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Best Kidney Transplant Surgeons in India | Transplant


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Title: Best Kidney Transplant Surgeons in India | Transplant

Transplant Counsellor
Transplant Counsellor
Best Kidney Transplant Surgeons
Everyone knows about Kidney transplant because we
live in a world where many people suffer from
liver issues, Diabetes, Heart Problems, and Blood
Pressure. It turns fatal with time if no
precautions are taken and there comes the need
of kidney transplantation because eventually all
of our organs are interconnected and hence need
to be replaced. 
Transplant Counsellor
The first successful kidney transplant was done
in 1954 in both Boston and Paris. These were
kidney transplants done between identical twins
which don't have problems with rejection. The
biggest problem was tissue typing--finding a
suitable match for the recipient and making sure
that rejection is kept to a minimum. This is why
many donors are relatives who are a good match or
living donors who are a good tissue typing match
for the recipient. Living donors are carefully
evaluated to make sure they are medically and
psychologically able to donate their kidneys for
kidney transplant. The living donor transplant
used to be done via an open procedure but it is
now increasingly done through laparoscopic
surgery, which is easier to tolerate. Kidneys
from living donors have a better success rate
than do kidneys from deceased donors.
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