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Hair Transplant cost in pune


Looking for Hair Transplant? Get the best hair transplant in Pune and find the best hair transplant cost in Pune. Find the best hair transplant clinics in Pune and get the hair regrowth treatment in Pune at most reasonable price. Get hair loss treatment in Pune by best doctors in most competitive price. Get Hair growth solutions in Pune by best clinics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair Transplant cost in pune

Hair Transplant in Pune
  • Are you suffering from baldness?

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What is hair transplant?
  • Hair transplant can help you get back a full head
    of hair
  • it is a process which uses your hair from the
    back of your head i.e. the donor area which is
    then moved into the recipient area.
  • So its important for the person going for hair
    transplant to have hair at back and the sides of
    the head which would serve as a donor area
  • Numbers of techniques are used in Hair Transplant
    Out of which FUE and FUT(strip) are the two most
    popular techniques.
  • The result normally depends on the amount of hair
    an individual possess as well as the hair texture
    and hair color.

FUT Hair Transplant
  • In FUT Procedure Hair on the back of the head is
    removed and a narrow strip is removed surgically.
  • Later hair grow through it and camouflage the
    scar, then with the help of advanced surgical
    closure techniques, the hair above and below the
    excision is gently brought together and jointed
  • so some hair grows through the scar which slowly
    makes the scar invisible.
  • When the wound is healed, the surrounding hair
    completely conceals the scar line. In this case
    the donor area will recover within 7-10 days.
  • Until the stitches are removed, the suture line
    is covered by the hair above, and the recipient
    area take about3-7 days to heal.

FUE Hair Transplant
  • In FUE Procedure Hair from the back of the head
    is shaved and then the hair is extracted with a
    tiny device,
  • To avoid any thinning and scarring hair follicles
    are individually selected with proper spacing
    then follicles are removed one by one with a
    little bit of surrounding tissue.
  • The tiny holes which remain after the procedure
    are nearly invisible without magnification, which
    allows the patient to cut the hair short.
  • In this case both the donor area and the
    recipient area takes upto3-7 days to heal and it
    takes about ten days for the hair to re grow
    enough to hide or disguise that area
  • In FUE method the pain is less as compared to
    FUT method.

What is the hair transplant cost in Cost?
  • Depending on the number of grafts and level of
    baldness hair transplant cost in pune vary. Hair
    transplant surgeries generally cost between Rs
    75000 to 1 lakh
  • The cost of FUT method is usually lower when
    compared to FUE method. Normally in FUT its
  • Rs.20/graft to Rs.40/graft while In FUE its
    around 35/graft to rs 100/graft, it may further
    vary depending on the experience and efficiency
    of the surgeon and the team.
  • The location of the clinic also plays a very
    important role while determining the cost. In our
    website you can compare cost of various clinics
    in pune and then choose the most suitable one
    this will help you get best treatments at
    affordable cost
  • Experts in our clinics will make the surgery and
    the follow up easier.

Is hair Transplant a Painful Process?
  • Many people suffering from Hair loss has found
    hair transplant surgery a best option. However
    many people planning for hair transplant always
    have some queries related to the pain associated
    with it. Our scalp is one of the most sensitive
    areas on the head, so even a thought of having
    procedure done can be very scary. The procedure
    of hair transplant is not totally pain free
    however the pain is minimal.

What is the recovery time after hair transplant?
  • Recovery time usually varies from patient to
    patient. Most people dont go for work for one or
    two weeks after the procedure.
  • At around 7 days sutures are removed. Depending
    on various other factors such as the amount of
    existing hair, healing characteristics and skin
    tone it might recover in less than one months
    time, however for two to three months one might
    have redness in the recipient area.
  • The total length of the procedure depends on the
    number of grafts and the type of procedure,
    however a typical hair transplant procedure may
    involve 5 to 8 hours.
  • After the surgery your transplanted hair may
    start to sprout out between 3 to 4 months. It
    might take 1 year for your hair transplant to
    grow fully.