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The importance of using surveillance cameras.


The use of surveillance cameras is very important from security perspective in present scenario. In this PPT, get to know why surveillance cameras are important for your home security as presented by – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The importance of using surveillance cameras.

The Importance of Using Surveillance Cameras.
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Definition of Surveillance Camera.
  • It is a video camera which is used generally for
    security purposes.
  • It transmits recorded images of a place.
  • It is controlled by the people from a central
    control room.
  • It monitors each and every activities.

Why We Should Use Surveillance Cameras?
  • As we know security and safety is the most
    important matter to everyone's life. Now a days
    fraudulent activitiy is increasing such a way
    that affects our life very much and led to us in
    a critical situation.
  • If we want to avoid fraudulent activity we must
    think about the use of surveillance camera.
    Chicago may by mostly aware of this system. As we
    can see how much they use the cameras to secure
    their lives.
  • The term survillance cameras Chicago make sense
    that how they take advantages of this. In Chicago
    peoples uses surveillance cameras in every
    important places where they used to visit

Where We Can Use Surveillance Cameras?
  • We can use surveillance cameras in all important
    places. In Chicago people are always engaged with
    their daily activities that could be personal or
    professional. They generally used surveillance
    cameras on building, workplaces. They use
    surveillance cameras also in their living room to
    avoid robbery. Financial institute is one of the
    major place to use surveillance cameras. It is
    more effective to use cameras in business
    workplaces. It helps
  • Efficient time management
  • Loss prevention
  • Improved Employee performance
  • Lack of wide spread regulation

Advantages of Using Surveillanice Cameras.
  • It has many advantages of using surveillance
    cameras. It facilitates
  • Deter Crime
  • Monitor Scenarios and Activities
  • Gather Evidence
  • Arrive at the Right Decisions
  • Convenient for keeping records
  • Clarity of the images captured.

Drawbacks of Using Surveillance Cameras.
  • We know that it has many advantages parallely it
    has disadvantages like
  • Privacy Is an Issue
  • It Can be a Costly Affair
  • They Can be Vulnerable
  • Cant Stop Theft
  • These are the major pitfalls of using
    survaillance cameras. If we avoid these drawbacks
    then we can get a fruitfull result of using
    surveillance cameras.

Keeping in mind all the advantages and
disadvantages but finally we come to a conclusion
that nowadays is very important to use
surveillance camera in each and every important
areas. Though it has many disadvantages but
over all it is very effective from every prospect
of human life. It secure your life and gives a
over all safety system against the fraudulent
activities. It helps to avoid fraudulent
activities in a broad categories. In present
scenario it plays a crucial role in the world of
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