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Fire sprinkler System Suppliers At Safeguard Industries


Safeguard Industries is a leading Water Sprinkler Welcome to - Safeguard Industries is a leading Water sprinkler system, Fire sprinkler system, water mist systems, Medium Velocity and high Velocity water spray, smoke detection Consultation & Manufacturing Company in the field of fire & safety. OUR PRODUCT RANGE ARE AS FOLLOWS : 1) Water sprinkler system 2) Fire sprinkler system 3) water mist systems 4) Medium Velocity and high Velocity water spray 5) smoke detection 6) fire detection system 7) Gas Flooding System – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fire sprinkler System Suppliers At Safeguard Industries

Fire Sprinkler System
What Is A Fire Sprinkler System?
A sprinkler system is an active fire protection
method, providing adequate pressure, integrated
system of piping, connected to a water supply,
with listed sprinklers that automatically
initiate water discharge over a fire area. Where
required, the sprinkler system also includes a
control valve and a device for activating an
alarm when the system operates.
How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?
Fire sprinkler systems are triggered by
extreme heat and can quickly extinguish a fire in
the room where it started.
Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems-
  • Pre-action- Pre-action fire sprinkler systems
    are filled with air and water is allowed to pass
    through when the smoke alarm or detector goes
  • Dry Pipe- Dry pipe sprinklers are similar to
    pre-action systems as they use pressurized air in
    the pipe which exits before water escapes.
  • Wet Pipe- Wet pipe fire sprinklers constantly
    have water in them. This allows for a quick
    reaction to a fire and is the most common type of
    sprinkler installed in buildings.
  • Deluge-These types of fire sprinkler systems
    also need a smoke or heat detector like the
    pre-action system. A deluge system has open
    nozzles that can be used when a hazard is

How is Fire Sprinkler System installed?
Sprinklers are installed by specially
trained contractors who follow NFPA codes and
standards and other local requirements.
Quick Response Sprinklers-
Quick Response per NFPA 13 RTI lt 50 (ms)1/2 Nominal Diameter in mm Norbulb Model Operating Time in Seconds Response Time Index (RTI) (ms)1/2
Yes 2.5 N2.5 9 25
Yes 3 N3 11.5 33
Yes 3.3 N3.3 13.5 38
No 5 NF5 23 65
No 5 N5 32 90
Fire sprinklers Operation-
Maximum Ceiling Temperature Temperature Rating Temperature Classification Color Code (with Fusible Link) Liquid Alcohol in Glass Bulb Color
100 F / 38 C 135-170 F / 57-77 C Ordinary Uncolored or Black Orange (135 F / 57 C) or Red (155 F / 68 C)
150 F / 66 C 175-225 F / 79-107 C Intermediate White Yellow (175 F / 79 C) or Green (200 F / 93 C)
225 F / 107 C 250-300 F / 121-149 C High Blue Blue
300 F / 149 C 325-375 F / 163-191 C Extra High Red Purple
375 F / 191 C 400-475 F / 204-246 C Very Extra High Green Black
475 F / 246 C 500-575 F / 260-302 C Ultra High Orange Black
625 F / 329 C 650 F / 343 C Ultra High Orange Black
Contact us
SAFEGUARD INDUSTRIES Address Plot No. 30, Sector
- II DC SIDCUL, HARIDWAR - 249403 Uttranchal
(INDIA) Telephone 91-9219413554 Mobile
91-9219536292, 91-999706007 Email Web
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