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Vaser, Fat Transfer, Stem Cell Anti Ageing, Mesotherapy


Discover a new slimmer, tighter gorgeous version of You in just 2-3 hours! - It could be yours with Vaser Magician – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vaser, Fat Transfer, Stem Cell Anti Ageing, Mesotherapy







1. Introduction
2. What is Vaser

3. Who is Vaser magician ?

4. The need for Fat Reduction

5. Modality Options
6. Benefits of
7. Treatment areas
8. How Vaser
9. Patient Selection

10. What happens Post-Op
11. Before
12. FAQs
13. Price Guide - Vaser

14. Fat Transfer Bodysculpting

15. Medical Questionnaire
oduction There
are many types of fat removal and size reduction
treatments on the market, and it can
be quite
confusing for Clients to understand which
treatment is best for their body type,
budget and
physical condition.
This book lays out the facts plainly and in
easy to understand language that is designed to
help you to
decide of this is the right treatment for you.
We will
consider several treatment modalities, compare
methods, prices, results and patient
data in an
easy and straight forward format.
This book is
meant only as an initial guide and the reader is
invited to engage with us in a free
to explore which options are best suited to you.
From start to
finish our aim it to make your journey an
informed one with you fully
understanding what Vaser is about
and whether or not it is the most suitable
treatment for you.
We address most of the common questions asked
by previous Patients and welcome your
enquiry if the
information you need is not here in this book.

Credit Emma
Soos RN Dr Morgan Clond
Make sure you have all the facts and know your
practitioner before you begin your treatment
What Is
Vaser What
is Vaser ? V
aser Liposuction is the most advanced ultrasound
fat reduction technology available
Vaser is a trade name of Solta Medical who
manufacture the equipment.
Vaser is a minimally invasive
ultrasound system that uses sound waves to
disrupt the fat
cells which are then removed via suction.
The procedure allows the practitioner to
stubborn pockets of fat and create a highly
sculptured outcome. Large areas of
fat are
melted away and your body is contoured around the
various muscle groups,
leaving you great.
The procedure is Tissue
Selective, which means only fat cells are
targeted whilst the
tissue is protected.
Vaser is so effective that it
can treat both large areas of fatty deposits as
well as being
delicate enough to treat chin, neck and arms,
leaving you thinner with smoother
skin. From
simple improvements in problem areas to major
full-body transformations, VASER
is probably
one of the most flexible and effective modalities
and treatments available.
Body sculpting is the only treatment suitable for
truly getting that hot beach ready body
Vaser Magician

So who is Vaser Magician ?
Magician is an umbrella brand that exemplifies
ultimate quality and assurance for the
Vaser Magician practitioners are amongst the
very best of breed and most highly
Doctors in the field of Liposelection, fat
transfer and body sculpting.
Vaser Magician is a brand fully
owned by Genesis Clinics and established a
framework for
best practice and clinical excellence that
ensures safety first, and high quality end
results that
will exceed your expectations.
Whilst most
Vaser practitioners work to high standards,
Vaser Magician documents and
formalises a standard beyond
the initial certification to practice and usually
only engages
practitioners who can demonstrate Better than
most results and have an affinity with our
that this treatment is just as much a form of art
as it is a medical procedure.
For you, this translates into
an experience that is more of a journey to the
shape you have
always wanted and not just a fat removal and
size reduction process.
Vaser Magician suits the more
discerning client who expects a highly considered
and personal
ised approach from a team of Nurses and Doctors
who have jointly delivered more
than 3000
treatments to our extra special VIP clients.

The best Vaser practitioners see their work as
art, with you as their masterpiece.
4 The Need For Fat

Britain -
The Fat Man Of Europe
Obesity levels in the UK have more than
trebled in the last 30 years, and on current
estimates, m
ore than half the population could be obese by
2050. This phenomena is not selective and
women as
just as likely to suffer from the condition as
men. The knock on effect is a
corresponding rise in
associated conditions such as Diabetes, Heart
Disease and Stroke, Gout
and general poor health.
Europe's obesity
UK 24.9
and 24.5
Portugal 21.6

Germany 21.3
Austria 18.3
taly 17.2
France 15.6
Britain'the fat man of Europe' -
Live Well - NHS Choices. 2016. Britain 'the fat
man of Europe'
Live Well - NHS
Choices. ONLINE Available at

pidemic-in-the-UK.aspx. Accessed 27

January 2016.
This worsening scenario places enormous
burdens on an already
pressurised health care system as demand
for resources is
channelled into the effects of what is
in a lot of cases a
lifestyle choice, or outcome from
poor education in
food and nutrition. O
ther aggravating factors are the rise of junk
food outlets,
processed food, cheap alcohol and oversized
portions in Gastro
pubs. The situation is
further evidenced by the growing
number of very large
people traversing the streets
perched on oversized electric
scooters. The irony is
that if these people walked a little more,
they probably would
not need the scooter in the first

Obesity Related Illness
Modality Options
Amongst your choices for fat reduction are
Surgical, Minimally invasive and non invasive.
Some treatments
are available on the NHS, but most are only
available from Private Health
Care providers, especially those
considered aesthetic or cosmetic. Below is a non
exhaustive list of
such treatments categorised for your
convenience. Surgica
l Gastric
Band, (sleeve gastrectomy, staple)
Gastric Bypass (
Gastric Balloon
Traditional Liposuction ( Under GA or heavy
Abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck)
Minimally Invasive
Smart Lipo
Liposuction N
on Invasive
Low level Laser Lipolysis
Radio Frequency
Ultrasonic Cavitation
Hi Frequency
ultrasound Each
modality varies in effectiveness and end result.
The more invasive procedures such as
Gastric Bands
yield results steadily, whilst the minimally
invasive procedures such as Vaser
results in a quick
visible reduction of fat that generally continues
post procedure as your body
sheds the long term build up of toxics
stored in the excess fat.
Minimally invasive procedures vary in
results and do not promise the predictable
outcomes of surgery
or Vaser type treatments.

Many non invasive procedures have very low
client satisfaction rates. Vaser continues to
receive the best reviews worldwide.
Benefits Of Vaser V
aser has a number of distinct advantages over
Surgical procedures such as the minimally
invasive approach
which leads to less down time, less tissue
trauma, no need for
hospitalisation and is generally a quicker
solution that procedures such as Gastric
Bands. However,
each procedure has its place and Gastric bands
out many patients as a combined
lifestyle change
approach. Vaser can
be described as a quick Fix, but Patients are
advised to consider an appropriate
attitude to
exercise, diet and Nutrition, and a good
practitioner would discuss ongoing and post
procedure options
with the Patient as a matter of good
practice. One of
highlights of the Vaser procedure are the
quantifiable and visible results evident as the
procedure is
carried out. Your Doctor can advice exactly how
much fat has been extracted and
from where on your
body. You are able to collaborate with your
Doctor in shaping your body as
he/she carries out the treatment,
which is why Vaser Patients report high
satisfaction rates with
their outcomes.

neck, chin and inner thighs

is a Minimally invasive procedure with no damage
to surrounding tissue


overnight stay in

Don't settle for size reduction, plan the

you want to be and put some Oomph

back into your strut Vaser is a precisely
targeted treatment suitable for most large
small areas such as Patients experience
Minimal scarring, bleeding and bruising Skin
tightening as a result of stimulated collagen
production There is little downtime and a
fast recovery Vaser is a very safe, effective
procedure that leads to high levels of
satisfaction Immediate visible results with
continuous improvement for up to 6 months
post Vaser is usually performed under local
anaesthetic which means no need for a
Treatment Areas Vaser
has many benefits, not least the flexibility of
what parts of the body can be treated.
Whilst other modalities
fall down at this point for reasons of
inaccessibility, design, or
effectiveness against different types of fatty
tissue, Vaser is not limited and therefore a
highly effective whole
body treatment pathway. Area
s that can be treated are -
1. Face 2.
Chin 3. Neck
4. Upper Arms 5.
Breasts 6.
Stomach 7.
Waist 8. Torso
9. Back 10.Hips
12.Knees 13.Buttocks
14.Pudendal (Pubic





7 6 8






A good diet,
exercise and healthy nutrition

will ensure you get the best results

treatment. 5 5

8 14
4 10 13
How Vaser Works Vase
r uses ultrasound energy to disrupt and emulsify
the fat tissue between the skin and
muscle. Vaser is
perfectly safe as it leaves all other tissue,
such as blood vessels, connective
tissue, skin and
muscle in tact and undamaged. This is why a good
practitioner achieve a
highly sculptured look. There is also some
skin shrinkage with further enhances the visual
Once the fat is liquified it
is removed using a small canula which is inserted
into tiny incisions
which are usually 3-4 mm in size. The action is
a combination of suction and massage.
There is usually some residual
fat and liquid left in the body from the
procedure and this is
normally excreted naturally over the coming
few days, further enhancing the sculptured
look. Your
Practitioner is able to treat multiple areas at
your direction to give you the exact look you
desire. Vaser
Magician Doctors can reintroduce some of the
aspirated fat to mold you to the
perfect desired

The relationship you have with your
practitioner is very important and can impact
the quality of the outcome
Patient Selection
Vaser Magician practitioners adhere to the very
strictest codes of ethics and good practice
includes a number
of consultations before they go ahead with any
procedure. This is important
as it allows you to fully consider all
of the information that has been presented to
you, discuss any
concerns you may have with us, talk to family
and/or Partners and generally make sure
that this is the
right procedure for you.
Your initial consultation will always be
with an experience Named Nurse who will be with
you throughout
your journey with us. This initial meeting may
be in person or by video conference.
At this point you
can discuss your requirements, show your Nurse
what you want to achieve
and go into detail about the entire
treatment, the results to expect, talk about your
Physician, and
generally get to know us to make sure you are
happy with how we work.
Your Nurse will ask you a series of questions
relating to your medical history and with
gathered you will then be referred to the Doctor
who will be performing the
treatment. T
his is an important step in the process as this
is where you begin to form your relationship with
the person who
will need to know you intimately and understand
your requirements and any
practical requirements that need to be
considered. You can
have a tour of the medical facilities and
treatment room, ask any questions, see
testimonials and
results images, and just make sure that you are
comfortable with the team
assigned to you.
Sometimes, the Doctor may decide that this
treatment is not suitable for you. If this
happens you will
be fully informed as to why and if any
alternatives are appropriate you will be given
the relevant
information to help you to decide what is best
for you.

Being fully informed is an important part in
deciding if this treatment is suited to you.
10 What Happens Post-Op
Quality post - Op aftercare is
extremely important and will have a significant
effect on the resul
ts you achieve and as such you are invited to
consider the following points diligently and
ensure that your
lifestyle can be modified to accommodate the
final part of your journey to a
newly sculptured
and thinner you. You
r Nurse will fit you with a suitable compression
garment to keep everything in place as your
body heals and
adjusts. It is very important that you wear this
as directed. We will show you
and example of this garment at your
initial consultation.
Your Nurse is available most of the time if you
need to talk or have any concerns. You will be
given their direct
mobile number, email and Skype address. If
needed, you can also speak to
or see the Doctor.
The point is, you are never on your own
and our caring team is dedicated to your
wellbeing as much
as the results you get from your

You care does
not end with the procedure

and we are on hand early tis late
if you need

us If you wish, your Nurse will take you home
and put you to bed with a cup of tea and make
sure you are comfortable. This is offered as
part of our premium Concierge service at extra
Before After
Here are some typical results that you can expect
to experience yourself.
The permanence of the results depends on your
commitment to an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

This is a list of common questions we are
asked, it is not exhaustive and we are delighted
to answer any further
questions you may have.
average it can take
1.5-3 hours to treat 2-3 areas.
continuing over the preceding months.
with this. However, we recommend that you
take 3-5 days off work and at least 14 days
ore you attempt rigorous exercise.
r Nurse will be on hand to give advice at any
time and you will need to factor in
ring the compression garment for up to 4 weeks
for the best result. Q
size and weight
together with a balanced diet and exercise regime
for long term good
for a Tummy Tuck.
hospital. Your Nurse will assist you with
anything you need and the Doctor is on hand at
times if an emergency arises.

Prepare a list of important
questions in

readiness for
your initial consultation How long does the
procedure take ? This depends on the number of
areas you want reading and the size of those
areas. On What result can I expect to see ?
Every Patient is different and we will manage
your expectations when you meet with your
Doctor. However, most Patients see a dramatic
result in the first week, with improvements Is
there any downtime and recovery time with this
procedure ? Vaser is a minimally invasive
surgical procedure and you will experience some
bruising and swelling for the first 10-14 days.
This is normal and your compression garment
helps Will I regain weight after the procedure
? Vaser is not a permanent weight loss
solution, it is designed to help you get to your
optimal Will I be left with lax skin on my
abdomen ? This depends on the amount of fat
extracted. Vaser does shrink the skin to a
degree, but if you have large areas of skin we
can use RF to help and if needed refer you to a
specialist Will I need to stay in Hospital
overnight ? Our Patients are all treated as Day
cases and there is no need for an overnight stay
Costs - Vaser
Prices start at 2,500. However, each
Patient is different and may require different
levels of after care. Your
Doctor will give you a fixed and final price at
your Consultation if he deems you
fit for treatment. We will
not commit to prices until the Doctor has seen
you. Most Patients elect for
abdominal treatments first, and add other areas
to suit their budget.
1. Face 2.
Chin 3. Neck
4. Upper Arms 5.
Breasts 6. Stomach
7. Waist 8.
Torso 9. Back
10.Hips 11.Thighs
12.Knees 13.Buttoc
ks 14.Pudendal (Pubic





7 6






Prepare a list of
important questions in

readiness for your initial
consultation 5 5

8 14
4 10 13
14 Fat
Transfer Bodysculpting
BodySculpt XL is our ultimate body shaping
service combining the Vaser Magicians most
sought after
treatments to create a package that can truly
transform your reflection.
Firstly, we use our twin wavelength Laser
Lipo system to target fatty areas and encourage
smoother skin post
treatment. We then utilise VASER
LipoSelection system in conjunction
with Fat Transfer
to remove and distribute fat creating your ideal
body shape. Finally,
we use our skin enhancing RF device to
rejuvenate and tighten skin ensuring your
transformed body
is polished to perfection. Perfect for creating a
more youthful figure or simply
realising a new and better you.
BodySculpt XL will totally transform your body.
Fat transfer to
sculpt the perfect shape can be applied to the
following areas. Bre
asts Thighs
Waist Wan
t a bigger bum ? No problem, we can take some
fat from your tummy, relocate it to where
you want it, shape
it and you instantly have a new Wow




The latest techniques in

Size Reduction Fat


Meet the Author

Stephen Soos - CEO Genesis Clinics

Passionate about
bringing best of breed products

and services to a
market full of hybrids and

dullness. Inventor of many technologies and

advanced stem cell
treatments, serial blogger and

now author of a growing number of small

ebooks created
just to give Patients that extra bit

of knowledge in
everyday speak. Copyright
Genesis Clinics Ltd 2016