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Getting the Right Strategy for Success


The Millionaire’s Brain Academy Review – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Getting the Right Strategy for Success

Getting the Right Strategy for Success
  • A famous project named 'The Stargate Project' was
    given to refer to the method of psychic spying
    that was used in the military and intelligence
    agencies. Over a period of approximately twenty
    years the American Intelligence and Military were
    proactive in the use of to gather intelligence
    information. This was mainly through the use of
    remote viewing. The media became interested and
    it was decided by the agencies involved to go
    public on their use of remote viewing. This put
    the Stargate project firmly in the spotlight and
    gave some credence to confirm accuracy and
    efficiency of its use in data collection and
    information gathering.
  • The Twenty-first century has seen the exponential
    usage of computers and computer technologies,
    globally. It has taken great efforts from both
    hardware and software engineers to ensure that
    the end product is trouble free and user friendly
    too. The visible effect is the awareness among
    people of different walks of life. All those
    people, who are concerned about their kith and
    kin or associates, insist that their near and
    dear one should dwell in the cognitive domain of

  • The people, in their daily life, are observing
    good and bad tidings. They are experiencing
    political turmoil, business uncertainties, and
    depreciated moral, cultural and ethical values.
    What are the reasons, which have become the root
    cause of misgivings? They are seeking help to
    streamline the procedures and change their
    attitude to overcome inadequacies. How do we
    avoid such recurrences? The only ray of hope is
    the negotiations at every level.
  • Hopelessness can attack and steal your motivation
    at any time, resulting in procrastination,
    despair, and depression. The best defense is a
    targeted program to change your hopelessness
    philosophy into one filled with hope. Changing
    three key areas in your viewpoint make hope a
    reachable goal. Learn what they are, and how to
    switch your thinking. We have within us the power
    to turn our dreams into realities. Clearly define
    your dream, layout steps how to reach it, spend
    time and effort on it and you will definitely
    achieve what you have dreamed of.

  • Are you looking for personal development
    activities to boost your brain power? Your mind
    is indeed a very powerful tool, and every human
    being has been gifted with it. However, most
    people are either not fully utilizing it to its
    maximum potential, or they are not taking good
    care of it. Allow me to share with you how you
    can improve its capabilities so that you can
    fully utilize it to the best of its capabilities.
    In a Western culture that is spoilt by so much
    worldliness, we feel - ironically so - so far
    driven and out of control for determining what we
    will think and what we will do. It seems we have
    so much control over our lives until we realise
    our thinking is influenced, even determined, by
    many forces in our culture. Preserving the health
    of the mind is about embracing that which we can
  • I call the time of life from midlife forward your
    possibility years because this is the time many
    of you will have the wherewithal to do what you
    have always wanted to do but may not have been
    able to do because of commitments, duties and
    other life challenges. In other words, by
    midlife, many of you will have met the challenges
    of your first act found a career, created a
    family, raised that family, saved your money or
    made investments so that now you can do what your
    soul calls you to do. But what the media.

  • What is really important for you is not if you
    will be able to discover many things thanks to
    your intelligence, but if you will be able to cry
    when someone else is suffering, and if you will
    help this person. God pays attention to your
    tears, to your generosity, to your sincerity, and
    to your humbleness. If you are a famous genius
    able to make fantastic calculations you may
    deserve congratulations in this aspect of your
    life, but you don't deserve a place in heaven.
    You are very far from spiritual perfection. The
    Millionaires Brain Academy Review
  • Did you know that you can use mind power
    techniques to determine the course of your life?
    You could lead a successful life if you know the
    correct methods and ways to use your mind. You
    see, your mind is a really powerful tool, and
    those who know how to tap into its strengths will
    eat and enjoy its fruits. However, if you leave
    it dormant, then it will weaken. It is just like
    the muscles in your body. You need to keep
    working them or else they will become weak. Stick
    around as I explain how you can fully utilize
    this powerful tool of yours to live a successful
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