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NetSuite cloud program offered by BM Online


The NetSuite cloud program offered by BM Online has helped ecommerce business to build better relationships with their customers. It has helped companies to fully understand their customer’s requirement before serving them with best solutions. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: NetSuite cloud program offered by BM Online

APAC Region Customers
ABS-CBN Streamlined Business Using NetSuite
Two-Tier ERP model
  • Challenges
  • Costly IT maintenance for patchwork of software
    applications across multiple operating regions
  • Lacked worldwide visibility into sales
    effectiveness and inventory levels
  • Adding new customers, products, promotions, and
    locations required IT support and resulted in
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Flexible, efficient two-tier ERP model with
    integrated reporting into parent company's SAP
  • Self-service capabilities eliminated dependence
    on IT
  • Flexible and reliable CRM, inventory tracking,
    and accounting across multiple operating regions
  • Overview
  • Provider of TV broadcast services
  • Based in Quezon City, Philippines and Redwood
    City, CA
  • Replaced custom CRM and ERP system
  • Chose NetSuite ERP, CRM, and inventory over
    Microsoft Great Plains

NetSuite provides the functionality and
flexibility we needed, and a single version of
the truth, with a reduced initial cost outlay.

Philippines Delivery Service AIR21 Takes Flight
in the NetSuite Cloud
  • Challenges
  • Inconsistent processes inaccurate information
    from lack of integration between previous legacy
    system other applications
  • Couldnt leverage huge volume of customer records
    to cultivate stronger relationships drive
    cross-sell revenue.
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Leverage customer data accumulated over its
    34-year history, netting top-line results without
  • Monitor performance make data-driven decisions
    with 360 view across lead-to-opportunity-to-cash
  • Field personnel utilizing NetSuites mobile
    capabilities for data access while on the road
    and meeting with clients.
  • Overview
  • Logistics services ranging from door-to-door
    delivery, sea freight, crating, warehousing,
  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • Customer since 2012
  • Replaced heavily customized legacy CRM
  • Using NetSuite CRM

The reporting capabilities of NetSuite allow us
to keep stakeholders informed in a simple yet
elegant fashion.

Alpha Energy Powers Up Its Distribution Business
on NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry with
    MYOB and Microsoft Access desktop applications
  • Costly downtime from occasional on-premise server
  • Payments and invoicing through MYOB affected
    staff productivity, slowing cash flow
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Improved staff productivity by 20 since
    disparate MYOB and Microsoft Access applications
    were replaced
  • Real-time visibility across financials, CRM,
    inventory, sales and procurement
  • Role-based profiles give personnel flexibility to
    manage warehousing, sales, website, marketing,
    procurement etc.
  • Overview
  • Wholesale distributor of electrical power
  • Based in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia
  • Customer since 2007
  • Replaced MYOB, Microsoft Access
  • Using NetSuite, NetSuite Financials, Inventory
    Management, Order Management, SuiteCommerce, CRM,
    Marketing Automation

NetSuite is an amazingly efficient program that
makes our business much more effective than we
were with our old systems.

Antech Saves 75 On IT Costs and Grows Home
Delivery Business 250 With NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Hairball of multiple applications created errors,
    delays, and inventory inaccuracies
  • Lack of consistent process controls and
    scalability prevented growth of home delivery
  • Disparate systems meant no real-time visibility
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Faster delivery and more consistent customer
    experience due to superior inventory controls
  • Home delivery business has grown 250
  • Rich customer demographic data collected led to
    profitable spinoff of consumer intelligence
  • Overview
  • Paediatric nutrition specialist
  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • Customer since 2008
  • Switched from MYOB, Access, spreadsheets, other
    point solutions
  • Using OneWorld

NetSuite has a best-in-class system with controls
that are tested and proven in the real world.

NetSuite OneWorld Helps Enable 200 Growth at
Atlassian Software
  • Challenges
  • Couldnt handle rapid growth with existing
  • Needed to consolidate across subsidiaries, while
    managing 15,000 customers
  • Manual currency conversions increased risk of
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • Real-time consolidation across 7 subsidiaries
    based on sales into 138 countries
  • Automated multi-currency management
  • Leveraging integrated budgeting and planning
  • Overview
  • Business enterprise software company
  • Founded in 2002
  • 225 employees
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Replaced MYOB and spreadsheets
  • NetSuite OneWorld and Financial Planning

No one at Atlassian has to maintain NetSuite...
and it has allowed us to build a stable and
reliable financial platform to support the
company through its dramatic growth.

BearingPoint Saved 250K Using NetSuite OpenAir
  • Challenges
  • Spinning off a 130-employee "startup" within a
    90-day timeframe
  • Needed a complete business software architecture
    but parent companys on-premise solution was too
  • Wanted to boost sales pipeline visibility
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Added pipeline visibility and other functions
    while saving more than 250K in upgrade costs
  • Monthly invoices are now processed in 4 days
    rather than 2 weeks
  • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) has been cut by 30
  • Overview
  • Provider of IT consulting services
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Replaced Sage ACCPAC and PeopleSoft
  • NetSuite OpenAir, financials, CRM

Prior to NetSuite, we were many versions behind
out parent's applications because of the costs
and detailed customizations needed to upgrade.

NetSuite Supports Packaging Company's 176 Growth
Without Adding New Staff
  • Challenges
  • Rapid growth strained existing small business
  • Time consuming deals with multiple third party
    warehouses and costly manual processes
  • Poor visibility of third party suppliers made it
    difficult to track customer orders or resolve
    dispatch problems
  • IT systems were inadequate to support eCommerce
    plans and international growth
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • Supported 172 growth to a 11.2 million turnover
    and doubling in daily orders, without adding
  • Saving approximately 200,000 per year in staff
    time by replacing manual processes with automated
  • 100 faster response times in resolving
    distribution problems
  • Overview
  • Provides environment-friendly solutions and
    materials to companies
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • NetSuite OneWorld
  • Chose NetSuite over Sage CRM, MYOB and other

To grow 176 in 12 months with no slowdown as we
did, we needed it (NetSuite), just as we'll need
it to grow to 500 or 1000 invoices per day in the

NetSuite OneWorld Helps Retailer Grow 60,
Streamline Key Business Processes
  • Challenges
  • Lack of inventory visibility prevented growth
  • Order processing slowed by manual data transfers
    between MYOB and the company's custom Website
  • Manual data entry delayed responses to customer
  • Inventory slowdowns prevented expanding on new
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Instant handling of customers inquiries on
    product availability
  • Cart-abandonment rates decreased from 25 to 10
  • Processing time cut by 75 from time-of-order to
  • Ship orders from 150 to over 600 daily
  • Increase inventory turnover by 30
  • 60 growth with only 10 increase in staffing
  • Overview
  • Plex Pty Ltd.
  • Based in Stanmore NSW, Australia
  • Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and Advanced
  • Switched from MYOB
  • Partners with OnSite

With NetSuite, we can now rely on real-time
inventory information across multiple warehouses
and, in the future, multiple retail stores, so we
no longer have to worry about our future growth
with NetSuite.

NetSuite Transforms Watchdog Choice Into the
Digital Age
  • Challenges
  • Extensive manual processing required to gain
    visibility into overall business performance
  • CHOICE's digital transformation was poorly
    supported by its systems
  • No automated tools to support business growth
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Unified business processes with a single
    application, and major reduction in manual data
  • Reduced time spent on financial reporting saving
    50 days per year
  • Comprehensive and easily mined data to spot
    business trends, and analyse compare product
  • Overview
  • Australian Consumers' Association
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Customer since 2010
  • Switched from On-premise finance and
    subscriptions management applications
  • Using ERP,CRM and Sandbox

NetSuite has given us real-time visibility of our
customers and our financials, which helps
mitigate risk for a publishing company.

DFMS Saves 10,000 Yearly Using NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Losing money because of errors in manually
    prepared invoices
  • Company had no way to foresee changes in rental
    volume by large clients
  • Thin profit margins prohibited Diamond from
    bringing in expensive on-premise IT software
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Billing automation saves 10,000 annually
    through faster, more accurate invoicing
  • Accurate forecasting helps manage rental fleet
    dynamically by responding to changing market
  • Overview
  • Provider of rental car services
  • Based in Paranaque City, Philippines
  • Using NetSuite across accounting, CRM and
  • Chose NetSuite over SAP and Quickbooks

With NetSuite, analytical and reporting tools
are available instantly, from any
Internet-enabled terminal.

Energy Matters Slashes Order to Cash 33 Using
NetSuite OneWorld
  • Challenges
  • Wanted to leverage the growing clean-energy
  • Fragmented software applications
  • Customer questions on complex configuration or
    installation issues often required hour-long
    phone calls
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Saved 200,000 over buying on-premise software
    and servers, and is now doubling revenues yearly
  • Average order-to-cash time has decreased by 33
  • Website price updates now happen instantaneously
  • Customer self-service enables sales to come in
    daily without requiring any employee contact,
    while reducing hour long service calls to 20
  • Overview
  • Provider of clean energy
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Chose NetSuite OneWorld over Microsoft Dynamics
  • Replaced MYOB and SugarCRM

NetSuite has enabled us to grow at a rate faster
than we expected, from 20 people to more than 100
in just a few years.

Australia's Largest Fresh Produce Provider Gains
Significant Market Advantage with NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Previous systems provided limited visibility and
    financial information had to be retrieved from
    multiple sources
  • High level of manual processing
  • Inefficient paper-based inventory
  • Time-consuming work processes
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • Now, with the ability to manage higher stock
    volumes resulting to significant growth and major
    expansion in the past 3 years
  • Saving man-hours with complete, real-time
    visibility of warehouse inventory and improved
    on-time delivery of goods
  • With NetSuites cloud-based system, FPG has
    opened several new sites without delays
  • Overview
  • Fresh produce provider
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • NetSuite OneWorld
  • Replaced DOS-based financial system and MS Excel

NetSuite has paid for itself many times over by
giving Fresh Produce Group significant market
advantage. Cost, ease of use and simple
customisation make it the best ERP choice for us
right now.

Aviation Rental Company Adds 37 Aircraft After
Moving to NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Outsourced accounting couldnt keep up with their
  • Complexity of accounting for airplane rentals,
    debt schedules with global currencies and tax
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Grown from 11 to 48 rental aircraft
  • Greatly accelerated monthly period-end close to
    10 business days
  • Web-based cloud computing architecture eliminates
    need for investing in on-premise resources and
  • Overview
  • Aircraft operating leasing business
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Customer since 2007
  • Switched from outsourcing, manual systems
  • Using OneWorld

We have transactions in Euros, British pounds,
and Australian dollars and NetSuite copes with
the re-translation of these back into our
functional currency of US dollars.

Mining Services Leader GMC Global Strikes Gold
with NetSuite OpenAir PSA
  • Challenges
  • Inconsistent global processes from disconnected
    applications causing inaccurate data
    information delays.
  • The lack of real-time visibility hindered ability
    to centrally manage the business on a global
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Streamlined project management and optimized
    resources of 180 full-time and contract
  • Improved speed and accuracy capturing time and
    expense data from more than 150 consultants in
    the field.
  • Improved back-office productivity by eliminating
    manual, redundant and onerous data input tasks.
  • Overview
  • Professional consulting services to the global
    mining industry
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Customer since 2007
  • Replaced Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac),
    Clicktime, Excel
  • Using NetSuite OpenAir PSA, NetSuite SRP

NetSuite PSA gives us up-to-date information and
visibility globally, which is making a very big
difference to our business.

Eliminate 'Data Management Nightmare' to Engineer
Business Innovation
  • Challenges
  • Patchwork of more than a half-dozen on-premise
    applications made managing the business difficult
  • Delays in reporting and business execution, and
    loss of productivity with double data-entry
  • Continued struggle with a third party service
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • Access to rich reporting with summary-to-detail
    drill-down on a departmental, regional line of
    business basis
  • Single customer view with process workflow,
    billing automation, visual scheduling, project
    costing and support for smartphones and tablets
  • Mobile billing capabilities with electronic
    signature capture enables 85 of invoicing to be
    done in the field
  • Overview
  • Supplier of metalworking machinery and lifecycle
    services to manufacturers
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Replaced Sage Pastel Evolution, SalesLogix,
    ServiceCEO, Vertical Solutions, Briefcase,
    Crystal Reports, Excel
  • Using OneWorld, Inventory Management, Order
    Management, CRM, SuiteCommerce

NetSuite has really helped us to increase the
utilization and efficiency of our engineers as
they now have the ability to know where all
resources are at any given time, and who has
capacity for further work.

NetSuite Cloud Improved ICDs Sales Efficiency 50
  • Challenges
  • Global operations across China, India and SE Asia
    needed sophisticated enterprise wide solution
  • On-premise system had no CRM capabilities, poor
    data flow and reporting resulting in human error
  • Previous solutions offered minimal marketing
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • NetSuite provides easy, fast, and accurate
    tailoring of local tax and VAT rates in each
    operating region
  • Sales Proposal process cut by 50
  • Expanded limited accounting staff into full
    international financial group using OneWorld
  • Integrated marketing campaign, and improved
    customer analysis
  • Overview
  • Provider of security services
  • Founded in 1999
  • Based in Beijing, China
  • Serving 11 cities in Asia
  • NetSuite OneWorld replaced QuickBooks and Excel

Going through SOX compliance with NetSuite has
been easy, inexpensive, and fast.

NetSuite helps Invisalign Australia automate
processes and is Saving About 250K Yearly
  • Challenges
  • Limited accounting software for a complex volume
    discount structure
  • Software limitations hindered global market
  • Handling multiple subsidiaries with
    multi-currency conversions
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Multi-currency and multi-subsidiary support
    produce consolidated financial statements in 4
    seconds, from 5 hours previously
  • Automation has cut weekly invoicing time from 30
    hours to 8 hours
  • 30 growth in three years, while only adding one
    employee for finance
  • Overview
  • Designs, manufactures and markets clear dental
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Customer since 2009
  • Switched from Intuit Quickbooks
  • Using OneWorld

Without NetSuite, we wouldn't be able to grow at
this pace.
NetSuite Helps Distributor Grow By Boosting Cash
Flow, Cutting Order and Delivery Times
  • Challenges
  • Limited business software and manual processes
    restrained international growth opportunities.
  • 5-day turn-around-time for deliveries and a
    2-hour lag-time for remote sales new-order entry
  • Over-stocking and occasional sell-outs due to
    lack of visibility into in-store inventories
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • 20 annual growth, with 250 stores across
  • Instant order entry from remote sales and 50
    improvement in product-delivery time
  • In-store inventories Visibility cut overall
    inventory costs while reducing risk of sell-outs
  • Overview
  • Retail distribution, Christian music
  • Based in Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
  • Customer since 2010
  • Switched from Accurate Software
  • Using NetSuite

With NetSuite, we now know exactly how much
inventory we have in stock, where our money is
going, what our receivables and cash flow look
like, which items are selling best, and which
stores are selling best...

Island Rose Puts a Bloom on Its Business with
  • Challenges
  • Multiple standalone software applications
    derailed efficiency with need to double-and
    triple-encode data
  • On-premise systems introduced needless costs in
    administrative work and periodic server upgrades
  • Disparate desktop applications meant that
    personnel move to different computers for certain
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Order management staff cut by half with
    automation of online order processing of 75,000
    shipments a year
  • NetSuite CRM supplies a single record of 100,000
    registered customers
  • Integration between NS financials Miva Merchant
    ecommerce storefront delivers accurate,
    up-to-date reconciliation without manual
  • Overview
  • Brand name of the Philippine Cut Flower Corp
  • Based in Makati City, Philippines
  • Customer since 2011
  • Switched from QuickBooks, ShipWorks, Excel
  • Using Financials, Inventory Management, Order
    Management, CRM

With NetSuite we're able to process more orders
more efficiently and can grow our business
without growing our staff.

Standardizing ERP at a Fraction of the Time and
Cost of Oracle
  • Challenges
  • Robust growth potential threatened by fragmented,
    unreliable financial information
  • Aggressive expansion goals made consolidated
    financials essential
  • Too lengthy and costly to deploy Oracle worldwide
  • NetSuite OneWorld Benefits
  • Completed rollout to 10 stores in Vietnam took
    two months
  • 265 stores subsequently rolled out in China
  • Automating reporting, and enforce governance
  • Real-time visibility across territories
  • Overview
  • Manila-based fast food company
  • 800m revenue
  • 32,000 employees
  • 1,800 stores
  • Strategic emphasis on rapid global expansion
  • Oracle Financials at corporate

NetSuite OneWorld gives us a way to deliver a
standard platform across the organization in a
timeframe and at a cost that supports our
continued growth and development.

Kitchenware Direct Increases Sales 917 With
NetSuite's Web Mobile Shopfront
  • Challenges
  • Poor integration between MYOB, an inventory
    system, a POS credit card terminal
  • Costly full-time IT support
  • Maintaining multiple websites with separate
  • Order dispatching errors due to manual processing
  • Low mobile device conversion rate
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Threefold sales growth to 5M turnover in the
    first year
  • Full visibility of 6,000 different stock-keeping
  • Order fulfilment error rate down from 2 to 0.2
  • Increased smartphone conversions 5 times
  • Saves 150K yearly over cost of running a
    non-integrated ecommerce solution
  • Overview
  • Based in Perth, Australia
  • Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Advanced Inventory,
    CRM Site Builder and ERP
  • Switched from MYOB, a POS system, an inventory
    system and a credit card transaction terminal

NetSuite was the only ERP system in the
Australian market that could integrate all the
different functions we needed and give us a
seamless process from order completion to

Custom Wheel Manufacturer Doubles Growth, Saves
120,000 Yearly
  • Challenges
  • Meeting the rapid-delivery demands of its 350
    chain stores and wholesale customers
  • Fast response time from Königs own suppliers
    before their custom wheels go out of fashion
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Doubled in sales in 4 years, while saving 120K
    per year over costs of on-premise applications
  • 3-day U.S. deliveries from its CA NY
    warehouses. Just-in-time shipments reduce Königs
    need for physical inventory by 25
  • Supply chain efficiencies have allowed König to
    expand into tire sales
  • Overview
  • Imports and exports automotive parts and
  • Based in Singapore
  • Replaced Flexware and home grown apps
  • Using Site Analytics, Site Builder, Advanced
    Inventory, ERP, CRM SFA

NetSuite lets us look into our suppliers'
workload, and lets our customers see our

Knowledge Universe Gained Agility and Reduced
Costs With NetSuite OneWorld
  • Challenges
  • Needed a solution that could be rapidly deployed
    and scaled to existing and new subsidiaries
  • The cost of implementing an on-premise ERP
    solution for subsidiaries and new acquisitions
    would be cost prohibitive
  • Needed flexibility and transparency into ERP,
    financial management, reporting and analysis in
    the company's subsidiaries
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Four month rollout to 6 subsidiaries
  • Reduced ongoing systems costs by 70
  • Real-time consolidated view of performance across
  • Overview
  • Global education company
  • Based in Singapore
  • 2B annual revenue
  • 40,000 employees
  • 3,700 locations worldwide
  • NetSuite OneWorld and SuiteCloud customization
  • Replaced on premise ERP system

We chose NetSuite OneWorld for its multi-entity
consolidation functionality combined with the
capability to tailor the system to meet the
unique business requirements of each individual

Mailplus' Growth Accelerates 100 with NetSuite
Mobile Cloud
  • Challenges
  • Previous system only provided franchisees with
    basic information about business performance and
    growth opportunities
  • The dial-up system was cumbersome and crashed
  • Performance issues increased the faster Mailplus
    grew and the more franchisees it added
  • Time consuming manual process
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • New customer signings doubled from 200 to 400 per
  • Conversion time reduced from three months to one
  • Saving more than 100,000 yearly on the cost of
    running a dial-up solution
  • Franchisee have access to a robust integrated
    business management tool
  • Overview
  • Offer professional mail pick-up, delivery, and
    courier services
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Replaced MYOB, FileMaker and various spreadsheets
  • NetSuite

Switching to NetSuite gave us the scalable
platform we need to grow our business. More
importantly, our franchisees now have a real-time
view into every aspect of their business,
particularly customer sales.

100 a year growth in a two-tier model for global
consolidation and visibility
  • Challenges
  • System used at the subsidiary level was too
    time-consuming and inflexible to support
    explosive growth
  • Their HQs on-premise ERP expansion system
    requires extensive networking localization
  • Sage financial reporting was slow cumbersome
    with custom reports requiring engagement with
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Two-tier ERP deployment provides U.S. corp.
    parent with real-time web-based visibility into
    subsidiary performance
  • Avoids cost of at least 3 FTE at the subsidiary
    level for accounting IT that would run a
    competing system
  • Streamlines inventory management, warehousing and
    distribution of over 200 SKUs
  • Overview
  • A subsidiary of New York-based NBTY, manufacturer
    of 22,000 nutritional products
  • Based in Beijing, China
  • Customer since 2008
  • Replaced Sage Accpac
  • Using OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, Sandbox
    Environment, Advanced Inventory, Advanced
    Financials, CRM

NetSuite is a very good system that beats
everything we compared it to and it makes the
globe small. Our parent company is in New York
and we're in China, and they get instant,
real-time visibility into our performance.

Objective Corporation Transforms Global Finance
Operations with OneWorld
  • Challenges
  • Global financial transparency limited by
    different accounting systems used in all
    worldwide offices
  • On-premise solution in UK provided limited
    visibility and access for Australian head office
  • Finance team wasted time on data retrieval and
    compilation, rather than adding analysis and
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Complete global visibility across 7 subsidiaries,
    with real-time financial reporting and
  • Monthly financial close accelerated 3x and
    reporting cycles reduced from 15 to 5 days
  • OneWorld multi-currency conversion capabilities
    automate transactions across multiple countries
  • Overview
  • Content, collaboration and information sharing
    solutions for the public sector and regulated
  • Customer since 2011
  • HQ based in Sydney, Australia
  • Switched from MYOB in Asia Pacific, Sage in
    United Kingdom and Excel spreadsheets
  • Using OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld not only meets our current
needs, but gives us the scalability to seamlessly
add products and solutions as required in the

NetSuite helps leading Employee Benefits Company
reduce overheads by 300K
  • Challenges
  • Limited multiple disparate software systems
    prevents growth opportunities
  • Time and money wasted manually tracking and
    reconciling extremely complex pricing model
  • 10 different databases, handling 250,000
    employees through various corporate employee
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • 300K a year savings in end-to-end integration of
    finance, ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce business
  • Preparing monthly invoice run now takes 2 hours
    instead of 3.5 days previously
  • Financial closings used to lag by 46 weeks
    Financials can now can be tracked real time
  • Overview
  • Corporate Employee Benefit management solutions
  • Based in St.Kilda, Australia
  • Customer since 2010
  • Switched from MYOB, Multiple Access and
    home-grown databases
  • Using ERP, CRM

Our product transaction volumes are high and
extremely varied, while our monthly service
charges include retainer and event-driven
recurring revenue. NetSuite and SaaS-In-A-Box
have helped us take control of this complicated
billing structure...

Rags2Riches Focuses on Its Mission to Alleviate
Poverty Among Philippine Artisans in the Cloud
  • Challenges
  • Outgrown previous software and struggling with
    manual paper-based processes
  • Lack of monitoring on raw materials, finished
    goods inventory and product-line profitability
  • Limited resources for on-premise ERP system and
    IT personnel to maintain and troubleshoot the
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Real-time financials inventory management,
    access to critical business information anywhere,
  • 150 increase in revenue and a 3x expansion of
    full-time staff in a year
  • Track work across decentralized artisan community
    improve final assembly of 10,000 products a
  • Overview
  • Social enterprise working to alleviate poverty
    among artisans by selling handmade purses and
    other goods
  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • Switched from Intuit QuickBooks, manual
    paper-based processes
  • Using NetSuite, Advanced Inventory

NetSuite is more than just a toolit's a genuine
partner and like a family.
Red Hare LTD Doubles Sales,Cuts Costs Using
  • Challenges
  • Wanted to take advantage of fast-growing demand
    for consumer electronics products by online
  • Spreadsheet-based system created data entry
    bottlenecks, and caused pricing inaccuracies
  • Shipping errors caused by manual data entry
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Doubled growth to 30 million in sales without
    adding any IT staff
  • Saved 65,000 over the cost of on-premise
    business software
  • End-of-quarter financial reconciliation now takes
    four minutes versus 50 hours with the previous
  • Reduced on-hand inventory by two-thirds
  • Overview
  • Online retailer of consumer electronics
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • Replaced Microsoft Office Accounting, Excel
  • Selected NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Besides helping up keep on a sharp growth curve,
NetSuite has put us at the top of our field.

Philippines' Largest Sugar Producer Sweetens Its
Bottom Line with OneWorld
  • Challenges
  • Poor visibility into financials across the
    operations of Roxas Holdings and its
  • Complex on-premise IT infrastructure required
    laborious maintenance and hand-coding.
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Uses OneWorld to run 3 subsidiaries that operate
    2 sugar mills, a sugar refinery and a bio-ethanol
  • Forecast pricing and profitability amid pending
    reductions in sugar tariffs.
  • Support sales processes of proposals, orders,
    deliveries, customer invoicing payments, and
    procurement of goods from suppliers.
  • Overview
  • Largest sugar producer in the Philippines
  • Based in Makati City, Philippines
  • 125 Users
  • Using NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld

The insight we receive from NetSuite OneWorld,
combined with the flexibility of the platform
across our organization, is helping us in
developing a strong foundation for growth.

Speeds Financial Reporting, Improves Inventory
Accuracy Opens Ecommerce Channel on NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Previous ERP inventory system required a lot of
    manual work and offered little visibility into
    the business
  • Evolve beyond static custom-built website to
    offer ecommerce purchasing to B2B customers
  • Risk of costly overstocks and stock-outs with
    inventory that was difficult to track
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Saves on 1 FTE for bookkeeping with integrated
    financial mgmt. Real time financial reporting
    instead of 3 days
  • SuiteCommerce opened new ecommerce revenue stream
    for customers of consumable products
  • 95 inventory accuracy, leading to greater
    satisfaction among B2B buyers
  • Overview
  • Australian owned operated company specializing
    in supply to the printing, packaging, diemaking
    and digital industries
  • Based in West Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
  • Customer since 2009
  • Replaced Nexus Systems, custom-built website
  • Using ecommerce, CRM and ERP

NetSuite has changed our business... It was an
easy decision to go with NetSuite and the end
result has been very good.

SAHMRI Launches New State-of-the-Art Healthcare
Initiative on NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • SAHMRI needed a cost-effective, proven business
    platform as it expands its operations
  • Move off disparate on-premise systems with its
    high capital costs and on-going maintenance,
    posing efficiency risk
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • A single, cross-functional system to handle all
    core processes and scale as the institute grows
  • Gained per-project financial monitoring and
    multi-level summary-to-detail reporting across a
    AU100M annual budget and several hundred medical
    research projects
  • Streamline procurement of services and goods from
    300 suppliers
  • NetSuite cloud mobility enables an easy
    transition from a temporary quarters to a new
  • Overview
  • Healthcare (first independent medical research
    institute in South Australia)
  • Based in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Customer since 2011
  • Switched from Excel, outsourced accounting
  • Using NetSuite, NetSuite Financials

The beauty of NetSuite is you get all the
functionality of a very large system without
spending a fortune.

Slattery Media has Grown Substantially with
NetSuite with More Clients
  • Challenges
  • Labor-intensive accounting and other processes
    with previous environment of MYOB, FileMaker and
  • Delays guesswork on critical financial and
    operational decisions from Lack of visibility
    into key business metrics.
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Substantial business growth since implementing
    NetSuite in 2008, now serving over 100 clients
    increased workforce 5 times.
  • Eliminated manual work and accelerated processes
    across its pipeline, from bookings to sales
    orders to invoicing and settlement of accounts.
  • Month-end financial close time was reduced from 3
    weeks to only several days.
  • Overview
  • Publishing and communications house
  • Based in Richmond, Australia
  • Customer since 2008
  • Replaced MYOB, Filemaker
  • Using NetSuite Financial Management, Inventory
    Management, Order Management, OneWorld, OpenAir
    PSA, CRM, Revenue Recognition, Recurring Billing

NetSuite is a thousand times better than what we
had. With NetSuite we've seen tremendous savings
and efficiency and have far better reporting.

Spectronics Improved Customer Service, Increased
ROI and International Integration
  • Challenges
  • Spectronics wanted a better VPN solution for
    multi-user access to corporate systems
  • Very little information integration and no data
    integrity between systems
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Always-available Web client access, removing
    operational bottlenecks between international
  • Increased marketing ROI from customer data
  • Complete access to customer profile purchase
    history, giving Training therapy consultants
    faster and more accurate guidance
  • Overview
  • Education, Healthcare, Retail
  • Based in Queensland, Australia
  • Founded in 1985
  • Customer since 2009
  • Switched from QuickBooks, Outlook, custom Access
    databases, eventsPro
  • Using OneWorld

It was obvious to us that the other products were
stitched together. NetSuite is built to be
integrated from the ground up.

SQL Became Globally Competitive With NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Company wanted to expand globally but held back
    by administrative inefficiencies
  • Lack of critical functions, such as customer case
    management, limited company's ability to grow
  • Client billings were inaccurate
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • NetSuite has helped company increase customer
    case management by 50 over old system
  • Improved service and billing accuracy has boosted
    customer satisfaction
  • Timesheet automation is helping company save
    3,000 per year in administrative costs
  • Overview
  • Provider of IT services
  • Based in Makati City, Philippines
  • NetSuite Mid-market International
  • Replaced SugarCRM

NetSuite gave us a way to streamline our internal
processes and automate functions that had been
performed manually, so we will be prepared for
growth and expansion.

Statseeker Saves 200,000 in Maintenance Costs
with NetSuite
  • Challenges
  • Manage efficient global growth
  • Upgrade business processes to prepare for growth
    and improve efficiency
  • Accounting processes were inefficient and
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Saved 200,000 yearly in internal development
  • Saved 300,000 compared to a comparable SAPon
    premise system
  • Saving 150,000 yearly in finance admin costs
  • Profit margins improved to 30
  • Reduced customer-support response times by 40
  • Overview
  • Provider of network monitoring software
  • Founded in 1998
  • Based in Brisbane, Australia
  • NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce
  • Replaced MYOB and Sage ACT!

We needed an enterprise-wide solution so we could
scale our business without adding headcount, and
NetSuite is a great fit.

NetSuite OneWorld Saved TCT Hundreds of Thousands
on IT
  • Challenges
  • Migration from startup software to Microsoft
    Dynamics GP failed after 12 months of significant
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP provided virtually no
    usable reporting data
  • Solving GP problems would require over 100,000
    in hardware, plus additional IT headcount
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Saving over 100,000 in server hardware, plus
    ongoing IT headcount
  • Cut accountant billable hours in half
  • Majority of customizations now managed and
    implemented in-house, saving on consulting fees
  • Overview
  • Provider of tools used in the culinary profession
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Chose NetSuite OneWorld over SAP BusinessOne
  • Replaced Microsoft Great Plains

We quickly realized just how deep NetSuite's
functionality is. NetSuite is powerful enough for
us to enhance, refine, and grow with.

Tree of Life Overcomes Barriers to Growth With
  • Challenges
  • Maintaining a VPN across so many sites was both
    complex and time consuming
  • Managing data across sites took time and risked
    data integrity
  • Software upgrades was a logistic challenge
  • No real-time information
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Real-time data available across all stores and
    the head office
  • Greater insights into the business performance
  • Reduced hardware requirements and eliminated
    ongoing upgrades and maintenance
  • Eliminated the need for provision and maintenance
    of individual VPNs
  • Overview
  • Provider of fair trade clothing and accessories
  • Based in Camperdown, Australia
  • NetSuite running across ERP and CRM
  • 85 users
  • Switched from Markinson Shopkeeper running across

Using NetSuite has allowed us to concentrate on
what's important, secure in the knowledge that
NetSuite has created a strong and reliable system.

NetSuite Helps Temple University Efficiently
Scale Student Recruiting by 20
  • Challenges
  • Needed to handle sudden growth in prospective
    student applications
  • System needed to handle student applications
    coming via Website as well as phone and other
  • Tight cost controls would not allow adding to IT
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Temple efficiently growing 20 per year
  • Boosted the speed of response and follow-up to
    prospect applications
  • Recruiting teams work more efficiently
  • Overview
  • Provider of education services
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Replaced Microsoft Access and Excel
  • Chose NetSuite over and SAP
  • Running Netsuite across CRM and Financials

Since we moved to NetSuite, weve had a flexible,
platform-oriented, extendable, customizable
system that offers complete hosting
functionality. None of the other solutions had

NetSuite OneWorld Ideal for Virgin Money's
Business Model
  • Challenges
  • Bring outsourced accounting function in-house,
    and get robust reporting and efficient financial
  • Manual entry of transactions into their
    accounting software
  • Integrate new product lines, users, and
    subsidiaries without requiring large capital
    expense outlays
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Avoided need for expensive servers and hardware
    with NetSuite's SaaS model
  • Cost savings from more efficient processes on
    bank reconciliation, expense payment, and
    purchase orders
  • New product lines, users subsidiaries quickly
    incorporated into the system
  • Overview
  • Financial Services (credit cards, insurance)
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Customer since 2007
  • Using OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld has the multi-company
capabilities and Web-based nature that make it
ideal for our business requirements.

NetSuite OpenAir Helps Consulting Firm Cut Costs
While Growing at 40 Yearly
  • Challenges
  • Poor time and expense tracking and
    spreadsheet-based reporting unable to support 40
    yearly growth
  • Days of billable time lost due to inaccurate
  • Time wasted in manual data entry
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Saves thousands of dollars annually on increased
    billable hours
  • Saves the cost of 1 administrative FTE and
    eliminate redundant data entry in accounting
  • Greater information visibility to complete
    projects on time and on budget
  • Overview
  • Management Consulting company
  • Based in Timaru, New Zealand
  • Customer since 2008
  • Switched from MYOB
  • Using OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir did wonders not only for our
project delivery but also our client

NetSuite Helps IT Distributor Save 200,000 While
Supporting Yearly Double-Digit Growth
  • Challenges
  • Cost efficiency in automated product-tracking
  • Time and money wasted tracking complex product
    and multi-level vendor-pricing matrices via
  • Time consuming and error-prone manual quotation
    and quote-to-order/quote-to-invoice processes
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Double-digital yearly growth, while saving
    200,000 yearly over the cost of a comparable
  • 20K yearly saving in customer support costs from
    end-to-end process integration tracking product
    serial numbers
  • Automated price-quotation process reduced average
    quotation time by 50
  • Overview
  • IT distributor for VARs, specializing in security
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Customer since 2006
  • Switched from ACCPAC CRM, spreadsheets
  • Using ERP, CRM, Advanced Financials, Sandbox, and

As a distributor of vendor products to
value-added resellers, we're challenged by the
need to keep track of complex, multi-level
pricing models. NetSuite has helped us turn that
challenge into a competitive advantage...

44 Improves Web Site Conversions
by 50 using OneWorld
  • Challenges
  • Maximize growth while keeping costs low
  • Manual order processing was error-prone and slow
  • Previous website was difficult to navigate
    leading to low customer conversion and high cart
  • NetSuite Benefits
  • Automated order processing handling a 650
    increase in orders
  • Website conversions have increased by 50
  • Driven first-call resolution to 95
  • Reduced call back time by 75
  • Multi-subsidiary, multi-currency management
  • Overview
  • Retailer of wine products
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • NetSuite OneWorld
  • Replaced Volusion ecommerce software

Now we can handle all the orders we get, and it's
all automatic. All information is held centrally,
our business processes are simplified and we've
got a smooth path to near-infinite growth.
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