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5 Reasons You Should Not Get a New Website


"There are major reasons why you should NOT get a new website for the sake of having online presence and appeal more customers, without realizing that this is very rarely the answer to their marketing problems. Here are five reasons you should not invest in a new website. This is from an article that appeared on the Titanium Success website: " – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 5 Reasons You Should Not Get a New Website

5 Reasons You Should Not Get a New Website
Reason 1  Your current website was not done
Reason 2  Its technical factors that are
failing you, not the design of your site
Your website isnt showing you what you want, so
you assume the design must be wrong. But research
shows that design plays a very, very small role
in the leads you get from your website. The
easiest way to think about it is this if you
developed the most beautiful and highly optimized
website in the world and could break every record
in the books by converting 25 of your visitors,
you could potentially convert 25 of the 10 daily
visitors you currently get.
But what if there was a website that was not
pretty and did not convert anywhere near as well
as the perfect website? Instead of 10 visitors,
it received 1,000 visitors per day? Imagine if
this website only converted 5 of the time. That
would still amount to 50 conversions every day,
which is far greater than the perfectly designed
website. The reality is even more exaggerated
than this, because the design of your website
seldom has a 500 impact on conversions. But
getting technical details of your website right
can easily get you more than a 500 boost in
Reason 3  Its content, not design, that will
increase your conversions
While conversions may be increased all sorts of
changes to a website, it turns out that content
is by far the most effective, and the easiest.
The content is the least expensive thing to
adjust on a website. Instead of focusing on the
trendy pictures, menus and layout, focus on
having the right content first and think about
the design later. Whatever content you create for
your current website will easily roll over into a
new design when you upgrade. Design changes are
almost never something you can carry over, so
think of your content as an asset and the design
as a liability.
Reason 4  Less Than 5 of your web presence is
on your site
Most of what people see about your business is
outside of your website, not on it. Almost 98 of
your potential prospects are bound to see
something else about you before they ever see
your actual website. If the first impression is
paramount, and most potential prospects see your
off-website presence first, it doesnt make sense
to focus on your website initially. Most
potential prospects are going to see Google
search results, Social Media Posts and articles
about your company long before they visit your
Reason 5  You cant afford a new website
I love talking about this one, because I tell
businesses they cant afford a new website and
they immediately tell me Im wrong! They then
typically tell me about some proposal they
received from a marketing company, offering to
build them a new website that is going to give
them everything they need, affordable and
more. What you need to remember when looking at
your budget is the 10/90 rule. Anything new you
spend money on should take only 10 of your total
budget for that project. The other 90 needs to
be spent on promoting it. An amazing new product
wont make you any money if youve spent every
penny developing it, and have nothing left to
spend on telling people about it!
Reason 5  You cant afford a new website cont
  • In one instance a very smart businessman told me
    that he was going to upgrade his website. He had
    a proposal for 10,000! He felt that he could
    afford the expense and that it would be a great
    investment. I proceeded to tell him about the
    10/90 rule and the fact that if he was going to
    spend 10,000 on building his website, that would
    mean he needs to spend 90,000 promoting that
    website over the next six months. It was at this
    point that I congratulated him for wanting to
    make a 100,000 investment in his website. He
    stopped me and said that he didnt have a
    100,000 budget and thats when I explained to
    him that is why he could not afford a 10,000
  • Whatever budget you are going to put forward for
    redesigning your website, make sure that it only
    includes 10 of your total online marketing
    budget for the next six months. If you have a
    10,000 budget, spend 1,000 on a website and
    9,000 on promoting that website.

Reason 5  You cant afford a new website cont.
  • So you can see that there are many reasons you
    shouldnt get a new website! Nevertheless, if
    its truly time for you to upgrade your website,
    make sure that you fix the technical issues with
    your current website first. This is essential.
    Once they are fixed, have a different company do
    an analysis of your site to see if they can poke
    holes in the work that Company 1 did for you.
    This is great test of Company 1! If they cant
    fix your current site, they arent capable of
    building you a robust new one.
  • However, if Company 2 cant poke holes in
    Company 1s work, youve found a good company to
    partner with for your new site. If Company 1 was
    able to fix your old website, they will
    undoubtedly deliver you an even better and more
    technically sound new website.

Reason 5  You cant afford a new website cont.
  • If a company gives you excuses about why they
    cant work with your current website and how you
    absolutely must pay for a new one, consider
    getting multiple opinions. A new website is
    almost never the answer, unless you already have
    a website that is getting great traffic and is
    technically sound and just requires an updated
    look and feel.
  • The final reason that fixing your old website
    before upgrading is a great approach is that
    Google will notice your technically sound website
    right now, as opposed to you waiting several
    months for the new website to be rolled out.
  • Use the 10/90 rule and stop focusing on a shiny
    new website. Instead, put your focus on having a
    technically sound site to which you are driving
    more traffic and watch your leads grow

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