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Weight Loss and Dieting Tips


Before you can begin any weight loss and exercise plan you must first contact your doctor to make sure you are able to do your specific exercise regime! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Weight Loss and Dieting Tips

Weight Loss and Dieting Tips
  • Take a look at any magazine cover while standing
    in the checkout line and nearly every one of them
    claims to have the most amazing weight loss and
    dieting tips inside. While they may be worded a
    little bit differently, those who find themselves
    experimenting off and on with dieting plans
    generally come to realize that most tips and
    tricks are all the same. While some weight loss
    and dieting tips seem like common sense, such as
    getting rid of fatty foods and sweets, others are
    quite outrageous. Does anyone really want to lose
    the pounds by eating nothing but cabbage for
    seven days straight or think a rice cake can take
    the place of a nice piece of chocolate cake?
  • The adage that times change but standards remain
    the same is rather apropos when it comes to
    weight loss and dieting tips. No matter what new
    fad diet comes along for people to get caught up
    in, a dieter can always rely on the following
    weight loss and dieting tips as if they were
    commandments from the weight loss and dieting
    bible. Don't skip breakfast! This is the mother
    of all weight loss and dieting tips. Skipping
    breakfast only means a dieter is more likely to
    end up hungrier by the end of the day and less
    likely to be able to practice self-control if he
    or she meets up with a tempting goody. Even if an
    individual is really not the breakfast type,
    there's no rule saying one must gobble down
    breakfast upon rising each morning.

  • Take an hour after waking up if necessary but
    always try to have a healthy breakfast each and
    every day. Exercise regularly. This one would
    seem the most well-known and obvious of weight
    loss and dieting tips. However, it's not
    exercising regularly that stumps most dieters,
    it's finding the time to do it. Squeezing in time
    for an exercise routine usually means it will be
    all too easy to dump working out when an already
    hectic life rears its ugly head. That's why it is
    easier to incorporate exercise into established
    daily routines. For example, if there is a chance
    to ride a bike to work rather than drive, do so.
    If there is an opportunity to take the stairs
    instead of the elevator, do that too.
  • Don't starve and don't deprive. Unfortunately,
    many individuals equate dieting plans with going
    hungry. When a diet is truly considered healthy,
    there are rarely strict limits on food intake.
    Plus, no one ever said it's best to say goodbye
    to Auntie Helen's famous fried chicken forever
    anyway. Dieters who still eat their favorite
    foods, only less often and in smaller portions,
    tend to do better at weight loss and dieting than
    those who try to cut out their favorite foods
    altogether. This is because deprivation almost
    guarantees a dieter will fall off the wagon and
    break his or her diet by overeating
    self-forbidden foods.

  • A study published in the journal of "Lipids in
    Health and Disease." was conducted on 102 people
    split between those taking the African Mango
    (Irvingia Gabonensis) and those taking a placebo.
    According to the study the results of taking the
    Mango showed "Significant improvements in body
    weight, body fat, and waist size when
    administered 150 mg twice daily before meals to
    those overweight and/or obese."
  • Are Irvingia Gabonensis's benefits are for real
    when it comes to weight loss? There are current
    studies indicating it is completely safe and
    extremely beneficial as a weight loss ingredient
    when used in supplements daily. Studies also have
    indicated that mango pills may be beneficial for
    your health by lowering cholesterol levels and
    may also help maintain blood sugar levels. All
    indications point to the conclusion that Irvingia
    Gabonensis is a great ingredient to facilitate
    weight loss. On an popular ABC health show in the
    afternoon they featured the use of Irvingia
    Gabonensis that had proven to be effective when
    used as a supplement during diet programs. The
    weight lose properties of Irvingia Gabonensis
    have been attributed to it's ability to increase
    the amount of Leptin, a substance that is
    responsible for regulating the metabolism and
    appetite in humans.

  • According to the study, consuming the fruit
    resulted in "Significant improvements in body
    weight, body fat, and waist circumference. taken
    150 mg 2x daily before meals. African Mango can
    help melt those inches off your waist, and help
    you to finally achieve the flat belly you have
    always wanted. Apex Forskolin Other beneficial
    weight loss and dieting tips that have been known
    to help dieters lose the pounds are avoiding
    processed foods (including soda pop- even if it's
    diet), always getting enough rest, drinking
    plenty of water and having the support of
    friends, family and coworkers.
  • One of the very first things I personally did was
    find a picture of how I used to look...the way I
    wanted to look again. I got copies printed and
    placed them on the pantry doors, refrigerator,
    freezer and any cupboard door that food was
    behind!!! I found it really helped, I would see
    that picture and stop and think about what I was
    getting and whether or not I was really hungry or
    just bored. Almost always, I would turn around
    and find something else to do, or maybe even grab
    a glass of water!!!( It has been proven that
    often when we think we are hungry, it is a signal
    that the body needs water.)
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