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Sex Problem Treatment in Patel Nagar


Around 60% of men suffer with this sexual dysfunction but they feel embarrassing to discuss it and this worsen the condition even more which ended as insufficientsperm count to implant fertility. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sex Problem Treatment in Patel Nagar

Sex Problem Treatment in Patel Nagar
Dr. P. K. Gupta is the director of Dr. P.K.
Gupta's Super Speciality Clinic in Rohini, New
Delhi (India) and is having medical Qualification
M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S.(Sexual Medicine-
America) is also member council of Sex
Education Parenthood (International). He has
also forrmerly been a part of Ram Manohar Lohia
Hospital (Central Govenment) and G.B. Pant Super
Speciality Hospital, Maulana Azad Medical
College, Delhi Govt.
CALL US NOW91-9999 925 201

Sex Problems Our Services
. Premature Ejaculation . Poor Egg quality
Endometriosis treatment Ovulation . increase sex
powerlow libido . ENDOMETRIOSIS
Visit us http//
Premature Ejaculation
  • This can be treated by itself as the experience
    increases you learned some distractions and a
    hold on mentality works out a lot. Healthy food
    and free minded is really gone work. In some of
    the worsen cases we have to suggest for the drugs
    and some exercises to learn to control your
  • There is no such causes of premature ejaculation.
    It may be due to anxiety fear or unhealthier
    mental peace. In some of the cases it may be due
    to emotion towards the new partner or its long
    time since previous ejaculation

Poor Egg quality Endometriosis treatment
  • Age factor-which is the dominant cause of poor
    egg quality and quantity because as the age
    marked on inclination there is a significant
    increase in chromosomal abnormalities and with
    this age factor domination of infertile to
    fertile eggs ratio escalates, which concluded to
    infertility.Measurement of infertility also
    notable by no. of eggs remain for the
    future.Issue of blood circulation with-in the
    ovary brings poor egg conclusion, a healthy diet
    along with Nitric oxide (increases the blood
    circulation) and change in lifestyle can work for
    you.In some of our cases smoking, alcohol, over
    exercise, mental and physical stress may also
    lend the cause. Overwhelming physical exercise or
    action enlightened you to the most unforeseen
  • Many thinks if a woman has poor egg quality she
    will never be able to conceive, but our
    consideration brings quite a different side of a
    coin dont get panic, we have an array of
    sources to lay it down and let you conceive.
    There are some nutrition available in the market
    which we may recommend in generic cases of egg
    quality quantity such as Omega-3 Fatty Acid,
    Comid, Melatonin, DHEA and many mores to bring an
    impressive effect, but we always advice to have a
    clear suggestion or recommendation from our
    consultant members before consuming anyone. But
    if nutritions dont work for you, you can always
    consider an egg donor or surgery as an option for
    getting pregnant. With our years of hardworking
    and dedication we have almost treated all
    category of cases till now and resulted in a
    foreseen ended.


increase sex powerlow libido
  • Any imbalance in the process of ovulation either
    dysfunction of brain parts or hormonal glands or
    sick of ovary leads to ovulation
    problemImbalance of hormonal secretion such as
    decline in erection of estrogens from ovary,
    pitbul glands hormone as well follicle-stimulating
    hormone which alter the ovulation cycle in many
    unforeseen ways. Some of the special cases
    highlights unusual causes, excess production of
    male hormones by ovary brings out polycystic
    ovary syndrome.Some physical or psychological
    causes just as diabetes, obesity, excess use of
    drugs (such as progestogen, estrogen), over
    exercises, weight loss or over consumption of
    alcohol, mental stress. But sometimes menopause
    worsen the problem.
  • Ovulation can be treated accordingly to patients
    phase of problem, there are both physical and
    psychological solutions available, some used to
    bend directly towards the drugs freely available
    in the market, to trigger the imbalanced
    hormones, but we always advice our patients not
    to consume non-recommended drugs which could
    leads you to malfunction of hormonal glands. Some
    other alternates which may work, seems as, change
    of physical environment or life style or
    different exercises to put a control on
    malfunction of hormonal glands. And some others
    try to overcome their habitual problems such as
    alcoholic or mental stress or anxieties. Some
    commonly used drugs and injections are oral
    preparation called clomiphene citrate and FSH
    injections which used to trigger the hormonal
    secretion but sometimes having a risk of multiple
    follicle development, which results in multiple

  • Some used to believe that after menstrual flow
    into the Fallopian tubes/the pelvic and abdominal
    cavity during menstruation, endometrial tissues
    get deposited in unusual locations, may leads to
    endometriosis. Another possibilities may be due
    to grow up of primitive cells into other form of
    tissues such as endometrial cells.
  • This can be diagnosed accordingly to different
    stages. We follow pain medication, injecting
    hormones and surgical method to get you

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Station, Karol Bagh, Delhi-110060 Phone 91-9999
925 201
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