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Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Home


| Make spring cleaning easier by cleaning your toilet with soda, polishing your furniture with coconut oil, and using dryer sheets to remove the grime from your windows. Read on for our best spring cleaning hacks. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Home

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  • Springtime is the season of flowers, sunshine,
    and picnics. And, of course, the season for
    giving your home the serious cleaning it needs
    after a long winter. If you want to really make
    this years spring cleaning count, here are seven
    cleaning tips you need to try

  • After a while, your sponge start to spread around
    more germs than it absorbs. Instead of spending
    money on a whole new pack of sponges youll just
    have to throw out, you can disinfect the ones you
    already use in the microwave. Just squeeze them
    out and nuke them on high for one minute. Theyll
    be ready to get right back to work.

  • Want to give your stovetop a nice shine that
    shows off how much work you put into cleaning it?
    After youve scrubbed it clean, apply a thin
    layer of car wax, and then buff with a towel. Not
    only will it give the stove a nice, clean shine,
    it will make wiping it off in the future easy and

  • Is your garbage disposal starting to smell funky?
    Dont worry making the smell go away is easy!
    Just drop a cut up lemon, a bit of salt, and a
    few ice cubes into the garbage disposal and grind
    them up. The combination will absorb the nasty
    stench and take it off down the drain.

Having trouble getting that oily buildup off the
stove? Turns out you can solve the problem by
adding more oil. Put a few drops of mineral or
vegetable oil on a paper towel, and then use it
to scrub away the gunk stuck to the stove. After
that, wipe everything away with an all-purpose
Looking for a cleaner strong enough to cut
through the most stubborn toilet grime? Look no
further than the soda aisle. Coke (or Pepsi) is
corrosive enough that you can use it to give your
toilet an incredibly thorough cleaning.
If cleaning your windows is slow-going with paper
towel and glass cleaner, heres a trick you can
try rub dryer sheets on the windows to clean
away buildup. The sheets are soft enough not to
damage the glass, but their surface is perfect
for catching grime and dirt.
As much lemon scent as they may put into it,
chemical cleaners will never be all natural.
But theres one truly natural ingredient that
works just as well for polishing furniture
coconut oil. Not only does it give furniture a
great shine, it will leave your house smelling
like a tropical paradise.
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