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Prevent Underweight Problem With Safe Natural Methods


This powerpoint presentation describes about prevent underweight problem with safe natural methods. You can find more detail about FitOFat capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Prevent Underweight Problem With Safe Natural Methods

Prevent Underweight Problem With Safe Natural
Methods To Prevent Underweight
  • Underweight problem can cause weakness,
    tiredness, loss of bone density and it can harm
    the immune system of the body. The problem of
    underweight is common in people who skip
    breakfast to look thin or have lost appetite due
    to stress. Eating disorders e.g. not taking
    nutritious foods, irregular eating habits, taking
    too little and stress can cause mineral
    deficiency in body that can cause osteoporosis or
Methods To Prevent Underweight
  • Underweight people are more prone to infectious
    diseases and even if the eating habits changes,
    body fails to gain healthy weight. Although fat
    has been condemned for improper weight gain, all
    kinds of fats are not harmful and may not cause
    obesity. Also certain natural methods to prevent
    underweight problem can be taken to promote body
    mass index and to gain healthy weight.
FitOFat Capsules
  • Herbs such as Mucuna pruriens and Withania
    somnifera help to enhance the levels of proteins
    and minerals in body. It is one of the key
    ingredients of FitOFat capsules that help to
    improve muscle strength and prevent weakness
    caused by loss of body weight. Mucuna pruriens is
    recommended for bodybuilders as it can help in
    gaining muscle density and thickness around the
    arms and chest.
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  • Natural methods to prevent underweight problem
    contain herbs which can help in providing body
    with minerals to prevent deficiency diseases and
    weaknesses caused by underweight problem.
Ingredients In FitOFat Capsules
  • Pueraria Tuberosa, Eclipta Alba Hassk,
    Phyllanthus Emblica are other herbs normally
    found in herbal weight gain cures. Pueraria
    tuberosa is a medicinal plant used as nutritious,
    expectorant and diuretic that has
    phyto-constituent's e.g, puerarin, tuberosin and
    isoflavonoids that can interact with milk
    proteins. Studies claim the extracts of the plant
    reduces lipid peroxidation and works as
    therapeutic that has immuno stimulatory effects
    on human body.
Ingredients In FitOFat Capsules
  • Traditionally, Pueraria tuberosa was believed to
    be effective in curing coronary heart ailments
    and allergies. It exhibits anti hyperglycemic
    properties in diabetic rats and provides
    protection to body against toxic stimuli. Studies
    find it can modify risk factors related to
    endothelial dysfunction e.g. coagulation, blood
    sugar, blood lipids and oxidative stress.
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  • Eclipta Alba hassk can relax muscles and tissues.
    It works effectively in reducing anger and was
    tested positive on animal models. It works as
    liver tonic that can protect liver against
    viruses and toxins. The herb has anti-fibrotic
    effect which was tested in laboratory as the
    phyto chemical Eclalbasaponin II was able to
    reduce hepatic stallate cell proliferation in
Ingredients In FitOFat Capsules
  • The studies showed the herb Eclipta in natural
    methods to prevent underweight problem appears to
    inhibit viral replications due to the presence of
    bioactive photochemical.
  • Natural methods to prevent underweight problem
    contains Phyllanthus emblica rich in minerals and
    vitamins. It has anti-ulcer properties and can
    help in controlling the risk factors of diabetes.
Ingredients In FitOFat Capsules
  • Phyllanthus emblica has positive effects on
    memory and anti-inflammatory effects on human
    body. It is rich in anti-oxidants and can control
    blood sugar effectively. Additionally, it
    restricts the damage to healthy body subsystems
    from radiations and harmful chemicals.
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