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Bleeding Piles Treatment In Ayurveda


This power point presentation describes about bleeding piles treatment in ayurveda. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bleeding Piles Treatment In Ayurveda

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Bleeding Piles Treatment In Ayurveda
99 out of 100 health problems of our generation
are gifts of a hectic stressful lifestyle and an
unhealthy way of eating and sleeping. One such
problem that people dread is piles Piles is a
condition where swellings comprising of enlarged
blood vessels develop just near the anus and they
are classified as internal and external piles and
are also called bleeding piles. Piles are common
in men and women but they are worse in women.
Bleeding Piles Treatment In Ayurveda
The worst part of piles is they can bleed due to
friction with stool and the person passes hard
stool as a result which is very painful. Pile
mass is present near the anal opening and is
present in every human being but it becomes
painful in some cases. Moreover, they are
classified as 1. Bleeding piles The torturous
mass of veins that bleeds is termed as bleeding
Causes Of Bleeding Piles
These are extremely troublesome because they
cause physiological as well as psychological
effects on a person's health. The extreme blood
loss causes weakness, dizziness and anemia. The
main cause of piles is definitely due to weak
digestion and pressure on intestines. This
happens due to difficult to digest, greasy and
sticky food which does not get digested properly
by the stomach and intestines and further leads
to constipation and release of toxins.
Causes Of Bleeding Piles
Since constipation is the main reason for piles
development, treating this condition and
increasing water intake and avoiding spicy greasy
food can help a lot. 2. Non bleeding piles When
the pile mass is present and causes equal
discomfort but does not bleed, it is called the
condition of non-bleeding piles. The dry piles
can cause irritation and discomfort while sitting
and during excreting.
Causes Of Bleeding Piles
It is seen that the people of age group 40 to 60
are more prone to pile problems. The idle
lifestyle, long working hours and sitting in one
place, driving etc., are reasons of hemorrhoid
development. It is necessary that piles be
treated from their root cause from avoiding them
to reappear. Ayurveda terms piles as 'Arsh'. Arsh
means enemy in literal terms. The three main
veins surrounding the anus swell up and develop
into hemorrhoids.
Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemorrhoids
This treatment is effective and remove the
problem from its root cause by treating the
constipation problem. Eating fiber rich foods,
drinking plenty of water, eating fruits, losing
weight if applicable, not straining while passage
of stools, not holding the urge to excrete,
regularizing routine of eating and sleeping,
exercising daily and taking breaks while working
long hours are some preventive and curative home
measures one must follow.
Pilesgon Capsules
Pilesgon capsules are a part of ayurvedic
treatment for piles. The herbal medicinal potent
formula of these capsules help regulating
digestion and reduce the swelling caused due to
piles. Their ingredients such as reetha,
nagkesar, kalijiri make the pills totally natural
and free of chemicals, colorants and fillers.
They repair the damaged tissues and prevent
recurrence of piles by improving the circulation
of blood in vascular region.
Pilesgon Capsules
They are free of medical prescription and 1 to 2
capsules a day can help treating the problem over
some time. Apart from these there are some home
remedies like consumption of turmeric, garlic,
ginger, grapes, figs, turnip, sesame seeds,
onions and bananas are also advised if you are in
initial stages of hemorrhoids.
Health Tips To Cure Piles
Moreover, prevention is always better than cure
and hence one must take all precautions for
staying away from such diseases.
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