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Managed WP Hosting


SSD Hosting and it`s advantages compared to regular HDD hosting. We did the tests, the results are there, it's up to you to see for yourself. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Managed WP Hosting

The rise of Solid State Drives is making regular
hard drives obsolete in almost every way
conceivable, and
  • TDWS is here to shed some light on the situation.

Solid State Disk drives use non-volatile memory
to store information.
  • Unlike regular volatile memory (RAM), this means
    that the data isnt lost when power source is
    removed. The traditional drives need to spin
    their magnetic disks to locate data before any
    operation can be done with the date SSDs dont
    have mechanically moving parts, so seek times
    (the time it takes to locate your data on the
    drive) are up significantly faster.

In terms of raw I/O performance, testing showed
Mbps (megabits per second) of transfer under
heavy load to be double or greater compared to
enterprise class Mechanical hard drives one SSD
can achieve the same throughput or better than a
3-disk RAID 0 array.
In summary better core performance, faster
database queries, faster caching thats a
winning formula for more traffic, more sales, and
more revenue. What are you waiting for?
The benefits of quicker data access for your
server is obvious, but there are particular
highlights to modern data-driven sites that
dynamically generate pages from countless of
database queries.
  • https//

  • The difference is in raw data access times,
    compared to a regular hard disk, its measured in
    milliseconds, but when your site is being
    bombarded by high traffic, those milliseconds can
    make all the difference!

  • Unlike Hard Disks, which can just fail suddenly,
    resulting in total data loss, the nature of
    anything mechanical has a higher rate of failure
    compared to electronics, SSDs simply prevent
    further write access at their end of life, while
    the data stored within it can still be read. The
    lack of moving parts also means theyre less
    susceptible to shock or vibration damage, and
    thermal output.

Use cases Where are SSDs crucial?
  • It is particularly important for dynamic
    data-driven websites, those with high traffic,
    the access time the time is takes to locate the
    data area before it can be operated with, is
    crucial. Inspecting various benchmarks, with Hard
    Disks, this can vary from 15-20 milliseconds,
    while SSDs can perform as quick as 0.2
    milliseconds. Its obvious, in a world where
    milliseconds of the response time of a website
    are critical, SSDs offer an undisputed advantage.

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