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Nutritional Considerations for Seniors


Senior members often suffer from problems like osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even a few forms of cancer. With proper nutrition seniors will be able to maintain a healthy living. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Nutritional Considerations for Seniors

  • Good nutrition for elderly can help reduce
    certain health related problems among elderly
    members like osteoporosis, heart disease, high
    blood pressure, and even a few forms of cancer.
    Proper nutrition and healthy living can improve
    appearance, strength, balance, mobility, and
    overall mood. Reports from various sources
    indicate that a large population of elderly
    members are unable to meet the energy and
    nutrient requirement as they fail to get the
    correct amount and type of food. In fact it has
    been calculated that 60 of the hospitalized
    older adults (over the age of 65) suffer from
    malnutrition. By 2030, Americans aged 65 and
    older will reach an approximate figure of 75
    million, comprising nearly about 20 of the U.S.
    population. Here we will discuss some key
    nutritional facts for seniors in order to prevent
    malnutrition and encourage a better life.

Focus On Essential Nutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals are highly essential for
    seniors to maintain a proper health as they start
    aging. Metabolism rates among aged people is much
    slower as they lose their ability to absorb
    certain vitamins and minerals. Hence, it is vital
    for seniors to have a nutrition-dense diet with a
    focus on key nutrients which are commonly
    deficient among them. Fresh fruits, vegetables,
    whole grains, and lean protein are considered as
    good nutrition for healthy aging.

Avoid Junk Foods Aim For Variety
  • Saturated fats and trans fats which comes from
    junk and processed foods should be avoided at all
    cost. Senior members should incorporate a
    diversity of food in their diet in order to
    provide the body with a variety of nutrition. It
    is essential to have good sources of iron,
    protein, healthy fats and calcium each day.
    Meats, fruits and vegetables helps to keep a
    healthy body by providing a wide array of

Stay Hydrated
  • Dehydration is one of the major risk for senior
    citizens as it leads to disorientation, confusion
    and unhealthy changes in blood pressure. No
    matter how good a diet is being maintained,
    without proper intake of water it is hard to
    maintain a healthy body and mind. According to
    National Institute of Health it is recommended
    for seniors to intake at least 8 glasses (8 oz.
    each) of water each day.

Vitamin-rich Foods For Seniors
  • Vitamin B (6 and 12) Smoked salmon, feta cheese
    and/or sunflower seeds
  • Vitamin C Broccoli, red bell pepper, sprouts,
  • Vitamin D Get outside in the sunshine, take fish
    oil supplements and/or eat soy products like tofu
    or soy milk
  • Calcium Dark leafy greens, cheese and/or yogurt
  • Magnesium Leafy greens, nuts and seeds and/or
  • Potassium Bananas, beans and/or squash

  • As people age they face difficulty in eating and
    sometimes prefer homogenous diets which decreases
    their source of good nutrition. Elders often have
    trouble chewing fresh fruit and so they can look
    for alternative fruit juices, soft canned fruits,
    apple-sauce, etc. Reports from The American
    Dietetic Association shows that senior members
    intake only a third of the nutritional
    requirements that their bodies actually need,
    which actually diminishes their quality of life.
    A lot of thinking goes into when it comes to
    maintain and prepare healthy diets for seniors
    and yet we have to keep in mind that every
    situation is going to be different based on
    health, taste and living conditions of each

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