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Survival Kit Preparation Guide


Surviving The Final Bubble Review – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Survival Kit Preparation Guide

Survival Kit Preparation Guide
  • It can be hard to have to defend yourself on the
    fly, making preparedness a necessary by-word.
    Some of the best survival gear is the simpler
    gear, and some of it is even legal, even if it
    not for that use in particular. Pepper spray and
    blow horns are always pretty safe bets, as they
    can at least distract an attacker and give you
    that extra second or two to decide on how to take
    him down or run away.
  • A roll of quarters is the old standby not only
    can it help you pay for a ride out of the
    situation, but it is the basic fist load. For the
    same reason, old keys can be useful they are
    never suspected of adding extra damage to a punch
    until they are actually used. Not quite fitting
    the pattern, but useful in its own right is an
    energy bar, as it can help balance you after a
    fight-or-flight response.
  • Nowadays where there is no guarantee of your
    safe, a survival kit is much necessary to have
    with you because you never know when a disaster
    may strike. There are unexpected things can
    happen, so it is advisable to have survival kit
    with you. You never know what can happen, so it
    is necessary to know how to choose a survival kit

  • Weather you dare to challenge the brazen outdoors
    where Mother Nature herself sets the rules or you
    just somehow end up in a situation of dire
    outdoors endangerment, it's always best to know
    in advance just how to survive in the wilderness.
    Even for the most skilled survivalist, making the
    best of a bad or just an uncomfortable situation
    in the desolate outdoors always begins with the
  • Have you ever gone on a camping trip or a picnic
    and when ready to open a can you discovered you
    forgot a can opener? There will probably be a way
    to get it open, if someone happens to have a
    knife or tool that might work. However, it can be
    rather frustrating. You may prepare your survival
    pack or stash with a lot of survival food and
    water but it is important that you have the tools
    you need to work with when the time comes.
  • Practice survival skills each time you go on an
    outdoor adventure trip. Anybody can pitch a tent
    and say their camping, but to get the most out of
    a true outdoor experience is to live like your
    ancestors did, the hard way. This is the ultimate
    outdoor experience, and one you won't forget.
    This can help hone your survival skills and could
    help you in a real life survival situation.

  • The lack of preparation for a catastrophe is one
    of the main reasons why people press the panic
    button when disaster strikes. If you were advised
    to vacate your home in thirty minutes, would you
    be ready to? Or, would you still need to sprint
    to the store to get supplies and equipment you
    will need for the mass departure? Read on to
    discover what it takes to survive a natural
    catastrophe, a terrorist assault or a bomb
  • We, as Americans, and the rest of the modernized
    world have gotten use to our modern convenience.
    We have lost our basic survival skills. Educating
    ourselves in hunting, fishing and camping will
    greatly increase your ability to survive natural
    disasters. Acquiring the knowledge and tools of
    hunting, fishing and camping will not only
    entertain you, but it can bring you peace of mind
    and reduce the stress in an emergency.

  • When preparing for emergency survival situation
    you cannot properly prepare if you leave half
    your family at home. When having a survival
    exercise you must take each member of the family
    with you or your time is nothing but wasted.
    These family members should include small
    children and infants. Let's face it should a real
    emergency occur these members will be with you
    then so don't leave them at home with a baby
    sitter. Surviving The Final Bubble Review
  • Colon cancer survival rates indicate the chances
    a cancer patient has of surviving the disease for
    a specified length of time. The rates are by no
    means a definite indicator of what will happen to
    a patient they can at best predict a patient's
    chances of what might happen to him, if a type of
    treatment plan is opted for, based on what has
    happened to other patients in similar
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