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| Mind Mapping Softwares are a simple method of outlining information in a visual manner. For more info contact us at 770-261-1394. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping Software Uses and Benefits for
  • Whether youre a student, a teacher, or just
    someone who wants to learn, theres one problem
    that you inevitably have to contend with What is
    the best way to organize and understand all that
    knowledge? There could be a variety of possible
    answers, but here well focus on a relatively new
    technological tool known as mind mapping
    software. Lets take a closer look at this
    specialized software and its various benefits.

  • Mind mapping is simply a method of outlining
    information in a visual manner. A mind map uses
    words, diagrams, and pictures to create a tree
    that effectively organizes the material at hand.
  • According to Lifehacker, using a combination of
    words and pictures during the learning process is
    six times more effective than words alone.1
  • So, what are the specific benefits of mind
    mapping software? There are quite a few, as well

The Role of Mind Mapping Software
  • Its possible to create mind maps with
    old-fashioned pen and paper, but the advent of
    mind mapping software has made that practice
  • Mind mapping programs can be operated on
    desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and even the
    Internet. The software is able to generate even
    highly complex mapsand theres no need to worry
    about running out of paper.

  • When students take notes during classroom
    lectures, the result is often a haphazard mess of
    hurried scrawls. Afterward, they might find it
    difficult to make any sense out of what they
  • Mind maps give students a template they can use
    to logically organize their thoughts on the

  • While preparing to write an essay or create a
    presentation, mind mapping software can play a
    part in helping you organize your thoughts
    effectively. Its easy to break the project down
    into distinct steps by using collapsible branches
    that center on a main idea.
  • You can also print out and distribute your mind
    map to your audience, before a presentation, to
    provide them with a handy visual aid.

  • If you have a problem that must be thought
    througha math puzzle, for exampleits all too
    easy to get lost in the tangled threads of your
    mind. Mind mapping software lets you organize
    your brainstorming sessions. This gives you an
    easily comprehensible overview of your mental

  • Even if youre confident in your ability to keep
    everything straight in your head, that doesnt
    help other people working with you on the same
  • By laying everything out in an easily accessible
    format, mind mapping software enables multiple
    people to view the various project threads. Its
    also simple for the participants to add to and
    rearrange the map when needed.

  • Seavus iMindQ software has a wide range of
    useful features, including advanced MS Office
    integration. It is designed to address the
    organizational needs of students, educators and
    administrative staff.
  • It can run on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and as
    Online (Web) version.

  • By using the iMindQ research tool, users can save
    a lot of time and effort in gathering research
    data. It allows users to search for information
    and images on their topic of choice and easily
    add these to their mind maps. Reference links to
    these sources are also readily stored for
    additional research or citation purposes. Very
    useful when conducting research on a specific
    subject, brainstorming for a project, or
    composing papers.

  • Presentations that are non-linear,
    keyword-oriented and emphasized with images are
    90 more memorable than linear, textual
    presentations, where the audience loses track of
    the central idea the presenter is trying to
  • With iMindQs one-click presentation option, a
    stunning visual presentation is automatically
    created in a matter of seconds.

  • Stay up-to-date with assignments by sharing ideas
    with colleagues, team mates and others
    through interactive HTML mind maps created in
    iMindQ. Collaborators can then add their own
    feedback, save it, and send it back to you.
  • Improve your knowledge base by generating and
    evaluating different ideas together, focusing on
    the right ones in a powerful visual format.
    Information is translated into interactive visual
    form, making it more memorable and engaging.

  • The mind mapping software iMindQ was released in
    2009 by Seavus Group , software development and
    consulting company with a proven track-record in
    providing successful enterprise-wide business
    solutions. The company has over 600 IT experts
    worldwide and offers a variety of products and
    service options.

  • 1. http//lifehacker.com/how-to-use-mind-maps-to-u
  • 2. https//www.imindq.com/mind-mapping-for-educati

  • Mind mapping software gives the user a simple,
    yet highly effective, organizational tool to
    arrange their ideas, presentations, schedules,
    and other materials. Among other benefits, this
    type of software improves project collaboration
    and enhances the problem-solving process.
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