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Self-Concept: Civil Identity - Introduction to Social Psychology


KEY WORDS: Civil Identity, unequally yoked, equally yoked, social-psychology, violation of social mores, deviancy, deviancies, abnormal psychology, psychopathogy, equallyoked, equallyokedtarian, equallyokedtariaism, dyadic psychology, sociology 101, marriage, family, and child psychology, sociocultural anthropology, human ecology KEY WORDS: Unequally yoked, equally yoked, social-psychology, violation of social mores, deviancy, deviancies, abnormal psychology, psychopathogy, equallyoked, equallyokedtarian, equallyokedtariaism, dyadic psychology, sociology 101, marriage, family, and child psychology, sociocultural anthropology, human ecology – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Self-Concept: Civil Identity - Introduction to Social Psychology

  • and
  • Social Mores

  • The Self-Concept is the integrated sum total of
    the all PoVs (Points of Views) the Therapist,
    and the IP (Identified Patient), and the
    supporting SoP (Significant other Persons) report
  • IP (Identified Patient) -
  • Question Just how do I see my self?
  • SOP (Significant other Person) (or
    Persons/People) -
  • Question How does the patient see him/her self
    from the SoPs point of view?

The integrated sum total of all POVs
  • Therapist -
  • Question How do I see how the IP sees
    him/her self from where I am looking at the IP?

Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
Civil identity
  • Civil Identity is the array of collective
    features of an individual that minimally
  • Ethnicity
  • Political Party
  • Race
  • Color
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Marital Status
  • Etc.

Social Identity
  • A persons sense of belongingness to a collective
    of important identified social categories/groups
    such as
  • Citizenship a Nation Residency Location of
  • Property OWNERship or co-Ownership in Real
  • e.g., homes, vacation homes, office buildings,
    land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars,
    boats, planes, etc.
  • Profession a trade, vocation, skill, craft
    boards or unions, etc
  • Education Credentials, degrees, diplomas,
    certifications, documentation of schools
    successfully attended.
  • Religious Title Status in religious (or
    political) organizations.
  • Socio-economic class Amount of money in bank, in
    stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and

- Social Psychology
Self-Concept All POVs (Points of Views)
Point-of-View of the IP How he/she sees
An equallyokedtarian?
Point-of-View of the Therapist, AND, how the IP
AND SoP sees the IP all together
Point-of-View of the IPs SoP i.e., how the SoP
sees the IP
An equallyokedtarian?
An equallyokedtarian?
Social Mores
  • Violation of social mores (unequallyoked
    couples significating their presence) in public
    places are violators of cultural/multicultural
    well established social mores and therefore
    can be regarded as a common law.
  • Innocent, naïve, and gullible individuals who are
    tricked, duped, scammed and/or hussled into
    unequallyoked relationships-for what ever reason
    (sex, human slavery, or money) are violators of
    social mores.
  • Rescue of the unequallyoked (violators of
    social mores) by posse teams or/as standbyers
    should be well rewarded by directed deposit
    into each individual standbyers bank account

Psychiatric Sociology
  • Thoughts and Thinking disorder /disunion-
  • Cyclic-etiologic Factors
  • Biologic Causes Air pollutants Water
    contaminants Food toxins and poisons
  • Psychologic Causes Mental/Factual Lies Moral
    Perversions Emotional Abuse
  • Social/Cultural Causes Unequallyoked

PSYCHO Disordered Thoughts and Thinking
BIO Brain Toxins/ Chemistry
The Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model/
Lifestyle and Epigenetics
Equallyoked vs. Unequally Yoked
Competitive capitalism competing financially for
a mate/ i.e., a marriage partner.
An individual with/or without a clear
understanding of his/or her.own civil identity
has to be -- ---a little bit of a capitalist, a
little bit of a socialist, and a little bit of a
communist--- ---to make an impression on a
mate/marital partner
Community humanitarianism love for native
animals, ecology, pets, livestock, to demonstrate
Humoring socially entertaining with humor,
comical jokes, comedianship for making laughter.
Introduction to Social Psychology
Biopsychosociocultural factors
Hot heated temperatures
Smoke and fumes
Air pollution
Unequallyoked individuals
Toxic substances
Food impurities
Water contamination
Poisonous chemicals
Congenital DNA defects
Icy cold temperatures
  • Evil
  • The devils goal is to confuse (with drugs) and
    manipulate into mismatched and unequally
    yoked intimacy for sex.
  • Good
  • A believer in Gods duty is to serve God.
  • Serving God actually means to serve God within
    by being in an equallyoked interpersonal
    relationship for the right kind of sex, true
    morality, and naturally good enjoyment.
  • A believers mission is to serve God as an
    equallyokedtarian - Judism, Islamism,
    Christiandom, Buddhism, Hinduism

Hue Cry!
  • Standbyers who witness unequally yoked
    individuals out in the community - whether its
    about drugs, big base-loud music, deceit and out
    and out lies - hue and cry is germaine.
  • A team of bystanders as comitatus of law and
    justice may be rewarded per civic statue for
    being involved in any rescue operations of
    intimate unequallyoked individuals.
  • Payments maybe direct deposited into the bank
    accounts of standbyer rescuers
  • or posses.

  • Posses are small teams of men and women with a
    background of having been drafted by the military
    and have learned to take risks - in assisting
    families whose loved one is unequallyoked.
  • The posse as a team-plans tactics and strategies
    to enter into the unequallyoked individuals
    life whether a woman or a man and instigate
    a peaceful release from the unequallyoked
    relationship as unequallyoked is a violation
    of social mores.
  • Separation, secret safe-shelter, and divorce are
    viable options for un-doing what adversive
    forces has done to the innocent, naïve, and
    gullible individuals who are deliberately
    violating social mores and in unequallyoked
    and incompetencies.

  • Posse comitatus is the common-law or statute law
    providing authority of the people to make a
  • Any individual (man and woman) who has been
    drafted into the military with their oaths has
    the constitutional authority to be a posse
    member/thus a rescuer..
  • as conscript any able-bodied men and women
    assisting in rescuing a innocent, naïve, and
    gullible from an unequallyoked situation - thus
    keeping the peace (See similar hue and cry).

  • and
  • Social Mores