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Small Business Computer Network Setup Guide | Derek Gentry


Derek Gentry says computer network business is a good way to connect to the web. To start a computer network business, you know the basic requirement you need like switches, routers and Ethernet cable port. Here Derek Gentry shared some tips on PPT about small business computer network setup. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Small Business Computer Network Setup Guide | Derek Gentry

Small Business Computer Network Setup Guide
Derek Gentry
Assess Your Needs
  • Prior to setting up your network, examine your
    business wants as it will have an effect on your
    network setup and equipment. A few concerns to
    consider include
  • How many computers and peripherals have to hook
    up to the network?
  • What varieties of data and files will be you
    storing and writing?
  • What applications will you be using?

Wired or Wireless?
  • The first decision you will certainly need to
    make roughly your new network can be actually you
    would prefer it to be born or completely
    wireless. Both of these methods obviously have
    their particular upsides and downsides,
    nevertheless, either one is suited to your
    business needs.
  • Connected (or Ethernet) networks will be said to
    be really reliable, economical, secure, and
    simple to install. If you have a lot of elements
    you would want to access the Net with, however,
    you may possibly opt for a cordless network,
    which allows you to have broadband gain access to
    from a distance. Cellular networks have become
    incredibly simple to install as very well, thanks
    to Wi-Fi. You also eradicate the want for wires
    or wires in a wireless network, hence the name.

Network Setup
  • The next phase in how to set up a little business
    computer system network is determining whether to
    create it a peer-to-peer setup or a client-server
  • Both networks hook up computers in order that
    resources could be shared between them. The
    essential dissimilarities are in the setup

Hardware and Equipment
The fundamental elements of a business network
are wireless router and a server or a computer to
act as a server. Some small enterprises use
secure, cloud-based machines rather than a
physical server at the office. If your business
stores and works with very sensitive data or if
you have big growth strategies, this could be a
brilliant move. Your Internet Company can
provide you a router, or perhaps you could have
to buy your own. It can be tempting to get a less
expensive router intended for consumer use, but
for the sake of your business running
efficiently, a router is not the location to
Settings You Will Need
  • With respect to the operating system your
    personal computers may be running on, you need to
    have some built in functions for a network. In
    Windows, for example, you can decide to put all
    computers on the same Workgroup (XP) or Homegroup
    (Windows 7) and permit print/file sharing.
  • The built-in Network Setup Wizard in the control
    snowboard will walk you through your setup.

Network Secure
Once your business network is established, gain
access to the router's administrator software and
adapt the security options. Follow these steps
  • Change the default administrator password to the
    one that is long and complex.
  • Start the firewall.
  • If you'd like guests to have admission, create a
    second "guest network" using its own security
    password that you change regularly.
  • Start VPN to permit remote access.
  • If you wish to limit network usage of authorized
    users, you can setup network passwords and
    logins. Choose secure passwords and regularly
    change them.
  • Physically secure the router. Keep router in a
    secure place.

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