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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Delhi -

Description: – It is a cosmetic surgery clinic based in New Delhi, India. It was established by Dr. AjayaKashyap with an objective to offer world-class yet affordable cosmetic surgery procedures to people.For more details related to Cosmetic Surgery visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Delhi -

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Delhi
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Shed Excessive Fat Deposits with Liposuction
Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi
  • "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"
    is an age old saying. However, the one who said
    this did not think that a large number of women
    and men would opt for plastic surgery for
    improving aesthetic value. Of all cosmetic
    procedures, liposuction is one of the most
    sought-after techniques for getting rid of
    excessive body fat, particularly in those areas
    which could make the entire body unattractive.
    Liposuction cosmetic surgery in Delhi lets you
    get the best advice as the city is home to some
    of the leading cosmetic surgeons.
  • Cosmetic surgeon performs comprehensive
    medical check-up before recommending the
    procedure. Liposuction refers to the procedure
    for removing excessive fat deposits below the
    skin making use of a hollow stainless steel tube
    known as cannula with the help of a powerful
    vacuum. It can be performed with local
    anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. The most
    commonly treated areas are breast and abdomen,
    however it is also performed on thighs, neck,
    hips, arms, waist, back, face, chin, chest,
    calves and inner knee.
  • If you want to improve any of your body
    parts then you might be the right candidate for
    cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery procedures
    facelift can help you enhance your face features
    which will make you look appealing and also boost
    your confidence. There are several popular
    cosmetic surgery procedures which are performed
    for beautifying the looks of a person. Along
    with liposuction cosmetic surgery in Delhi, you
    can also consult plastic surgeon for tummy tuck
    and breast reduction

Three Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
  • Advancement in medical field has brought
    drastic change in the lives of people. One of the
    most important branches of medicine is cosmetic
    or plastic surgery. And, its growing significance
    is pretty justified with an increasing number of
    people preferring undergoing knife for achieving
    desired looks. Living in appearance conscious
    society further triggers the demand for several
    cosmetic surgery procedures. However of all
    procedures, it is the face cosmetic surgery which
    has become highly popular. You can get most
    effective results if you fix an appointment with
    surgeon for face cosmetic surgery in Delhi. On
    the basis of desire and needs of the patient,
    facial cosmetic procedures are performed for
    improved looks.
  • Given below are some of the most popular
    facial cosmetic procedures
  • Chin Augmentation It is highly popular among
    both women and men. It is accomplished through
    facial implants for chin advancement or
    enlargement. Chin augmentation surgery adds
    proportion to the chin providing right balance to
    facial features. Those who have a weak chain
    might be well aware that it gives the neck a
    fleshy look. It emphasizes the size of a normal
    nose making large nose appear big. Through this
    surgical procedure, harmony in facial features is
    achieved while overall facial structure is
  • Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery It helps in
    improving the appearance of eyelids. The surgery
    is performed either the lower or upper lids, or
    both, on the basis of the patients need. No
    matter whether you are having functional problems
    with eyelids or want to enhance your overall
    appearance, Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery makes
    for one of the best ways to rejuvenate the area
    surrounding eyes.
  • Facelift surgery Also known as rhytidectomy, it
    is a surgical procedure which helps in improving
    the visible signs of aging on the neck and face.
    Some of the most common signs of aging are
  • Fat that has either disappeared or fallen
  • Sagging which appears in the middle of your face
  • Deep creases which appear along nose extending
    your mouths corner
  • Deep creases which appear beneath your eyelids
  • Facelift surgery is performed in conjunction with
    eyelid surgery for rejuvenating ageing eyes or
    brow lift for correcting deeply furrowed or
    sagging brow.

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in India Helps You Get
Firm and Flat Breasts
  • Having a breasts like female or man boobs
    can cause embarrassment to anyone. In the recent
    years, there has been sudden rise in the number
    of men suffering from the problem. You no longer
    have to live with this condition as the treatment
    is very much possible. Consult the best
    gynecomastia surgeon in India and rest assured
    you can get results which will change your life,
    for better. Male chest reduction surgery cost in
    India has been kept affordable. Male breast
    reduction surgery is performed by the best
    gynecomastia surgeon in India.
  • Male breast, also known as gynecomastia,
    is one of the most physical abnormalities which
    is faced by men. Often, the condition is linked
    with obesity too. Physically, it is simply a flaw
    which is visible in the appearance and shape of
    the chest of men. This kind of condition is
    easily treatable provided you choose the most
    experienced gynecomastia specialist in Delhi.
    Also known as man boobs surgery, it can help men
    get rid of the condition and regain confidence
    and self-esteem.
  • Men who are uncomfortable with the
    excessive and abnormal fatty deposits on chest
    are the right candidate for consulting the best
    gynecomastia surgeon in India. Popularly known
    as male breast reduction cosmetic surgery, you
    can consult, Dr. Ajay Kashyap, best cosmetic
    surgeon in world to get effective results. You
    can find out detailed information about male
    chest reduction surgery cost in India by visiting
    their website. Only men who are more than 18
    years of age, emotionally stable, physically
    healthy and have realistic expectations from the
    surgery should consider undergoing it.
  • Most men suffering gynecomastia are
    satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. The
    results are permanent giving masculine-looking,
    firm and flat chest. Just choose gynecomastia
    specialist in Delhi so as to get effective

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Delhi An Overview!
  • A mommy makeover is descriptive term. It
    has caught the attention of modern day women. It
    refers to a combination of different cosmetic
    procedures which help in restoring your
    appearance and looks you had before pregnancy.
    When you find out about mommy makeover surgery in
    Delhi, you will get to know that abdomen and
    breast are the two most focussed parts of the
    surgery. Usually, mommy makeover surgery in
    Delhi comprise of a tummy tuck, breast surgery
    augmentation or reduction and liposuction of the
    trunk, arms or legs. Although the term mommy
    makeover is a new term, most cosmetic procedures
    have a safe, long and successful track.
  • Breast enlargement surgery in Delhi
  • The most common problem faced by women
    who have had kids are loss breast volume or
    sagging breasts along with presence of stretch
    marks as well as loose skin all over the abdomen.
    In the recent years, even those women who have
    never thought of undergoing cosmetic surgery are
    tapping the advantages which come along with
    breast enlargement surgery in Delhi. Breast
    enlargement aims to restore or increase the size
    of breast using saline implants, silicone gel
    implants or fat grafting.
  • Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi
  • No one likes flabby abdomen which is
    consequential to excess skin, poor skin
    elasticity, fat as well as stretching of the
    abdominal muscle (rectus muscle) and inner girdle
    of connective tissue(fascia), which extends from
    the ribs to the pubic bone. It is the inner
    girdle which holds internal organs in place
    however at the time of pregnancy or gaining
    weight, it gets stretched protruding stomach.
    This is when tummy tuck surgery in Delhi can help
    you get excellent results. Tummy tuck surgery in
    Delhi removes loose and excessive fat and skin
    tightening slack fascia, removing excess skin
    deposits and stretch marks in the lower button
    beneath the belly button.
  • Liposuction cosmetic surgery
  • Liposuction cosmetic surgery is one of
    the most commonly performed surgeries. It can
    help patients get rid of excessive fat deposits
    and skin in arms, hips, thighs, neck, knees,
    chest and legs. It lets you get back desired

Flaunt confidence by undergoing hair transplant
surgery in Delhi
  • Tits and bits when your hair falls, you
    very well know where you are heading to!In the
    recent years, many people are complaining of hair
    fall. There is no iota of doubt in the fact that
    there are several reasons which have contributed
    to this condition. Near about 60 percent of men
    face the situation at some stage or the other in
    their life. If you are also the one who is
    worried because of hair loss then hair transplant
    surgery in India is what you need to consider.
    Hair transplant clinic Delhi can be consulted to
    get the right advice regarding the procedure.
  • When you undergo hair transplant surgery
    in India then you can be assured to get most
    effective results provided you have chosen the
    reliable and renowned hair transplant clinic
    Delhi. The surgery involves moving hair follicles
    and scalp hair from the donor area to the area
    with baldness or thinning. It results in natural
    hair growth. Results of hair transplant surgery
    in India might take five to eight months to be
    visible but one can assured of the best
    treatment. In most of the cases, patient has to
    attend several sessions to achieve the right

Best Rhinoplasty Surgery India Performed for
aesthetic and medical reasons alike!
  • Desire to look beautiful, attractive and
    charming is synonymous to both men and women
    alike. Given the fact that we are living in an
    age how one looks directly affects confidence and
    self-esteem, demand for cosmetic procedures have
    gone up. Medical science has advanced, and with
    it the possibility to achieve better and improved
    looks. Nose, being an integral part of face, if
    is not in proportion with other facial features,
    can affect appearance largely. If you want to
    undergo Best Nose Surgery in Delhi then simply
    visit websites of cosmetic surgery clinics
    providing such procedures.
  • Best Rhinoplasty Surgery India is
    commonly known as nose job, and is performed
    widely for improving the shape and size of nose
    by modifying cartilage or the bone. Of several
    cosmetic surgery procedures performed today, nose
    surgery is one of the most common procedures.
  • Reasons for nose surgery
  • Reasons for Best nose surgery in India
    vary from one person to the other. Some get it
    done for improving the shape of nose while others
    want to get rid of medial issues. There are many
    people who were able to overcome birth defect or
    breathing problems after undergoing this surgery.
    Some of the possible changes that might be done
    during the procedure are mentioned below
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • A change in angle
  • Reshaping the tip
  • A change in size
  • Straightening of the bridge
  • It is obvious for you to look for the
    cosmetic clinic providing best nose surgery in
    India. If rhinoplasty is performed for improving
    the shape of your nose rather than health them
    wait until your nasal bone is completely grown.
    However, if you are undergoing nose surgery
    because of any kind of breathing impairment then
    it can be performed even at a younger age. You
    can get best nose surgery in Delhi, the national
    capital, for it is home to some of the leading
    cosmetic surgeons.

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