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Public Safety Tips – Caleb Laieski


If somebody somehow ask you for what reason safety is very important, how would you respond? You may "know" that it's important to keep safety in mind as we go about your daily activities, but how would you explain the reasons why this is the case. Here are few things about public safety that is mentioned by Caleb Laieski that you should consider. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Public Safety Tips – Caleb Laieski

Public Safety Tips Caleb Laieski
Review these safety tips
  • Awareness of social events
  • Bike awareness and safety
  • Vehicle safety
  • Holiday and vacation safety
  • Internet scams
  • Traffic tips

Awareness at Social Events
  • Be sure that at least one person is identified as
    the designated driver.
  • Keep your friends or roommates informed of where
    you are going, when you plan on returning and who
    youll be with.
  • Plan to be with at least one other friend when
    going out to a bar, club, or party.
  • Do not drink beverages that are already open
    handed to you by people you dont know or trust.
    Never leave your drink unattended.
  • Trust your instincts. If any social situation
    becomes uncomfortable or feels wrong, remain calm
    and leave immediately.
  • If at any point, you or a friend feels
    disoriented or unusually intoxicated for what you
    have consumed, leave the bar or party
    immediately. Get medical help if necessary.

Bike Awareness and Safety
  • Always lock your bike when unattended, securing
    both the frame and wheels.
  • Use multiple locking devices such as a
    kryptonite lock in combination with a steel
  • Use bike racks which are monitored by Drexel
    public safety.

Vehicle Safety
  • Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.
  • Keep valuables out of sight place all articles
    in the trunk, glove box, or remove altogether.
  • Remove registration and insurance cards.
  • Always lock your car and keep windows and
    sunroofs closed.
  • Use anti-theft devices such as the "CLUB
    and/or LOJACK." Activate your alarm system.

Holiday and Vacation Safety
  • When leaving your campus residence or office for
    an extended period of time-
  • Make sure you lock all doors and windows.
  • Use your alarm system if you have one.
  • Report locks, doors, windows, and alarm
    systems that have been broken or tampered with
    to Drexel Public Safety.
  • Maintain key control, adhere to all access
    control procedures and wear/carry your ID Card.

Internet Scams
  • Avoid common scams encountered on malicious web
    sites and those sent through fraudulent e-mails
    (known as phishing) such as
  • Any email asking you to confirm your user name or
    password or to update your credit card
  • Online auctions
  • Foreign money offers and transfers
  • Internet access services
  • Information audit services
  • Work-at-home offers
  • Advanced free loans
  • Credit card offers
  • Business opportunities

What can you do to avoid becoming a victim?
  • Never give out confidential information such as
    your social security number, pin numbers and
  • Always pay by credit card never send cash.
  • Know with whom you are doing business.
  • Use only secure networks for payment.
  • Keep copies of all documents such as receipts and
    credit card statements.
  • Check credit card and bank statements regularly
    for accuracy or unauthorized purchases

Traffic Tips
  • CELL PHONES - Philadelphia has enacted an
    ordinance that prohibits talking, dialing or
    texting on a handheld device while driving a
    motor vehicle. It also prohibits these activities
    while on a bicycle, scooter, in-line skates or
    skateboard. Hands-Free Devices are permitted.
  • BUCKLE UP - It's the law. Besides, safety belts
    and restraint systems have saved countless lives.
    Make a habit of it, and be sure to check and make
    sure everyone else in your vehicle is buckled up
    as well. Don't forget to use the required safety
    seating for your children. Age/size-appropriate
    car seats and booster seats are available in many
    locations in many price ranges,
  • DON'T DRIVE IMPAIRED - Although this seems very
    obvious, the unfortunate truth is that many
    people are driving under the influence of not
    just alcohol, but other mind or mood altering
    substances, including medications. The
    unnecessary tragedies caused by DUI related
    crashes can be avoided by two simple means
    having a designated driver, or taking a cab.