research paper

Start the Work with Research Paper Topics
  • Your ideas for research papers must be grounded.
  • Take into account your knowledge and urgency of
    the subject, audience interests, and course of
  • Never choose a topic that is too wiped out
    narrow it or choose another one, it does not
  • Also, your audience may have different sex,
    different preferences, and different age. Thus,
    try to make your work acceptable taking into
    account these aspects.

Avoid Plagiarism to Be a Winner
If you want to succeed, never resort to piracy.
It is not efficient, and it will show your
incompetence. If you liked the information,
transform it in your words, add your opinion
creating an entirely new approach to the problem.
You can find information in various sources such
as the internet, books, newspapers, academic
works and so on.
Makeup a Good Draft
You will certainly ask why to write one work for
two times. In fact, it saves your time and helps
you not to miss the issues you want to mention in
your work. If you have no time for a detailed
outline, just jot down a few key phrases and
sentences that are in your mind. After the draft
of work is completed, come to the fair copy
writing extending the critical information from
your outline. Do not forget to check the work
for possible mistakes.
Thank you for attention!
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