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10 Tips To Help You Green Your Office


Going green is fast becoming a way of life for many of us at home but how often do we think of the offices where we work? If you haven’t really given it much thought now’s a good time to start. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 10 Tips To Help You Green Your Office

10 Tips To Help You Green Your Office
  • Going green is fast becoming a way of life for
    many of us at home but how often do we think of
    the offices where we work? If you havent really
    given it much thought nows a good time to start.

  • Its easy to integrate simple routines into your
    work day that will help all of us to lessen the
    impact we have on our Eco-system. Contrary to the
    popular belief that going green will cost you
    more, the reality is you usually will save money
    in the long run. So lets take a look at 10
    simple ways to go green in the office.

1 Shut down Computers Printers When Not Being
  • Just about all of us in just about every business
    now use computers it has become our central
    tool. We all too often forget how much energy
    these machines use and leave them on. Optimize
    the energy settings on these and other devices
    can save a lot of energy over the long run.

  • You can set computers to their energy saving
    settings while using them and shut them down when
    you leave for the day. Dont be fooled by the
    standby setting, the unit will continue to draw
    power in this mode. Dont forget the printers,
    same thing, turn them off when leaving but
    remember to power down ink jet printers because
    they need to seal the cartridges. Lets make this
    easy, put everything you use at your desk on a
    power strip and just push one button when leaving
    and your done!

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2 Go Paperless Wherever You Can
  • Even though we sell Eco-friendly ink and toners
    for printers we dont pull any punches and will
    always give you the best thing you can do for the
    environment. You should go digital where ever
    this makes sense for you. There are plenty of
    ways to go digital now with products like Dropbox
    (make this a link).

  • By using this product you can save just about
    everything you used to print and store in a file
    cabinet in electronic form. Anyone in the world
    that has access to the product can open the files
    contained within.  Depending on the settings you
    chose other members of your team can view them,
    edit them and add or delete files.

  • Using software like this you not only save on
    paper but also on office space because you
    greatly reduce the amount of filing cabinets you
    need. One other piece of software that helps on
    saving paper is a product called Greenprint
     (make a link to this)which helps to eliminate
    blank pages from documents before printing.

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3 Choose a Font That Saves on Ink
  • Your first reaction may very well be like mine,
    how much can just changing fonts save me. It can
    save a ton! A company called Ecofont has a
    product that can save you up to 50 on printing
    cost. Ecofont leaves small holes in each font
    that is not visible to the naked eye thus saving
    on ink.

  • There is also other options you can choose that
    saves paper by printing without unnecessary
    images or printing only small selections from a
    long email conversation. Saving 50 on any line
    item cost in your office is a big deal by
    anyones standard. They offer three versions,
    Home Edition, 3-Pack and Enterprise edition. This
    is probably the easiest and most cost effective
    way to save paper, ink, and money in your office.

4 Use Smart Power strips
  • The use of Power Strips on all of your equipment
    will help to curb the Phantom Load which can
    save you a surprising amount on your electric
    bill. Just shutting off your laser printer when
    youre not using it, for example, could save you
    as much as 120 annually. Imagine if you have a
    fleet of laser printers and you did this to all
    of them, the savings can really add up

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5 Electricity Monitor
  • Go to your local hardware store and get an
    Electricity Monitor. Some local libraries will
    even loan you one so you can see where the energy
    hogs are in your office. Again for just a few
    dollars you could very easily save hundreds every

6 Switch to LED Light Bulbs
  • This is an obvious one but its so important it
    belongs in the top 10 ways to green your office.
    Change those light bulbs to the new LED light
    bulbs. They give the same light for less than
    one-quarter of the electricity and can last for
    up to 20 years. Yes they do cost more than a
    standard light bulb but how long do they last?
    This one is really a no brainer.

7 Buy less stuff!
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle. This is a tough one
    for many of us but by buying less we are helping
    to lower our carbon foot print. All the products
    we buy have to be manufactured somewhere and
    where there is manufacturing you can bet there is
    some form of pollution going on.

8 Avoid Unnecessary Printing
  • Only print what you absolutely need to. If you
    really take a look at what you are printing you
    may be surprised at how much you print a week and
    then toss the printed material in the trash. Any
    web page or document can be saved to your
    computer or in one of many cloud based services.

9 Choose Eco-friendly office supplies
  • Before buying office supplies the next time take
    a few minutes and see if there is an alternative
    that you can buy that is Eco-friendly. There
    still seems to be a misconception out there that
    if you go green it will cost more, that is not
    always the case.

10 Repair Your Computers
  • Repairing your computers is a great way to go
    green and save you a ton of money. Our generation
    seems fixated on always having to buy the newest
    and the fastest. Its amazing the upgrades that
    can be installed on computers to being them back
    to better than new condition and run faster to in
    many cases for much less than it would cost you
    to buy new.

  • We truly hope some of these suggestions will get
    you going on the path to a greener office and as
    always we would love to hear from you on how you
    have taken steps to go green in your office. The
    way I look at it if we all share our ideas it
    makes it easier for all of us.

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