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Top 10 romantic places in India


The language of romance is the same across the world. It kindles between people without any algorithms; but we know that a setting is very important for this feeling. If you are a traveler who is looking for a romantic experience in India, we suggest these 10 places in India, in no special order. You may find many ‘obvious’ places missing in the list. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 romantic places in India

Top 10 romantic places in India
  • The language of romance is the same across the
    world. It kindles between people without any
    algorithms but we know that a setting is very
    important for this feeling. If you are a traveler
    who is looking for a romantic experience in
    India, we suggest these 10 places in India, in no
    special order. You may find many obvious places
    missing in the list. Its not because we want to
    be different, but we believe that safety,
    security, privacy and carefree are obvious checks
    for a place to be romantic first (try doing it
    yourself) getting arrested, getting clicked,
    getting mobbed and getting an ECR isnt really

  • Udaipur the city of lakes, with a lot many
    palaces, hawelis, and gardens has been a romantic
    destination for centuries. With a constant cool
    breeze, warm and friendly people, especially
    sensitive to tourists and great eats, Udaipur has
    been well chosen by celebrities and commoners to
    fuel their passion. We also got married there, on
    the banks of one of those lakes. Go for walks,
    enjoy the beautiful views from the palaces, and
    then of the palaces from one of the many
    lakeshore restaurants. Put on your best and dine
    in at Devigarh or the restaurants within the city
    palace. For day trips, you could drive to the
    magnificent temples of Dilwara or even to Mount
    Abu and Kumbhalgarh.

Lake Palace Udaipur, from a boat
  • Manali As you drive into Manali from Kullu with
    Beas River on your right, you will get the urge
    to stop, get down and sit on those stones along
    the river and just watch the sun go down. When
    you drive from Manali to Nagar (the river again
    to your right) and smell the apple orchards to
    your left and the awesome snow peaks to your
    right, you will feel what romance is. When you
    sit down at the courtyard of Nicolas Roerichs
    house at Nagar and look beyond, you will feel
    like camping there for eternity. Manali is the
    ultimate romantic destination.

  • For others, you can try your hand at snow sports,
    trek to Bhrigu Lake and many others, and better
    still go upto Rohtang Pass. There is a Manali for
    everyone but the romantic Manali is the one.

Manali Peaks, from Nagar Palace
  • Kutchch is a fairy tale on miles and miles of
    beds of salt. With hardly anyone around you
    (except fellow campers) on a full moon night when
    the ground turns white and the sky turns blue,
    you will feel like you are not on earth. 6 hours
    of non-stop magic melts even the diehard skeptic.

Kutchch, on a full moon night
  • The days are equally beautiful the ruins of Roha
    fort or the quiet at Mandvi beach are equally
    enticing for one to stop, admire and think about
    how beauty manifests itself in so many forms.
    Visits to Kutchch can be teamed up with a side
    visit to Gir the only Indian sanctuary that has
    Asiatic lions on the prowl.

  • Ooty before you make faces at this name, let me
    ask if you have walked hand in hand with your
    special one around Wellington or driven down
    beyond the Lawrences Church at Lovedale or have
    you driven down to Emerald or Avalanchi (more
    popular as Red Hills) or Upper Bhavani Lake and
    reservoirs. There is so much of pristine Ooty
    that many travelers seem to miss. Slip quietly
    down any of the tea estates Enroute to Lambs
    rock and sit down amongst acres of tea and no one
    but you. Sit down in the courtyard of St.
    Stephens church after a round of shopping at the

Tea Gardens as far as you can see, at Ooty
  • For others, you always have the toy train and you
    always can drive to Coonoor and can also go to
    Black Thunder for your obligatory rush with water
    sports. Drive along the toy train. Deck up in
    your best and attend the annual derby. Romance is
    in the air.

  • Vagator Palolem (Goa) while I will not argue
    against the fact that whole of Goa is a romantic
    paradise, these 2 beaches are special. Depending
    on where you are staying, you can pick Vagator
    (North Goa) or Palolem (South Goa). My advice
    be a romantic, and visit both.Both are flat and
    quiet sandy beaches for miles. Sunsets at both
    are to die for. At Vagator you have the advantage
    of watching it from the Chapora Fort (built on
    the cliff behind the beach) At Palolem you have
    the advantage of watching it from your own log

  • Palolem is a silver crescent dotted with palm
    trees all along Vagator has its own little quiet
    corners amongst a few rocks. Both look so awesome
    in monsoon rains. Civic amenities are better at
    Palolem.If you are driving into Palolem, do not
    take the highway. Instead take the internal route
    through Varca. The views you will get, descending
    into Palolem from the hills, is the one you will
    thank me forever.

Vagator Beach, an hour before sunset
  • Darjeeling The 3 hour drive from the nearest
    airport to Darjeeling is straight out of the
    movie Barfi. The Aaradhana toy train is still
    functional but Darjeelings romance has grown
    beyond these wheels. The quaint Mall Road, old
    colonial buildings and schools, the so many
    winding roads which culminate near the book shop
    on the top of the Mall, still make Darjeeling
    smell of what it may have been during the Raj.
    Darjeeling provides some of the best views of the
    majestic Kanchenjunga Indias highest. The
    quest for a sunrise from Tiger Hill is another
    experience when Mother Nature suddenly removes
    her dark blanket and reveals the jewels in her
    bosom, all within 3 minutes.

  • Then there is the all-encompassing Darjeeling tea
    and its various shades to choose from there is
    the zoo which is one of its kind with so many
    Pandas which no other zoo has. Right next to the
    zoo is the mountaineering institute which was
    once runs by Tenzing Norgay. There is a story in
    Darjeeling at every corner, and not so many
    people to tell.

Darjeeling, from one of the colonial hotels
  • Kumarakom the backwaters spell magic as you get
    down at Kollam. Its all green, even the water
    reflects greenery. As you make your way towards
    your dream houseboat on the Vembanad Lake, you
    can feel that you are floating. The surroundings
    are fresh, cool, lively and gentle. As you get
    into your houseboat and settle down into its
    living room (with the pilot seated ahead of you
    on the wheels), you feel as if you are driving,
    while sipping coconut water (or rum, whatever you

Houseboats, entering into Vembanad Lake at
As you put your feet up on the sofa, the boat
comes out into broader waters where you can see
villagers on both sides of the backwater, going
about their chores, happy to see you amidst
themselves. As you dip into your freshly fried
pakodas, the boat gets into the huge Vembanad
Lake a strong cool breeze greets you and
welcomes you to Gods own country. Retire for the
night, sleep like a baby as the boat gently rocks
and rolls you repeat it for another day, and
more. This love story has no end.
  • Nainital evokes the usual snobbery like we
    reserve for Simla and others. Yet, this place is
    magical. The lake is spotlessly clean there is
    enough space so that even if crowded, you dont
    feel it. The wind is mystical and there is life
    amongst these. There are kids playing cricket,
    folks going into a matinee movie, people walking
    around the long and winding Mall Road. You can
    choose to be in there, by the book shop, or you
    can choose to go up the mountain by 2 loops and
    watch the lake from above, marveling at its blue
    waters. You can choose to visit the other 6 lakes
    and find the same experience. For newlyweds,
    there is the Naina Devi temple to take blessings
    from. For old timers, you can sit and gaze at the
    Nanda Devi from a distance and wonder at the
    beauty of that mountain. You can be so many
    things at once at Nainital.

Radhanagar Beach _at_ Andaman (courtesy
  • Andamans is synonymous with pristine white sand
    beaches sparsely populated islands and an India
    we would not know. Its setting, its seclusion,
    and its novelty make it a romantic adventure.
    Radhanagar beach is a huge swathe of gentle waves
    on white sands Havelock Island is a favorite
    amongst the tourists island hopping Ross
    Island, Neil Island is another.

  • Unlike Lakshwadeep, it is not so ecologically
    fragile, is better accessible and is big enough
    for a tourists needs and safety. The whole set
    of islands is a journey of exploration. Done with
    your better half, it will leave you more
    appreciative of the other, more closer to each

View of Dhauladhars, from Dalhousie
Dalhousie is still a relatively unknown
destination for Indians, mostly a stopover for
folks who are in transit. The charm of Dalhousie
is in its isolation, is in its relatively smaller
size. You can literally walk around the town from
your hotel. The Mall Road has a few places where
the tourists gather to talk and share. The cold
mist envelopes the small Tibetan market nearby
and a bluish layer of condensed vapor becomes
visible as sunset leads to night.
  • The day opens with a view of the valleys below
    as you drive towards the lush green meadows of
    Khajiar, you will find the jungles so thick that
    Sun has difficulty permeating through to the
    soil. You can run from one end of Khajiar to the
    other, but you will never get enough. And all
    through, the smells of Indian Chai, Tibetan
    momos, Maggi noodles, and butter dosas will keep
    you walking from one place to the other.
    Dalhousie is a place to sit quietly, take long
    pauses, communicate non-verbally and power off
    your devices. Its a place that powers you on.

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