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Must have Apps which can supercharge your BigCommerce store


BigCommerce experts have made a trailblazing impact with Apps that promise an outstanding inventory, marketing, accounting, shipping management and much more. Check out some of the most useful apps for your BigCommerce. If you are looking for a BigCommerce Store Development Service drop us an email or talk to our BigCommerce Experts 347-732-2736. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Must have Apps which can supercharge your BigCommerce store

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Top 10 Must Have BigCommerce Apps for 2016
To get an idea on how these Apps have made
E-commerce a game changer in the business world,
here is a fine list
Vantage (Free)  Understanding the value of time
and money, Vantage can be the requisite app for
your online business. It examines the store
performance and aims on driving more revenue.
Vantage has above a 100 metrics with information
on gender break down, revenue, and the list of
the highest selling products. This BigCommerce
app is capable of building constructive marketing
campaigns on Facebook and E-mail
Refund Retriever ( of refunds)  Refund
Retriever is a highly functional app for parcel
and freight auditing. It ensures money refund for
the packages that are delivered late. Along with
this, Refund Retriever provides analysis based
information on discounts and for improving
shipping operations. You can save money if there
are any issues with fake addresses, duplicate
charges and wrong surcharges with a refund
Get4it (99/month) If you would like to optimize
your product cost with a figure which will
complement a greater profit and give a stiff
competition to your competitors, then this
Bigcommerce app should be a must-have in your
App-list. It is feature-filled and synchronizes
easily with your online store. To be a successful
entrepreneur, you must be aware of the pricing
standards of your competitors and this big
commerce app is a great tool to assure that.
Tidio Automation Promo (Free)  A clear
communication is essential for a successful
virtual business. Tidio Automation builds its app
based on this module and establishes a
personalized interaction through E-mails based on
different types of visitor situations. Every mail
has its own significance to convert their leads.
Each time a visitor makes a new account, fails to
proceed in the payments section or registers for
a discount coupon etc, Tidio Automation Promo
sends an email promptly to assist the customers
accordingly. It also sends recurring reminder
emails, to keep the customers engaged and
increase the likelihood of future sales.
Refersion (27/month) It facilitates in fast
launching of affiliate programs. Refersion
supports different background of stores and
builds a Go-live Checklist. This ensures linking
with your cart, enhance branding features along
with a fast customization of account settings. 
Our Bigcommerce experts  monitors the performance
of each affiliate through this app and also
embraces new customers to be engaged with your
In stock alerts and back in stock notifications
(15/month) Out of stock is a prevalent issue in
an E-commerce business. To correct that, In stock
alerts tracks down the availability of every
product and informs you instantly with an email
if any product is out of stock.  Automatically
the add to cart button gets substituted by a
button which assures the notification of the item
once it is back. Thus when a customer finds his
product unavailable then instead of quitting
midway he can click the substituted button and
enter his email Id to get a future update on its
availability. In this way the app assures
customer satisfaction and makes sure that you can
track all your products effectively with a note
on the ones that are high in demand.
Receiptful (Free) Receiptful leverages the power
of email receipts as a significant marketing tool
with attractive visually interactive and tailored
upsells. It uses highly advanced analytics to
make the most of an enhanced customer engagement.
With this beautiful app you can ensure a fabulous
presentation of your receipt in tablets, phones
and even in desktop computers.
Better coupon box (Free) Better coupon box
attracts new customers with discounted coupon
codes. With its intuitive responsive design it
appears and engages customers instantly whenever
they will open your online store.  In this way
Better coupon box will strive to convert every
visitor into your potential customer. This Big
Commerce app makes sure that you have a huge fan
following from Twitter, Facebook, Google, P
interest along with increased chances of lead
Unlock an offer (Call for Pricing) This app
gives eye-catching offers/discounts whenever a
new visitor registers in your online store. The
app accompanies with easy customization features.
Thus any deals or offers can be conveniently
modified by your associate at any time. From the
time of registration, it guarantees an escalation
in your conversion rate that can be from 10 to
up to 40.
Social Login (9/month) In contrast to the
conventional time consuming processes in account
creation, Social Login enables a simple
registration process using social media sites.
The most prominent social networking sites that
it uses include Facebok, Google, Twitter and
Instagram. As most people have their social media
profiles on these forums, thus Social Login is
highly useful for a faster account creation. 
With an easy account creation, there is a
substantial increase in the number of registered
users.  No longer will you need to trouble your
customers by involving them in a prolonged
registration process.
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You can find me at
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