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Title: IM Net Summit Review-$32,400 bonus & discount

IM Net Summit Learn from the Best!
IM Net Summit is a top notch training course
summit that include the attendion of top
marketers in the industry. Claiming your seat
into the summit and figuring how these people can
earn 5-6 figures per month.
IM Net Summit Overview
Homepage IM Net Summit Official Site
? ? ? ?
Product Name IM Net Summit
Type of Product Top-Notch Training Course Summit
Authors Paul Okeeffe, Danny de Vries,
Kim de Vries Richard
Fairbairn Target niche Internet Marketing,
All-In-On Aspects Of IM Training
Course With Rich-Experienced Experts. Get
All The Strategies To
Generate More Traffic, Convert Leads and Sell
Products. Then Focus
On Implementing Strategies Instead Of
Re-Inventing The Wheel.
Official Price 137 Special Offer 30-OFF DI
SC OUNT! ( I t s v ery l im ited)
? ? ?
Bonuses EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the
bonus packs in below o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1
o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2
o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3
o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4
o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5
What is IM Net Summit?
Have you ever thought about how it would feel to
earn 5 or even 6 figures per month purely online?
Its time to stop wondering, and find out for
yourself from specialist who have already made it!
Its called IM NET Summit and seats are available
now here. It is such an astonishing
event that even the top marketers in this
industry will enroll in. And how come?
Because, these presenters hardly ever meet up at
regular events, let alone speak to an audience
during one single event.
You can gain access to the best all in one place,
reduce ages off your learning curve, network with
your peers, be a part of an exclusive mastermind
group, and at a cost anyone can pay for!
Enroll in IM Net Summit from anyplace in the
world and listen to the gurus in
? Sales ? Business Building ? Joint
Ventures ? Internet and Email Marketing ?
Facebook Advertising ? Lead Generation ?
Brand Awareness ? SEO ? Script Writing
for Direct Response Copy
Action takers will be enrolled into an Exclusive
FaceBook Group, where you can network, even
before the event starts, you will also be
enrolled into a Private Club, Members only
program, which will be filled with all kinds of
additional bonuses from the presenters. It will
also be the location in which you can meet all
the presentations from the Masters of Internet
Heres a summary of what you can expect
? Attend a groundbreaking live online
internet marketing conference. ? Listen and
leverage the knowledge of the IM Masterminds and
some of the most well respected figures from
around the globe. ? Interact and network with
your peers in the industry and form your
own mastermind group of like-minded people in
this closed Exclusive Facebook Group. ? Make
new friends and grab the opportunity to form new
? Every Speaker will bring you a ton of value
during their speaking session, and in addition
they will give you access to some cool FREE
software products that can be used in various
niches. ? You will be part of an exclusive
group of members to the IM Net Summit Club,
so you can watch any of the sessions/talks again
at your leisure.
How Does IM Net Summit Work? What You Can Expect
with IM Net Summit
LIVE Online Event
You will attend a groundbreaking live online
internet marketing conference. Listen
and leverage the knowledge of the IM Masterminds
and some of the most well respected figures from
around the globe.
Exclusive Networking Interact and network with
your peers in the industry and form your own
mastermind group of like minded people in this
closed Exclusive Facebook Group. Make new friends
and grab the opportunity to form new alliances!
Free Software Products Every Speaker will bring
you a ton of value during their speaking session,
and in addition they will give you access to
some cool FREE software products that can be
used in various niches.
Exclusive VIP Membership You will be part of an
exclusive group of members to the IM Net Summit
Club, so you can watch any of the sessions/talks
again at your leisure.
Anik Singal - Strategically Building Your
Business Anik Singal is the founder and CEO of
Lurn, Inc. and VSS Mind. He is widely considered,
by the industry, as one of todays most
successful digital publishing marketers. His
specialties include profit-generating product
launches, building backends and funnels, article
marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate
marketing and business management
consulting. BusinessWeek recognized him in the
Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25.
Hes an Inc500 CEO, listed 2-times among the
Fastest Growing Companies in America. While in
college at the University of Maryland, he was
awarded Company of the Year from MTech and named
Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hinman CEOs. His
digital publishing businesses generate over 20
Million/year in sales and he has helped
contribute to over 100 Million in online
publishing sales (between his own products and
his clients businesses).
Jimmy Kim - How To Run A 2Million/Year Business
With Email Originally from the Washington DC
area, Jimmy Kim started his career washing cars
at a local dealership at the age of 16. Rapidly,
he transcended and at 25, he became one of the
Youngest General Managers in the industry.
However, the lifestyle this position demanded
working at least 80 hours a week and committing
ones entire being to the profession began to
take a huge toll. Close to completely burning
out, Jimmy altered his course and took on an
entirely new career. Incorporating his
proficiency in sales and marketing, he immersed
himself into the world of Internet Marketing. 7
years later, Snaptactix CEO and founder, Jimmy
Kim, has taken his career and dedicated it to
becoming an expert in Email Marketing,
Copywriting, Backend Monetization and Mastering
Funnel Development. Jimmys entrepreneurial
spirit has not only awarded him the role of CEO
for Snaptactix, but he is also the CEO of
Sendlane and the COO of KNYEW LV (a growing Las
Vegas based clothing boutique).
John Thornhill - JVZoo Blueprint John left school
at 16 with very few qualifications and spent the
next 15 years of my life doing mostly unskilled
manual labour jobs and spent the last 10 years of
his working life in a car plant. In the year
1999 he acquired his first computer and straight
away I realized there was money to be made on
the Internet. In 2002 he discovered eBay and fast
forward this to December 2004, when he came
across a collection of eBooks with resale
rights, things really started to happen when he
decided to sell each eBook individually for a
few dollars and deliver them electronically,
this was a huge success and he quickly grew his
income to 1000 per week from eBook sales alone.
He learned to automate the whole process and
noticed no one else seemed to be doing this.
Almost by complete fluke he had developed his own
system and it worked well very very well. So
he decided to teach others how to copy his
business and created his first members website
was born. This was way back in 2004 and since
then he never looked back and has created a ton
of info products and coached thousands of people.
John knows what it takes to become a success
online and is now here to help you, to help
Bill Walsh - Revenue Generating Strategies Bill
Walsh a venture capitalist and is the CEO/Founder
of the Success Education/Business Coaching firm
Powerteam International. Bill hosts and speaks
at events all over the world! His passion is to
empower entrepreneurs and business owners to
create massive success. He is the best selling
author of the book The Obvious, is an amazing
speaker, radio personality and movie
celebrity. For everyone that owns a business or
would like to capitalize their entrepreneurial
dream, his message will enlighten them with
knowledge and action principles to turn that
passion into success! Over the past two decades,
his firm has specialized in helping companies
launch, grow and create exponential valuation in
the market. In 2005, he formed his own company,
Powerteam International to spread his message to
a wider audience. Powerteam International
provides Success Education programs around the
world. The programs are designed for individuals,
companies, and organizations that are interested
in creating even more success. Bill is committed
to raising the awareness of entrepreneurs,
business owners and organizations world wide!
Luke Maguire - Facebook Apps Luke Maguire is the
rising star in Internet Marketing. With
application like Viral Autobots, Instamate and
Octosuite, he ran 6 figure launches within the
last year. He is on the forefront of Facebook
app development and aims to be the first to
provide the best FB apps that will serve his
customers. Luke has provided valuable training to
his clients to get more followers, like and
engagement so that they can capitalize on his
advice. And he is ready to give you all of his
secrets to develop apps and market them, so that
you can earn your own 6 figure launch.
Jay Cruiz - Increase Brand Awareness Sales With
Webinars Jay is online entrepreneur, sales coach
and producer distributor of organic energy.
With hundreds of webinars under his belt, Jay is
an expert in value driven webinar that will help
you sell your products and increase brand
awareness. He has made over a million dollars in
revenue through webinars and learned the best
strategies to help you get traffic to you
webinars, convert your customer during your
webinars and keep them as ravings fans. With his
British accent, and charm, he wins over many
customers hearts and minds.It is now time for
you to start performing on your own webinars or
improve the once you are already doing. With
Jay's strategies, you are guaranteed to succeed.
Walt Bayliss - Product Development Walt is an
full time online entrepreneur, a professional
software developer, and an internet marketer. He
has a number of key websites up and running with
his own products, software and systems. Over the
years Walt has built a expertise on development
of systems and software, expecially in areas
such as mobile technology and social media. His
philosophy is anyone can do what I do learn his
methods, strategies and techniques and you will
be up and running soon. Walt was corperate
professional, dedicated to his job and hinking it
was the only way forward, until he discovered
the online world. In his words "The internet is
the playground for all. Every single person can
follow a success strategy and earn good
money online." His latest product Webinar Jeo has
done over a milion in sales, with recurring
monthly income. If you want to be succesful in
developing money making software, you'll have to
listen to Walt Bayliss.
Laura Catella - Direct Response Copy
Writing Laura graduated from Columbia University
in 2008 with a major in Economics, and two
minors in Psychology and Creative Writing. She
decided to quit a low-paying marketing
assistantship and take a chance at independent
copywriting. Her very first sales letter earned
her a cushy 67, but that letter went on to
become 1 in Clickbanks Business Investing
category for over two years. Needless to say, she
doesnt charge 67 for a sales letter anymore,
but her track record has remained consistent
with that very first success story over 20M in
sales generated thanks to her marketing
consulting and copywriting. Laura is able to
create an avatar for your perfect customer, and
know exactly what hes feeling, what he wants,
what hes afraid of, and how to drive action from
him. In the past five years, her direct response
copy has helped to generate multi-millions of
dollars in sales for her clients across all of
the major niches Internet Marketing, Make Money
Online, Health Wellness, and many more. Most
businesses should earn more than they do, and
Laura can bring your business to the next level.
Alex Cass - SEO Artificial Intelligence Alex is a
product creator online entrepreneur that earns
over a milion per year online, using . He grew
his online success starting with creating
informational products. To now building 6 figure
product launches and membership sites. He
specializes in SEO artificial inteligence and
will teach you how you can apply modern day SEO
tactics and strategies that drive more traffic
to your offers.
Nick Lapolla Aon Thompkin - Behavioral Dynamic
Response Marketing With Video Nick and Aon help
customers and clients improve their engagement,
conversions (sales) and time on site for their
web traffic. They do this by using our
proprietary interactive video technology with
full page presentation ability. Their system
fully manages behavioral marketing for five
different channels email, social media, video,
web and ads (including retargeting ads). It
works by tracking what your prospects are doing
in your campaign, and then dynamically sending
them customized marketing messages based on their
behavior. Always track what your prospects are
doing and respond accordingly.
Behavioral Dynamic Response is truly the holy
grail of Internet Marketing.
Fred Lam - Facebook Advertising Fred Lam is
focused on four things. According to him, all you
need to learn from him is knowledge, marketing,
leadership, and mentality. If youre looking to
learn about online marketing, social media,
etc., then Fred Lams is an excellent place to
start. Youll learn a lot in a simple, easy to
digest way that is a breath of fresh air. He
explains everything from creating your own
website to understanding sales funnels, to
Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, Bing, and
Penny-Click advertising. Freds commitment to
the students, and is very involved and helps you
all along the way. Fred Lam has been in the game
for many years, learning the tips and tricks of
the industry so you dont have to.With his
amount of experience, he knows what works and
what doesnt. But to paraphrase what he says on
the subject, he doesnt believe theres a wrong
way to do something as long as youre talking to
the right person. Hes a firm believer in
everyone having a different experience in this
world. Something that works for one person may
not work for another. Fred understands this and
makes it his mission to put forth what he knows
so you can make the best decisions for yourself.
Fred is focused on four things. According to him,
all you need to learn from him is knowledge,
marketing, leadership, and mentality.
Jimena Cortes - Lead Generation As the co-founder
and marketing operations manager for TravelSmart
LLC, a company which helped businesses book
their travel and special event arrangements,
Jinena was responsible for online lead
generation through social media, online banner
advertising, email marketing, tele-prospecting
and referrals. Her efforts increased
Travelsmart's revenues by more than 500,000 in
its first year! Since leaving TravelSmart, Jenima
has adapted the strategies to work for other
businesses who are looking to attract more and
better quality clients. She is what you call a
marketing expert that gets targeted leads through
Google LinkedIn, to delivers you ROIs of 300
Plus If you need to gain more and better leads
for your sales team, or more clients for your
business, or you are looking for a sure way to
generate new business, Jimena can help
you! Matt's Bio
Richard Fairbairn Paul O'keeffe - Leverage New
HTML 5 Technologies Richard Fairbairn has
operated many different online businesses and
started his first of these in February 1996. His
field of expertise is traffic generation, where
he has driven over 250 million visitors to his
many websites over the years. During the last
four years he has created a successful software
development business, which has launched 15
Products into the JVZoo marketplace, securing 10
Product Of The Days and generating over
1,500,000 in sales, meaning he has averaged 6
figures per launch on his 15 JVZoo product
launches in 4 years. Paul Okeeffe has been making
a living online since January 2010, his field of
expertise was running online contests and
generating leads. He has amassed over 1 million
email leads in the last 6 years across many
niches, but just 18 months ago he moved into the
IM space and has already had 5 Product launches
on JVZoo with all 5 being awarded Product Of The
Day. Together they have been developing a HTML5
graphics app over the past year and are looking
at pushing the boundaries with such new
technologies on a daily basis.
Chad Nicely - Succeed With Membership
Programs Chad is online entrepreneur, business
coach and launch specialist. He has created
multiple membership programs and recently
launched his own membership software to serve
the internet marketing community. Chad has his
own Internet TV Show called Entrepreneur Live,
where he hosts most influential online
His membership tactics and strategies has earned
him a 6 figure income and he is ready to teach
you how. With real live examples, he will show
you the opportunities you will have, when you
enter into membership programs.
Matt Ford - Joint Venture Partnerships Matt is a
spider in the web that is called Internet
Marketing, where he has been responsible for
many JV partnerships. Partnerships that have gone
on to earn many product creators the desired 6
figure to 7 figure launch. Mat has worked closely
together with all speaker on the IM Net Summit
event, and he will show you, how how you can do
the same in your industry. Beside Internet
Marketing, Matt is an active venture capitalist
and seeks diligently for value added
partnerships to make 1 1, a successful 3. Learn
how you can position yourself among the best by
following his strategies and skills. Who Should
Use IM Net Summit This course is for everybody
whos interesting in digital marketing and dream
of earning 5-6 figures per month. Coming to this
course, you will have your chance to learn over
the shoulder professional marketers who have
been in the industry for years, and since they
are pro, you will find it is simple, easy to
digest and you can apply it to your business and
start making some cash for yourself right
away! Why should you Get IM Net Summit Now?
IM Net Summit Will Get You ? Masters of IM -
Get All The Strategies To Generate More Traffic,
Convert Leads and Sell Products. ? Time
Management Hacks - Focus On Implementing
Strategies Instead Of Re- Inventing The Wheel. ?
Exclusive Membership - Be Part of An ELITE
CLUB Of Successfull Internet Marketers. ? Your
Freedom Back - Implement These Startegies And
Earn Your Own 6- Figure Income! Just
Imagine... What you can do with a monthly 5
figure income? How much time you will free up to
spend with your loved ones? How much faster you
will progress to be part of the Elite within a
year from now? Picture Yourself... Building your
own products, doing your own product launches,
webinars, speaking in front of your peers and
building your own membership programs! You Will
Feel... Confident when meeting other experts,
accomplished with achieveing your financial
goals, and relieved from time, pressure,and
income stress. Conclusion To sum up, here is what
stay with you after taking this course Cut Years
Off Your Learning Curve By Learning From The Best
In Internet Marketing Stay In The Comfort Of Your
Own Home By Attending This Conference At
Your Convenience Become Financially Free FAST By
Applying The Latest Online Offline Tactics
and Strategies Moreover, at this time, the price
is still low and affordable, so wake up and take
action right now!! http//
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